18 Christian Movies About Defending Your Faith That Will Give You The Courage and Knowledge You Need to Stand Strong

18 Christian Movies About Defending Your Faith That Will Give You The Courage and Knowledge You Need to Stand Strong

Faith-based films have gotten really good in recent years.

In our modern world, we are in need of the power of the holy spirit to help us make good choices, and many people have been turning to theater as a way to preach this message.

Some of the best Christian movies have come out over the last few years and have made it into the list of movies that have topped the box office.

Often church groups will buy out theaters as a way to make sure this happens. The son of God, Jesus Christ is being shown to the world.

Today it is harder than ever to defend our faith, but it is also more necessary.

Here are 18 movies to watch with your family or church small group to help you as you stand firm and defend your faith.


The Case for Christ

When my children were young teenagers, I hosted a weekly bible study at home for teens. We watched this movie as part of our Bible Study.

It was a good movie that showed historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus.

The feature film, "Case for Christ" is a multi-dimensional and compelling film set in 1980s Chicago, focusing on the efforts of award-winning investigative journalist Lee Strobel to disprove the viability of Christianity.

After the newfound Christian faith of his wife Lee wants to end her faith in God. Lee is an atheist and wants his wife to have the same atheistic belief as he does.

The film follows Strobel's journey through a marriage, a professional investigation, and a father-son reckoning.

The film has great actors, including Mike Vogel, Faye Dunnaway, Tom Nowicki, I. Scott Caldwell, and Robert Forster, who carry the depth of the complex facts and challenges.

Strobel's confidence in his assumptions leads to a newfound vision and a new heart.

Leslie Strobel, played by Ericka Christensen, is portrayed with a strong and unwavering love for her husband, despite the challenges she faces.

The film encourages friends with doubts and questions about their faith to start conversations.

Once you watch this movie you will want to dive deeper with Lee’s Documentaries.


The Case for a Creator (Documentary)

The first time I heard about the Case for Christ it was the book version. I had a friend recommend it to me. I loved all the scientific evidence laid out for Creation.

As evangelical Christians sometimes we can be tempted to not talk about creation.

But we can learn in this documentary we don’t need to be ashamed of Creation. Lee Strobel's documentary explores the evolution theory and Darwin's evolution.

The film highlights the scientific findings and the beliefs of Christians, revealing biases on both sides and showing the case for us having a creator.


The Case for Faith Documentary

One more documentary to watch is The Case for Faith. Once again journalist Lee Strobel explores the emotional objections to Christianity, specifically the eight "heart" barriers to faith.

The film features interviews with scholars, theologians, and ministry leaders, aiming to touch the depths of the human heart.

It is a powerful Biblical apologetic for those facing doubt or uncertainty about God, offering hope and spiritual clarity in a world where faith is tested daily.

We host a monthly movie night in our home, and we often use movies that teach apologetics. This is one we have used, and our friends have enjoyed it.


God is Not Dead 2

The God’s Not Dead franchise has been a hit as a faith-based movie. I have watched all of them with my family. However, my favorite one is the second one.

I have friends who are teachers in the public school system and I know they face many hard times, especially in the teacher’s lounge.

It is not easy to be a Christian public school teacher today. "God's Not Dead 2" explores the importance of holding onto one's faith.

The film stars Melissa Joan Hart as Grace Wesley, a high school teacher who answers a student's question about Jesus and is challenged by school officials.

Attorney Tom Endler, a non-Christian, believes Grace has the right to state her beliefs. She uses her legal skills to defend herself in court.

The film is witty and comical, featuring Pastor Dave, a juror, and the Newsboys.

The film is a great choice for seekers and skeptics, with intelligent writing, strong directing, and strong performances.


Catching Hearts

Do we need God today in our modern world? This is a question that is being asked by our children on a regular basis.

Many Tick-Tock videos out there will tell your children they don’t need God. We have to be proactive and teach our children that we do all need God.

Having a good movie night with our family is a great way to do this. Catching Hearts illustrates everyone has choices to make and some choose to believe in and follow God, and others choose a different path.

Dr. Mark Gavin is an avowed atheist who has written a book titled “We Don’t Need God”. He has plenty of fans.

The movie also tells the story of Dean and a young woman named Jenny. Dean loses his Christian father unexpectedly, Jenny, struggles when she loses a young girl named Jamie who was in her care as a babysitter.

Dean and Jenny both deal with grief and try to find a way to cope. The movie illustrates very clearly that people can have a change of heart and that everyone’s path depends on the choices they make.

When Dr. Gavin undergoes a change of heart, he wants to find a way to impact the lives of those he has led into the atheistic belief.

Ultimately the question has to be asked which is this: do some of the amazing events which occur happen to be coincidences or could they be explained as God’s providence?

Dr. Gavin writes a new book near the end of the movie titled, “We Need God”.


