10 Christian Films About Worship That Will Make You Praise Louder for God

10 Christian Films About Worship That Will Make You Praise Louder for God

Christian music is such an important part of the Christian walk. Whenever I am sad or hurt listening to some worship music always does a great job of brightening my day.

It is in good faith that I will rely on the words of worship to bring me peace. Sometimes I will play a music video from YouTube, or a little Jesus music from Amazon Music.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, I was looking for both Christian movies and music to keep our family from going crazy while staying home.

The lives of high school students were disrupted and difficult. I found Christian films about worship to be the perfect mix.

You can find them on Netflix, Pure Flix, or Prime. Here is a list of the best Christian movies that talk about worship for you to use for your Christian movie nights.


Why We Breathe

As a foster family, we have people in our home who have gone through trauma. It takes work to let the past go and find peace.

We have learned that running from the problem is not the answer. This faith-based movie shares the ultimate hope of letting your past go and finding new hope.

This family movie will keep you wondering what is about to happen. Your children will find the power of faith in community.

This great film tells the story of a singer who takes her daughter and leaves the big city to move to a small town to live with her uncle. In the small town, she meets a church community and finds peace.

But there is a fear that maybe her past will find her. But an unlikely friendship might be what saves her.


Lost Heart

There are a lot of good Christian movies about music, family, and love. And this is one of them. If you have a young girl in your life you have probably seen them dream of being a famous singer.

I know between my daughters and their friends this was a theme when they were younger.

So, finding movies with Christian Content that deal with the idea of fame and fortune is always a hit. And if that film can encourage Christian faith that is even better.

This movie for the whole family tells the story of Hannah Sweet, played by Melissa Anschutz. Hannah is a megastar at the box office and has become self-destructive in her behavior.

She returns home when her father passes away and has to find peace with her past.

It is here that she meets Milo, a pastor who helps her find peace and forgiveness. Make sure you have a box of tissues ready.


Rock For Jesus

We love Christian Rock bands in our home. Attending Christian concerts is one of the things our family loves to do. Christian-themed movies about rock bands are perfect for our family movie nights.

Christian Cinema is growing in popularity and there are more options today than before.

In this Christian drama, we see the story of a lead singer in a Christian rock band, Aaron Driver, who is dealing with suicidal thoughts.

After facing hardships, he feels his world is turned upside down. His Christian faith brings him ultimate hope.

If you have older teens this is a perfect movie to open the conversation about depression and suicide.

Our family was hit with the topic of suicide when my daughter’s friend committed suicide when she was in grade nine.

This opened up our family to understand the importance of talking about this difficult subject.


The One I Wrote For You

We have made a choice to keep peace in our home. We make it a priority to root out anything that will steal our peace.

The fourth film I recommend is this good movie is about Ben Cantor, a singer-songwriter who walked away from fame to live a life of peace.

But a reality TV show suddenly throws him back into the spot life and he has to decide if he is going to keep his peaceful life.


American Faith

America’s view of God is shifting. While everyone has been moving away from God, there is a shift to return back to God.

Gospel music is a large part of that. This is a perfect movie to show to your small group or church on July 4th.

What is it about America that made it a nation that follows the Son of God?


A Perfect Chord

Have you ever been afraid to do what you know you were called to do? Is there something God has called you to do, but you are afraid to let go and let God have control?

This is a movie God wants you to see. the lead role is played by Malia Flack, This God movie tells the story of Cadence who is musically gifted.

But she has hidden that talent away. Candence deals with stage fright and it is holding her back. Her family is all musically gifted.

Her brother is a piano prodigy, and her parents are gifted sound engineers. That leaves Candence with a lot of pressure to perform.



This is another movie that we watch as a family to help our children learn how to deal with trauma. I want my children to know they don’t have to copy the behavior of their bio family.

They can make their own choices. They have the power to take control of their life. Lifted is the story of Henry, a young boy dealing with more trauma than most adults would be able to handle.

His mother is addicted to drugs, his father is serving overseas, the family has financial troubles, he has a school bully, and his grandfather is racist.

God uses music to lift Henry out of the trauma of his life to save his soul.

This is a perfect movie for helping your junior high students understand that other people around them may be struggling and that Jesus is the ultimate hope.


Like A Country Song

Jake Reeson, is a rising country singer. But after a fall of grace, he returns home. Back in his small town, he is reunited with Becca, his high school sweetheart.

Then Jake learns a dark secret from his family. His father he has believed to be dead is alive.

This movie has a star cast with Joel Smallbone, Madelyn Duetch, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Tammy Hyler.


Amazing Grace: 6 Hymns That Changed the World

I love to hear the stories behind the hymns. The songs come alive when we hear the inspiration for the stories. The Unknown true story of the hymns will bring them to life.

The story of Amazing Grace is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness. There is a reason Billy Graham used hymns in his meetings.

There is something compelling about the way they portray God’s love. The Christian faith has used hymns for 100s of years to tell the story of Jesus and his grace.

If you are looking for a movie to watch while you are doing household chores this is one I recommend. I watched it while baking cookies and cleaning up the kitchen.

It was an uplifting way to bring peace to my soul.


A Mighty Fortress is Our God

This is a second option for watching a movie about our great hymns. We know the existence of God is true, but what about the great men and women through history who stood for our faith?

They have passed on their stories through their music.