7 Best Christian Movies About the Apostles and Their Powerful Stories

7 Best Christian Movies About the Apostles and Their Powerful Stories

I am always looking for the best Christian movies to watch with my family, or to stream while I am doing my household chores.

Christian films about Bible characters are great because it is a creative way to learn about Biblical times. The older movies don’t have the best production values, but I still love to watch them.

Bible stories are full of adventure, love stories, and mystery. I am always excited when I see a new movie released on a streaming platform that shows a Bible story.

Of all the Bible Stories the ones of the apostles are my favorite. These Faith-based films tell the stories of the New Testament.

Here is a list of the best Christian movies telling the stories of the Apostles to remind you of the power of the Holy Spirit.


Saint Peter

Yesterday was Sunday and my daughter was not feeling well so I stayed home from church with her.

I was looking for a good Christian movie to watch with her since we were not in church. I searched through Bible movies. I found the best film for us to watch.

In this movie, we see Peter, who was originally just a common fisherman, played by award-winning actor Omar Sharif. Jesus chose Peter to be one of his twelve Apostles.

Peter, who at first feared and questioned the truth of Christ's message. But he eventually sees the truth and dedicates his life to advancing the cause of the Christians.

He becomes the greatest preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this epic story, Apostle Peter faces many challenges. It is a hard time to be a Christian.

His struggles included those who sought to eradicate Christianity—and ultimately sacrificed his life at the hands of Emperor Nero in order to spread Christ's love and save many souls.

My daughter is in high school, and I want her to be prepared to speak the truth even when it is not popular.

Telling her the stories of real people who from the first century until today have stood for Christ is the best way to do that.


St. John In Exile

The book of Revelation is my favorite book in the Bible. This book of the Bible was written by the apostle John. He was sent to an island as a punishment for preaching about Jesus the Son of God.

I love the testimony of John. Of all the Biblical epics his story is the greatest. In this movie, we see the story of John, who was beloved by Jesus of Nazareth, ate at the Last Supper, witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus, and the epic biblical story of the resurrection.

And then became part of the radical new social movement known as the early church. It is the year 96 A.D., and we see the Biblical history of thousands of Christians who were persecuted and executed throughout the Roman Empire.

John, the final surviving follower of Jesus' apostles, is incarcerated. John is an old man currently 86 years old and imprisoned in a cave on the island of Patmos, yet he still has a great sense of humor, a brave spirit, and refuses to give up.

His faith is vibrant, infectious, and full of love. That is what he is best known for, his love.

In his old age, God uses him to spread the message of how the story of God’s love and Grace will come to a close.


The Messengers (Voice of the Martyrs)

I have spent many hours serving in churches in children’s ministry. I am always on the lookout for great resources for churches to use in their children’s departments.

The Voice of the Martyrs is a fantastic resource. Their movies tell the true story of the men and women who were persecuted for the cause of Christ’s message of salvation.

In this short film, we see the story that is told in the first nine chapters of the Book of Acts. The Bible story starts with the end of the story of Jesus Christ, and his message to go and tell the world.

Jesus Christ has come to His followers after rising from the dead and giving them the command to “Remain in Jerusalem until you are filled with power from Heaven!"

The day arrives when the Holy Ghost is poured out upon them with great power and wonder as they wait in prayer as Jesus has commanded!

In this great movie, your children will experience the birth of the church and the unexpected conversion of its most ardent foe as you follow a small group of early Christian believers as they courageously proclaim Christ and His message in the face of fierce hostility.

The new church is born, and the good news of Jesus is spread throughout the world.



When I first heard about the movie Risen, I was so excited. While this movie is about a man named Clavius who was not an apostle of Christ, we see the story of the apostles seen through the eyes of a Roman soldier.

This movie has amazing production value, and my husband loved watching it. He is very picky about the movies he watches so when he liked it, I knew it would be really good.