The Most Reluctant Convert

I love history and I love theological discussions. So, the two combined are a perfect combination for me. C.S. Lewis is my favorite Christian apologetic writer.

His defense of religious faith is very well done. When he was alive, he had a radio program and many of his shows have been published.

I was so excited when I saw his life story on a list of new films to watch. The Most Reluctant Convert is the true story of C.S. Lewis, the creator of The Chronicles of Narnia, Max McLean, and Nicholas Ralph.

Filmed in and around Oxford, it follows Lewis' spiritual evolution from his mother's death to his time at Oxford University, where friends like J.R.R. Tolkien challenge his beliefs.


Acquitted by Faith

When tragedy strikes a family member it can knock us off our feet. When I went through a dark period in my life after I lost a close family member, I spent days curled up in bed watching inspirational films.

If you have gone through a similar experience, I would recommend doing the same.

Acquitted by Faith is a good example of an inspirational film, and it revolves around the hurt and pain of two families, a family whose daughter Sharon, battling cancer, is hit by a man named Benjamin Stills.

Benjamin is having his own nightmare; his boss is funneling funds to the Cayman Islands to keep them from his estranged wife.

And now he is being sued by Sharon’s family and being accused of something he didn't do. It takes a local pastor praying for Sharon and turning the family's attention to God.

To remind people to trust in God. Directed by Daniel Lusko, the film keeps viewers' attention with quality cinematography and a great musical score. (You will want to look up the soundtrack on your music streaming service)

Watching this film will remind you to seek the Lord's help and the importance of prayer in difficult times. You will come away believing in miracles.


A Matter of Faith

My children attended a private Christian school and one of the things discussed often was the topic of creationism vs Evolution.

There are Christians who think the bible supports evolution and others like me who believe the Bible supports creation.

But what does the Bible say? "A Matter of Faith" is a powerful movie that explores the controversial topic of Creationism vs. Evolution.

The film follows Rachel Whitaker, a Christian student who is about to embark on her collegiate career.

Her father, Stephen, is a good man, but Rachel's biology teacher, Professor Marcus Kaman, is a big proponent of evolution. Rachel's father challenges Stephen to debate the topic.


The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Every week I listen to a podcast by Greg Laurie. He is a pastor, and his podcast is his Sunday sermon.

It was through his podcast that I learned about the movie The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, the story of a washed-up former child star, now in his twenties and most known for his hotel-ragging antics.

His mischief earns him prominent placements in "Where Are They Now?" segments and 200 hours of volunteer work at a nearby church.

He pretends to be a Christian to get a part in the church's play production because scrubbing the restroom floor is tedious.

Gavin is cast in the starring part of Jesus, but his real goal is to get a date with Kelly, the pastor's daughter (playwright Anjelah Johnson-Reyes), who isn't impressed with the privileged actor's portrayal of Christ.

This is a funny story that will remind you as to why our faith matters. It might now seem at first like a movie to keep our faith strong, but sometimes comedy is a good way to break the ice with someone who is struggling with their faith.

In this film, you will see that God can restore broken people and rebuild their lives.


Apostle Paul

When my children were younger, I found an audio Bible of the book of Acts. It was very well done, and the children would listen to it as they fell asleep.

The story of Acts tells the start of the church. Peter and the Apostle Paul are a main part of that story. Affirm Films' movie, Paul Apostle of Christ, directed by Andrew Hyatt, tells the story of the most famous person in Christianity (other than Jesus Christ of course).

Paul carried Christianity to the known world. The film focuses on Paul's end of life, showcasing his limitations and suffering.

The film interweaves three storylines: Paul's imprisonment in Rome in AD 67, his relationship with Luke, Mauritius, and the Christian community in Rome.

The film explores Paul's struggles and the consequences of his actions, highlighting the complexity of the Christian faith and the challenges faced by the apostle.

It is important to see the humanity of biblical characters such as Paul. They were not superheroes. They had the same struggles we have. God can use us the same way he used them.

We have to be open to the Holy Spirit.


End of the Spear

Two of my favorite people in Church history are Jim and Elizabeth Elliot. Jim and Elizabeth Elliot were real people who met as young adults.

Jim was a college student when he met Elizabeth another college student. They wanted to take the great message of the love of Christ to the world. They learned of a tribe called the Waodani who had no contact with the outside world.

The missionaries dropped gifts to the Waodani and then made contact. The Waodani killed five missionaries, including Jim Elliot.

Elizabeth later returned to the tribe and in a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness she ministered to them and led them to Christ.

This true story taught me about the importance of forgiveness and showing grace and compassion. I hope it will inspire you as well.


Come Before Winter

Many people see today’s world as a reflection of the world just before World War II. As I said before Jim and Elizabeth Elliot are two of my favorite people in history.

