11 Christian Movies About Golf That Will Remind You to Win on The Course of Life

11 Christian Movies About Golf That Will Remind You to Win on The Course of Life

If you are looking for a Christian film with a main character that plays golf, I have a few options for you. We live in a small town in the country and there is a country clubhouse just around the corner.

The businessmen from the nearby cities come here to use the golf course. So, we often see men in town, and we can tell they just finished a golf game.

My kids have been to the golf course to get golf lessons. My cousin is a professional golfer who plays while he is at university. He goes to school in Canada, and we hear often about his games.

I am always so proud of him. I have not had the chance to see him play in person yet, but I hope that I can get to see it sometime. I love to watch sports movies, there are many great lessons we can learn from athletics.

Here are some examples of the best golf movies. Even if you are not an avid golfer you will still love these movies.

If you are getting ready for a family movie night, then settle into your living room couch, get a huge bowl of popcorn, and then get ready to watch.


Always a Winner 

My father was a pastor and when I was in high school, we moved five times. That meant five different high schools. I will tell you that was the worst high school experience you could have ever imagined.

In the movie Always A Winner we see the story of Emily a girl who starts a new Christian high school in her senior year and her life is changed by her coach and her golf team.

She learns what matters in life and keeps her eyes on her goal. The game of golf teaches Emily many important lessons and as a female athlete, she stands out on her team.

Emily learns not only golf lessons but also life lessons in this movie.


The Mulligan

We often hear about major business deals being made on the golf course, and when I picture a golf club, I imagine it full of CEOs. In this movie, we see the life of a CEO named Paul McAlister.

Paul McAlister, a driven CEO, struggles with his life, focusing solely on his boardroom mega-deals. However, he needs a "mulligan" to improve his priorities and purpose.

With the help of an old man, Paul is challenged to focus on his purpose and make something good out of a difficult situation.

If you are in the middle of a crisis in your life you might think there is no way to move on from the situation, but remember that God loves you, and there is always hope when we trust him.


Auto B Good: Driving It Home

If you have toddlers at home and you are looking for a good G-rated film to watch that has the theme of golf here is a great option.

I have a nephew who loves the Disney Cars movies, and so when he comes over to our house, we put on the Auto B Good movies. I have them on my Right Now Media app.

This movie, Driving it Home has a bunch of stories about the game of golf. In Auto, we see a city where cars and trucks come to life. This is the same idea as the Disney Car movies.

In these captivating, Emmy® winning animations, your child is going to learn about how to live the life Jesus Christ wants them to live. In this series, the character Cali discovers a natural talent he has for the game of miniature golf.

He wants to take his game to the next level. In Chapter 2, Cali is able to compete in the mini-golf championship he has dreams of, but she will need the help of her friends if she has any hope of winning.

In Chapter 3, we step away from the game of golf. In this final episode, Miles is a scared car who is afraid of everything because he was spooked by a terrible accident.

He can not continue to live this way; he has to find a way to overcome his fears if he is going to save his much-loved city.

One of the main reasons I enjoy the Auto B Good series over the Disney Car series is that you can have your child watch just one episode.

In a short 15 min timespan your child can see a complete story. It is important that our youngest children don’t spend too much time in front of screens, so this series is much better than the Car movie series.

There is also the bonus of the Christian content. This is a series I highly recommend.


Seven days in Utopia

When I first started looking for movies about Golf this is the first one that I found. It is really well done, and I also noticed that many Christian articles have been written about this movie, including Christianity Today.

So, it is one that many people are talking about. This is a movie about a young and developing golfer named Luke. His father has always encouraged him to be successful on the green.

After eventually reaching his lowest point, he flees from his situation. He finds he no longer has a love of the game of golf.   He meets Johnny Crawford, a man who took the time to care.

As he works to help Luke bury his past and find the key to his future, Johnny manages to surprise Luke at every turn. The life lessons Luke learns are far more important than the golf lessons he learns.

Luke drives not only the game of golf but also his life when he learns to trust and stop hiding from his past. The links of utopia are found where you never expect them.

You might not get a chance to spend seven days in a town called utopia, but you can find the path to your happiness. You can find it when you look for what is most important in your life.


Walking with Herb

Did you know that Moses was in his 80s when God spoke to him at the burning bush? Sometimes we think that only young men and women can dream about their future.

This is not true. As long as you are alive you can do great things for God. There is never a point in our lives when we stop living our lives.

As long as you have breath in your lungs you can keep doing what God created you to do. If you have an elderly parent or loved one that is struggling with wondering if they have worth left, this is a great movie to watch with them.

Why don’t you invite them over for dinner and a movie? Make them their favorite movie and then watch this inspiring movie with them. Even better if they are a fan of the game of golf.