This is a great movie to show at your youth group’s next movie night. Clavius is a young man who is a Roman soldier who has spent his entire life following the severe orders of his superiors, hardening him as a result.

His soul has undoubtedly suffered as a result, as we can see. In a touching interaction with Pilate, the Roman prefect asks the weary soldier what he wants from life.

The man begins by making general, even a touch worldly, statements like "Power, wealth." But after that, Clavius starts to sound almost confessional in his conversation.

"Family," he answers. "A place in the country. an unfatal fatality-free day. Peace."

It is apparent that Clavius' tenure as a soldier has left him numb and yearning for something better—something that delivers life rather than death—despite the fact that he has no problem brutally killing Rome's enemies.

We see in this movie that even the most complex man wants to be the person God created him to be. To be a father, and a husband and live in peace. But is that what is in his future?

Although Clavius is a rugged individual, he is also fair. It's obvious that he wants to learn the truth as he starts to interrogate others who might know why Yeshua's corpse has vanished.

There are rumors of a risen messiah, and a group telling a new gospel message. He is unable to accept the explanation for the empty tomb offered by Pilate and the members of the Jewish ruling body, the Sanhedrin.

But Clavius wants to know what really happened. His goal is to find the truth, and the truth will set him free. The truth will set us all free.


Paul Apostle of Christ

The story of Paul of the Bible is the biggest miracle in the Bible. The story of Paul starts when his name is Saul.

He is the most infamous persecutor of Christians. I grew up in a home where we talked about the persecuted church, so I have a special place in my heart for them.

The story of Paul is a miracle because the persecutor became a follower of Jesus Christ, and switched sides. So, you will love this movie about St. Paul.

Jesus' followers hoped for a quick return from his risen King by A.D. 67. The flock was in desperate straits, with Rome burning down and persecution of Christians.

Many leaders had already died, including the most important leader of all, Paul. This story of Paul’s life is a story of missionary journeys, and surviving near-death events, all while dealing with the shadows of his past misdeeds.

It is a story that gives us all much assurance that anyone can come to Christ and be changed by the power of God. Paul had crisscrossed the Roman world, preached the Good News of Jesus Christ, writing letters of exhortation and rebuke.

He has worked with preachers such as Timothy writing letters such as First and Second Timothy and guiding the next generation of preachers. But now Paul's race was just about over.

He was locked away in a Roman prison, and Martyrdom was just around the corner. This is when Luke, a Greek doctor-turned-Christian-turned-gospel-author, visits his old friend in prison.

Luke’s idea is to take the stories of Paul and write them down hoping to share his story of the early Church and encourage Jesus' followers.

Paul and Luke’s letters become the New Testament. They are two of nine men. The holy men of God spake as the Holy Spirit inspired them.


Saul the Journey to Damascus

Here is a second option for the story of the Apostle Paul. This biblical film talks more about his conversion.

In this movie, you will see the change in Paul, as he moves from being Saul the one trying to end the church, to becoming Paul the man who would write most of the New Testament.

We see the power of the Holy Spirit to change even the hardest of hearts. This movie will inspire your family to put their lives in the hands of Jesus Christ and to know that the Holy Spirit will change and mold your heart into the man or woman God created you to be.

The stoning of Stephen allegedly destroyed Saul's trust in the Temple and its denial of Christ as the Messiah, earning him the nickname "Saul the Butcher."

His baptism as Paul and subsequent adherence to Christianity altered the course of the history of the church, and ultimately the history of the world.


The Chosen

Of all the TV shows available to watch the Chosen is fast becoming the most-watched show. Even my father who is extremely picky about what he watches loves this show.

We see young women who love Jesus Christ and serve him. The Biblical stories are inspired by the Gospel of John.

You will see the city of Rome under the control of an evil empire, the life of Jesus Christ, and the miraculous event of healing the sick and feeding the hungry.

This is a star-studded cast, and you and your family will love it.