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Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

When we were first married my husband worked as a youth pastor while I was working as a Christian school teacher. The youth pastor’s office is very important.

Kids, students and young adults come in to ask for advice, and so the room needs to be inviting, and feel safe for them. However parents also come in to meet with you, so the room needs to feel professional.

As a youth pastor, you want to make a good first impression on your teens and their parents. You want them to be excited to come to church. You want them to feel welcome and valued.

You want them to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

This makes for a difficult task for a designer. Here are some suggestions below to decorate your Youth Pastor's Office!


1. Artwork by StudioEGifts

1. Artwork - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

I love this art. I love the idea of using art to spell words. This is a great picture. It is fun, and yet still professional.

My daughters all took a photography class in high school. They loved finding interesting ways to see objects.

We used this as a way to teach them that there are many different ways to see the same thing. What some people see as a wheel or a tree, others see as the letter O or R.

This artwork can use used as a good lesson for you.

2. Coffee Cup by DesignNovelties

2. Coffee Cup - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

Yes, I am the pastor… and no, that sermon was not about you.

Youth can take things very personally. Often they also think that people are talking about me behind their back.

This can make for tricky situations for a youth pastor. While the youth pastor is talking about things every teen struggles with, some teens will think the youth pastor is talking directly to them.

Having this mug sitting on your desk will be a fun reminder to the youth that you are not talking about specific people.

3. Personalized Mug by UniquePrintsUKGifts

3. Personalized Mug - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

We all want to show our friends, family, and coworkers we care about them. But sometimes, the right present can be difficult to find.

That’s where personalized gifts come in! We can’t always be there to show how much we care, which is why we want to help.

Personalized gifts are the best gifts you can give. They show you took the time to figure out what they like and appreciate and will always bring a smile to their face.

Show your youth pastor how much you appreciate them with this gift.

4. Youth Pastor Office Art by BySarahBuysse

4. Youth Pastor Office Art - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

Youth Pastor: One who serves with patience, love, and sacrifice; a coworker of God.

This is a great reminder for your youth pastor. This is why he does what he does.

Sometimes we need that reminder. You are a co-worker of God. What a great honor that is.

5. Aluminum Sign 1 Timothy 4:12 by SignsbyLindaNee

5. Aluminum Sign 1 Timothy 4 12 - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and purity.” – I Tim 4:12

This is the key verse of every youth ministry. It is the verse we want our youth to memorize and keep on their mind at all times. It is also a good reminder for our youth pastor.

The youth pastor is often younger. Probably new to the ministry. While he uses this verse to help his youth, it is a verse that he needs as well.

6. Cup by MugMonsterCo

6. Cup - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

This is what an Awesome pastor looks like.

Mugs are always a great gift. And this one is fun and encouraging. If you are a teen who loves your youth pastor but doesn’t have the words to say it.

This is a fun way to say the words you want to say.

7. Shirt by Elite Treats Gifts

7. Shirt - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

This is a very fun shirt. You don’t scare me, I’m a youth pastor.

Make your youth pastor laugh with a funny t-shirt! T-shirts are a great way to spread joy and cheer, and what better way to do it than with a design that makes people smile? Elite treats have a bunch of options for youth pastors.  

This is a great idea!

Maybe you are thinking, a shirt doesn’t have anything to do with an office. But wearing a great shirt when you are meeting with youth is important.

8. Personalized Wooden Pen by GreatGiftCentreUS

8. Personalized Wooden Pen - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

Pens are always a great idea for a gift. A personalized pen shows you put a lot of thought into your gift. This one has great reminders of Bible verses for your youth pastor.

If you are looking for an encouraging gift to give your youth pastor for their office, this is a perfect idea.

Having a pen, like this one, in the office is a way to look professional.

9. Personalized Printable by EdifyDigitalPrints

9. Personalized Printable - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

I love printables. You can make them customized and then you can print them to the size that works best for your office.

Some offices have nameplates on the desk. That is not a great idea for a youth pastor.

Instead, this fun print makes sure the youth know your name and gives you a way to show your life verse in a public way.

10. Joshua 1:9 Rock Climber Art by Christian walls

10. Joshua 1 9 Rock Climber Art - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

There’s a lot of pressure on youth pastors. They’re the ones who have to deal with hormonal teenagers all day, and even young children at times.

They’re constantly thinking about how to keep their teens interested in God, and motivated to grow up and be better men.

It can be easy for a youth pastor to feel like they’re not doing enough, and they’re not good enough.

Joshua 1:9 is a great quote for a youth pastor’s office.

11. PRINTABLE Instant Download byLeslieLaw

11. PRINTABLE Instant Download - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

It is a common experience for teens to hear negative things said to them by others.

This can leave them feeling small and insecure, which can make it more difficult for them to form healthy relationships.

As a result, teens can become isolated, which can lead to depression and other emotional issues.

However, teens can learn to replace the negative words they have been hearing with positive words.

12. Psalm 23 by Christian Walls

12. Psalm 23 by Christian Walls - Youth Pastor's Office Ideas
Click here to see our Psalm 23 Wall Art Decor here!

I am currently teaching this Psalm to the children in my Bible class.

Psalm 23 is one of the most famous and most quoted psalms in the Bible. We learn from this Psalm that God will lead us to places of peace. When we walk through the valleys of death, He will be with us.

And one of my favorite parts, God will give us a table of blessings in the presence of our enemies.

SO many wonderful messages for our youth to know. This is a great option for a children or youth pastor’s office.

13. I am a Child of God, Printable Poster by GeniePrintables

13. I am a Child of God, Printable Poster - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

This is a very simple piece of artwork. But it is beautiful. I love that you can see who Jesus is, yet there is no trace in the picture.

We can see that God loves all of us, no matter where we see each other.

14. Bible Verse Sign by COAHCreations

14. Bible Verse Sign - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Isaiah 43:2

I recently spoke with a woman who lost her whole house in a fire. This verse was her lifeline. She remembered that God never promised there be no fires or floods. He promised he would be there when we walked through them.

Our youth are going to go through things. Some are worse than others. The lesson they need is not that if they love God nothing bad will happen. The message they need is that while they go through the storms of life God will be with them.

15. Verse of The Week by Dayspring

15. Verse of The week - Youth Pastor’s Office Ideas

I have a chalkboard in my office where I put a new verse each week. This verse is my reminder for the week that I am serving God. This item is a way for your youth pastor to have a verse for the week on their office wall.

This means your youth pastor will have a verse not only for them but also for the people coming to visit his office. This is a great option for inspiration and encouragement.

This is also much nicer than the chalkboard I have in my office.


 Choosing the right decorations for your pastor’s office not only establishes a professional look but also sets the tone for the type of environment you want to create.

Your pastor's office should be a space where your pastor can focus on ministry and not be distracted by unneeded items. By knowing how to choose the right decorations for your pastor’s office, you can ensure that your office space is both professional and functional.

This article discussed some of the most important decorating elements for a pastor’s office and provide a few suggestions for decorating ideas. I hope you found it useful!