Another person I admire is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Come Before Winter is a motion picture that tells his story.

This docudrama explores the ironies of World War II in Europe, focusing on two longtime foes of Adolf Hitler, Sefton Delmer, and pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

The film follows Bonhoeffer, a VIP prisoner, and his friends, Vassili Kokorin, Fey von Hassell, and Captain Payne Best.

The group is led by newspaperman Sefton Delmer a Jewish refugee and Dr. Otto John, a close friend of the Bonhoeffer family. There are many questions today about the role the government plays in the church.

Bonhoeffer was a man who wrestled with that idea. If you don’t know his story, you need to watch this.



I grew up in a home that worked to help pastors and their families who were in communist countries. Their stories were smuggled to us, and my parents would help print their stories and get the stories out to other churches in the free world.

We wanted to make sure the stories of the men and women living under communism would be known to the world. The movie tells one of those stories.

How do we keep our Christian values while standing for our faith in the midst of a movement pushing for communism or Marxist ideology?

We can look at stories through history to learn how others handled the effects of Marxism on the church. Romero is one of those stories.

In his native El Salvador, Archbishop Scar Romero, played by Raul Julia, is hesitant to take part in the ongoing conflict between the military establishment and guerrilla Marxists.

But as things become worse and more churches are destroyed, he realizes he can't just stand by and watch. Romero turns to his area of expertise, giving speeches.

Even though his only principles are freedom and justice, the government views him as a threat and is prepared to take action.

This movie will inspire you to take a stand in a world where taking a stand could make you lose everything.


Of God’s and Men

This movie tells the true events of the Catholic Church. I did not know this story when it happened. I was in college when this took place, and I never heard of it before watching this movie.

This was a tragic story and shows the love of Jesus Christ. The power of the Holy Spirit is present in this story. In 1996, eight Catholic monks at the Cistercian Monastery of Our Lady of Atlas in Algeria were kidnapped and murdered.

The monks were dedicated to the spiritual practice of compassion and the Bible. On Christmas Eve, Islamic terrorists broke into the monastery and demand medical supplies for their wounded comrades.

You will want to see this dramatic story.


Right Before Your Eyes

Many people, even those who come from a seemingly perfect family, struggle with the problem of alcoholism. If you know someone who has a family with this struggle you will know how it affects their everyday life.

If you are in a family like this, know that you don’t have to live a life of secrets. You will learn in this movie what it is like to be the person holding the struggle of this disease, and the effects of love and forgiveness.

Right before your eyes is the story of Ethan, a recovering alcoholic father who shares his story with a stranger named Ambrose as he embarks on a train ride home to visit his young Autistic son Lucas.

This is a film worth watching with a positive message of hope. We have family members who struggle with alcoholism, and I know the effect it has on the lives of everyone involved.

Watching movies like this helps us understand and have grace, hope, and compassion.


Passion of the Christ

I did not watch this movie. It was too graphic for me, but my husband did watch it. He said the gospel's "good news" was conveyed as a powerful message.

Mel Gibson directed this movie and showed Jesus Christ with love and passion. We don’t see the whole life of Christ but rather highlights from his life that fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah 53.

We see the cost of God’s gift of eternal life. That is very powerful. The film's transition from Jesus' scorned march to his triumphal entry into Jerusalem is emotionally powerful.

We all see the eternal significance of Jesus Christ's interactions with Mary, John, and Mary Magdalene. My husband told me about the whole audience in the theatre sat in silence and was clearly moved.

If you can handle watching graphic violence, then this is a movie I recommend.


Jesus of Nazareth

At Easter time I always look for movies to watch with my family that tell the story of Jesus. I was born in 1977, and this film came out the same year I was born.

So, it is an older film. However, the director Franco Zeffirelli delivered a powerful adaptation of the Gospels in 1977's Jesus of Nazareth.

In this movie you will see the life of Jesus Christ from the Nativity to the Crucifixion and Resurrection presented with stunning depth, gravity, and emotion.


Facing the Giants

This was one of the first Christian movies I saw as a young adult. If you are looking for a film to watch with your youth groups, or for a family movie night for your Christian family.

The movie tells the story of a high school football coach named Grant Taylor. Grant thinks things can't get any worse after six straight losing seasons. He was very wrong.

Things get much worse. Grant learns that a group of fathers—as well as one of his coaches—are conspiring to have him fired after his best player leaves and his Eagles lose to the poorest club in the conference.

There are also family problems with his marriage. Grant Taylor, who already struggles to make ends meet is unable to start a family with his wife, who longs to be a mother and is unable to get pregnant.

The devastated coach and husband turn to God in broken desperation as fear and failure seem to be defeating him at every turn in life.

Coach Taylor and his Shiloh Christian Eagles soon see how faith plays out on the field as they put their confidence in God to somehow do the impossible.