13 Effective Training Discipleship Programs For Your Church

13 Effective Training Discipleship Programs For Your Church


Discipleship programs are available for different church sizes, denominations, and theological perspectives. Here's a list of discipleship programs you can explore for your church.


The Disciple's Path Series by Lifeway offers a comprehensive series designed to help believers grow through discipleship. It includes studies for new and experienced believers.

Tailored for new and experienced believers, this comprehensive series provides insightful studies that foster spiritual growth.

Ideal for small groups within the local church, it equips participants with valuable tools for deepening their understanding of the Bible.

Church leaders will find this program invaluable in cultivating a culture of discipleship, guiding individuals on a transformative journey of faith.

With a focus on Bible study, it's a practical and impactful resource for churches committed to nurturing strong, committed disciples within their congregations.


Navigators 2:7 Series: The Navigators' 2:7 Series focuses on helping Christians become grounded in their faith. It covers foundational topics and provides practical applications.

With a focus on foundational topics rooted in the New Testament, this series guides participants through a transformative discipleship process.

Whether you're a new disciple of Jesus or seeking to deepen your understanding, the 2:7 Series offers practical applications for growth.

It's an invaluable resource for discipleship groups within the church, providing a structured and intentional approach to becoming a grounded follower of Jesus Christ.


The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: Based on the best-selling book, "The Purpose Driven Life" campaign includes study materials for small groups, youth, and adults, guiding participants to discover their purpose.

Rooted in the best-selling book, this program provides study materials for small groups and adults, offering a guided journey to help participants discover their unique purpose.

Whether just starting your faith journey or seeking a deeper understanding of your calling, 'The Purpose Driven Life' is a versatile and impactful resource.

It contributes to the disciple-making movement, fostering growth and purposeful living within the church community.


It was rooted in Life. Church: Rooted is a discipleship experience designed to connect people with God, the church, and their purpose. It includes small group discussions, prayer, and serving experiences.

This transformative experience connects individuals with God, the church, and their unique purpose.

Through engaging elements like small group discussions, prayer, and serving experiences, 'Rooted' goes beyond traditional Sunday school or Bible studies.

It's a holistic approach to spiritual growth, fostering deep connections and a sense of purpose within the church community.

Whether you're a seasoned believer or a young Christian eager to explore your faith, 'Rooted' provides a meaningful and impactful discipleship journey.


Alpha Course: The Alpha Course is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. It's often used for evangelism and discipleship.

Interactive sessions exploring the Christian faith's foundational aspects make it a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship.

Churches can utilize the Alpha Course to provide engaging and informative sessions that cater to various levels of spiritual maturity.

Whether seeking to deepen your understanding of the Christian faith or introduce someone new to its principles, the Alpha Course offers a welcoming and inclusive discipleship experience.


Christianity Explored: This program is designed to help people explore the Christian faith in an informal and discussion-based setting. It includes a series of sessions and a participant handbook.

This excellent discipleship program is specifically crafted for those seeking to explore the Christian faith in an informal, discussion-oriented environment.

With a well-structured series of sessions and a participant handbook, it provides a comprehensive guide for spiritual growth.

Ideal for both new believers and seasoned Christians, this program fosters meaningful conversations about faith.

Its approach makes it easy for Christian leaders to facilitate and engage participants in thoughtful discussions, creating an atmosphere conducive to deepening one's understanding of the Christian journey.


Master Life by Avery T. Willis Jr.: Master Life is a discipleship program focusing on developing mature and equipped disciples of Christ. It covers key areas of discipleship.

Perfect for Wednesday evenings, it covers key areas of discipleship, making it a comprehensive and accessible resource for individuals seeking to deepen their faith.

The program acknowledges and utilizes teaching gifts to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that participants receive meaningful insights and guidance on their journey of spiritual growth.


The Journey Series by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: The Journey is a resource for new believers, providing foundational teachings and practical guidance for their Christian walk.

This resource is invaluable for new believers, offering foundational teachings and practical guidance for their Christian walk.

With a deep dive into the Old Testament, this discipleship program is a roadmap for establishing a strong spiritual foundation.

Its comprehensive approach ensures that new believers gain knowledge and build a meaningful connection with the Scriptures, setting them on a transformative journey in their faith.


The Gospel Project by Lifeway: This curriculum is designed to take participants on a chronological journey through the Bible, highlighting the gospel in every lesson.

Focusing on highlighting the gospel in every lesson, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the basics of the Christian faith.

This program is not just a series of lessons but a transformative experience, guiding individuals through the rich narrative of the Bible while consistently pointing to the gospel's central message.

Its approach makes it a valuable resource for church leaders seeking to deepen the spiritual growth of their congregations.


RightNow Media: RightNow Media is an online resource library with discipleship videos, Bible studies, and teaching series from various Christian leaders and pastors.

Packed with engaging videos, Bible studies, and teaching series from diverse Christian leaders, it becomes a valuable tool for nurturing spiritual growth.

With content suitable for various age groups, including young people, RightNow Media offers a platform that aligns with individuals' unique needs and interests, making it a dynamic resource for exploring spiritual gifts and deepening one's understanding of the Christian faith.


Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby: Experiencing God is a classic discipleship program that focuses on developing a deeper relationship with God through personal experience and obedience.

Invite participants into a journey of cultivating a profound relationship with God through personal experience and obedience.

Whether you're engaging with the program during Sunday morning sessions, through audio lessons, or as part of training programs for full-time ministry, the central focus on the role of the Holy Spirit creates a transformative experience.

This classic program offers a pathway for individuals to explore the depths of their faith and respond to the call of God in their lives.


The Truth Project by Focus on the Family: This program is designed to help Christians develop a biblical worldview, addressing fundamental truths about God's design for life.

Tailored for community groups, this program delves into fundamental truths about God's design for life, offering discipleship in new ways.

Whether engaging with the material through a discipleship book or incorporating it into a comprehensive plan, The Truth Project provides a structured and insightful exploration of foundational Christian principles.

It's an excellent tool for fostering deep discussions and guiding believers in understanding and applying God's truth in every aspect of life.


Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden: Discipleship Essentials is a series that guides participants through key aspects of discipleship, encouraging spiritual growth and maturity.

This series intricately explores key aspects of discipleship, fostering a deep understanding of the gospel of Jesus and God's love.

Tailored for individuals and ideal for discipleship ministry within churches, it provides a structured and comprehensive guide for spiritual growth and maturity.

With its focus on essential principles, this program becomes a valuable resource for cultivating a strong foundation in the faith and empowering believers to live out the call of discipleship in their daily lives.


Before selecting a discipleship program, consider the theological perspective, your church's needs, and your congregation's demographics.

It's also beneficial to seek recommendations and reviews from other churches using these resources.