11 Great Christian Movies with John Schneider

11 Great Christian Movies with John Schneider

Actor John Schneider lived with Johnny and June Cash. During that time his belief in God was strengthened. He became a man who wanted to live his life serving God.

It was hard to have Christian values while working on TV shows. John had a successful career acting on Dukes of Hazzard, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Jonathan Kent on Smallville.

A lot of people see John Schneider as much of a symbol of the USA as the American flag. Today John Schneider Studios spends time making Christian films.


The Favorite

I am a mother of four. If you are a parent of multiple children, you have probably been accused of having a favorite child.

The younger ones think you like the older ones better because they are allowed to do more things. The older ones think you like the younger ones better because you spend more time with them since they need more help.

If you have a child with special needs or a child who seems to get in trouble often that can cause more tension. It can also be hard when sports get involved.

Is one child’s sports journey more important than another sports journey? In this movie, we see the story of Benjamin.

This young man must deal with his rage and resentment over what he sees as his father's partiality following a horrific catastrophe involving his brother.

It is important to let our children watch movies that show forgiveness, grace, and compassion.



I live in a small town. When a new person comes to town it is very noticeable. So, I relate to this movie where a man unexpectedly shows up in a small Texas town.

Of course, people living in the town are not excited about the stranger. One of the lessons we have to teach our children is the value of every person.

Do we value the lives of homeless people the way we value the lives of businessmen and women? How can we teach this value to our children?

This movie is a great way to do that. In Doonby the town learns the importance of one person's presence after his equally abrupt departure.


October Baby

I was adopted. When I met my birth mother at the age of 25, I learned that my birth father, as well as most of my birth mother’s friends, wanted me to be killed.

My birth mother was pressured to have an abortion. However, she chooses to instead use adoption to give me a family. Because of my background, I am a pro-life advocate and I love this pro-life film about abortion survivors.

The entertainment industry is always pushing abortion, and that is why this great movie based on a true story is important.

If you love Christian films, they will want to see this movie about a college freshman who learns she is adopted, and more importantly an abortion survivor.

In the movie October Baby, we see the reality of abortion.


Hope Ranch

If you have ever lost a parent, you know it is one of the hardest things to go through. I have two children we adopted after their mother passed away.

I saw firsthand the grief a child goes through after they lose a parent. But in grief and sorrow, you can find hope.

One of the things I saw when my girls were going through the grief process of losing their birth mom, was that their friends didn’t know how to talk to them.

If you have a child who has a friend who has gone through the loss of a parent, it can seem hard to know how to help them navigate the friendship. Watching a movie is a good way to help them.

If you love faith-based films, you will love the story of a little girl whose military father passes away. Her mother moves her to a small town and comes up with a plan to save the family ranch.

Their human spirit is uplifted when by a magnificent horse.



It was a Saturday afternoon; it was raining, and the kids were bored. They wanted to watch a movie, and they had reached an age where they didn’t want a little kid movie.

However, they were still young enough that I didn’t want them watching a movie that might have inappropriate things. I found the movie Hardflip, and it was a successful hit. My kids love sports movies.

It could be a movie about football, soccer, or skateboarding. Hard Flip tells the story of a young man and skateboarder named Caleb, 18, who finds his birth father.

What he discovers is a wealthy architect. Caleb has spent his life living with his mother with very little money.

When his mother is hospitalized with cancer, Caleb has to find a way to pay for rent. There is the question do I try to do it myself or ask for help from the father he doesn’t know?


Hidden Secrets

Friday nights as a child involved TGIF. And my favorite show in the lineup was Family Matters. So, when I was looking for a Friday night date night movie and found a movie with Reginal Vel Johnson, I was excited.

My husband also loved the throwback to our TGIF days as kids. In this movie, Reginal Vel Johnson, and David A.R. White join John Schneider in this Pure Flix movie.

This movie tells the story of a group of friends that are reunited at the funeral of their friend. But as secrets start to unravel, they have to discover some romantic feelings.

This is a great date night movie!


Because of Glacia

I have four teenage daughters who are all a year apart. So, at one point I had a child in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. That was an interesting year.

Today I have one daughter still in high school. What I know about high school children is that romance is at the top of the list. They are either dating or trying to set up their friends to date.

So, if we were planning a movie night and the girls got to pick it was probably going to be a movie about relationships. Teaching our teenagers about dating is important.

We have to show them the right way date. How does a Christian date, have friendships, and live as an effective witness in their school?

One of the ways to show our teenagers a lesson is through movies. If you are a youth leader this is a great idea for a youth night.

Glacia tells the story of a local high school romance where two high school couples experiment with friendship and dating in very different ways, which inspires courage and change in one youngster and a personal catastrophe in the other.


A Gift Horse

Two of my girl’s ride hours. If you have a horse rider in your family, you know it is a lifestyle. Horses have a way of seeing into our souls.

I love to watch my girls connect with their horses. If you have a horse lover in your family, you will love this story of country girls finding hope and inspiration.


What Would Jesus Do

WWJD was everywhere when I was a teen in a youth group. It came when the book “In His Steps” was reprinted, and the devotional book was sold to go with it. Soon everyone was wearing bracelets with WWJD.

This movie is a modern-day version of the story, telling the story of a country music singer, newspaper editor, pastor, and real estate owner trying to walk “In His Steps”, acting like Jesus.

Today we could re-ask ourselves What would Jesus do? And we can teach our children to do the same.

This is a great movie that tells the series of events that occur when people began to try to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Come The Morning

As a foster parent for older children, I am always looking for movies to show children how to find hope when they have a difficult family structure.

This is one of those movies. Not everyone can have a good dad. And in this movie, we see the effects of a bad father.

In this story, a mother and her three children travel to Los Angeles from across the nation looking for the man who abandoned them.

The family is forced to live on the streets. When all things seem hopeless God still finds a way.


Christmas in Tune

In recent years we have been faced with financial difficulties. Everything costs more, and people are making less money.

What happens if the business you are trying to start or grow begins to fail? Christmas in Tune tells the story of Belle a marketing executive with a successful career who is concerned about losing her position at a young communications company.

Her parents Joe and Georgia team up to help her by putting on a benefit concert. John Schneider and Reba McEntire act together in this movie, and this is one you don’t want to miss.