In the movie Walking with Herb, we see that concept played out. The world of golf is not just for a young man, it is also for the old man. And this true story is one you have to see.

This is the most interesting story I have ever seen. Walking with Herb is a heartwarming story about an aging banker, Joe Amable-Amo, who struggles to find meaning in life.

His son-in-law and granddaughter die, but he is finally given messages from God that lead him on a remarkable journey.

Joe goes from being a lowly golfer to one of the most successful professional golfers at the age of 80, starring Edward James Olmos as Joe and George Lopez as his messenger.

The film is based on a true story written by the late Mark Medoff, an Oscar nominee.

If you're looking for an uplifting movie that will make you laugh and cry, Walking with Herb is definitely worth watching!


Round of Your Life

When I was in college I prayed for my best friend, and I was able to be with her when she finally came to Christ. Leading your best friend to Christ is something that is beyond amazing.

We see this kind of love in the Christian movie "Round of Your Life".  When we think about the world of love, we normally think of romantic love, but friendship love is also very important.

In this movie you will see what love is, and the true meaning of it. This is a faith-based golf movie directed by Dylan Thomas Ellis, featuring a story about a golfer named Carl Collins who wins the Texas Open with his wife and two sons.

In this movie, we see Tucker a professional golfer who misses a putt during a golf game when he was on tour. In his frustration, he makes some poor choices that land him in a coma.

He appeals to Coach Wilson for a second chance at making the golf team. But it is the advice of Bailey a student who tells Taylor the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is praying for him, that changes everything.

This is a modern-day parable about never giving up and trusting in Jesus.


The Greatest Game Ever Played

This is not a Christian movie, but it is a family-friendly movie a Christian can walk. It was made by Walt Disney Pictures and is a true story.

This is a movie that can watch with your whole family and know that everyone will enjoy it.

This is the story of an amateur golfer from a working-class family, Ouimet shocked the golf world when he defeated defending British champion Harry Vardon at the 1913 U.S. Open.

The unlikely match-up was the greatest match the sport had ever known. This is a great movie from a period in time in the United States when life was very different.

You don’t want to miss this movie.


The Short Game

My youngest daughter is a competitive gymnast, and my oldest daughter is a competitive track athlete. There are many times I have found myself spending weekends with child athletes.

I love the atmosphere of young people wanting to take on the world. "Short Game" is a documentary film telling the true story of eight children each a young golfer, all seven years old and hoping to be the next Tiger Woods.

As you watch the young golfer being interviewed you will see charming personalities and learn about their lives in the sport.

These little children each have a dream of being a professional golfer. As an amateur golfer, each of these seven-year-olds dreams they will be the next state golf champion.

This wonderful movie will remind you to dream again.


Little Loopers

The last movie was about dreaming about a future. This movie is about a former golf player who has given up on his dreams.

This is the story of Hutch McGee, an old pro who has withdrawn from the professional golf tournament and tour. In his depression, he starts drinking.

Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse the neighborhood country club invites him to coach the "Little Loopers". The Little Loopers is an amateur golf team.

Hutch teaches the children about golf, and they remind him to dream again.


Watch and Talk Volume 3

Our family hosts movie nights, and also Bible studies in our home. Because of that, I am always on the lookout for good bible series devotionals.

This is a DVD series that is hosted by Rebecca St. James. She is well known for her music. In volume 3 she talks about the parables such as "Love Your Enemies," "The Parable of the Good Samaritan," "The Parable of the Rabbits," "The Car of Great Price," "The Corrupt Judge," and "The Stone and the Snake."

While this movie is not about golf, we see Rebecca walking on the golf course, and if you love golf and are looking for a movie that will bring you to the golf course this is a good devotional.

This is a great way to start your morning. While you are doing the morning dishes, pop this DVD in and listen. The DVD series encourages viewers to ask God for help and includes scriptures and questions to think about throughout your day.


29 and Holding

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people refuse to grow up. Even worse when they boast about not growing up. I hate those cups that say things like “I may be 50 but I am still a child” That is not what God wants for us.

In this final movie, we see two men Mike and Jeff. Both turning 30 years old. Mike, an avid golfer is a substitute teacher who loves kids and Jeff is a pharmaceutical representative.

They both wonder if their life is all it could be. Mike is fighting with girlfriend and his father.  Jeff thinks the whole world is a mess. What they both want is a good day on the golf course.

And maybe they can stay there forever. Just always be 29 years old. When Jeff’s father dies, he spirals out of control and Mike has to help him remember how to dream again.

By the end of the film, we learn the importance of growing up, letting the past go, and looking to the future.