8 Best Christian Movies about Joseph Being a Great Example

8 Best Christian Movies about Joseph Being a Great Example


I love the biblical story of Joseph. It is one of my favorite stories. The book of Genesis is my favorite Old Testament book. There are so many great stories.

But the story of older brothers being jealous and selling Joseph to a slave trader only for him to become the prince of Egypt and then save his brothers is the story of the power of forgiveness.

God's word is so full of these great stories of men and women, and I want my children to know each of their stories.

If you want to introduce your family to the story of Joseph or to remind yourself of the story here are some great Christian movies to tell the biblical account of Joseph’s life.

You will love each of these Joseph movies.


Joseph: Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler

Grab a bowl of popcorn and cuddle up on the couch with your kids this movie made in 2015 is a great movie to watch with your children.

This movie won the 2016 GOLD Crown Award Winner for Best Children's Film and the same year the Crown Award Nominee for Best Television Format! This is a great movie to watch with your toddlers.

Joseph’s story is the story of the king of dreams. He is spoiled by his father and hated by his brothers. Sold into slavery he is sent to work at Potiphar’s house, where he faces false accusations and then lands in prison.

But your children will see that God is always in control even if there seems to be no hope. This story is a way to show forgiveness, grace, and compassion.

Joseph makes the choice to forgive his brothers for the worst thing anyone can do. If Joseph can forgive that, we can also forgive.

This is a great example of animated features that are great options for your family.


Heroes and Legends of the Bible: Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors (1998)

When my children were younger, we would carpool to our Christian school which was 20 min away. The children we drove in our car didn’t always get along with each other.

I found a great option to keep the peace was to play a movie for our car ride. I looked for movies that told Bible stories.

The series Heroes and Legends of the Bible was one of the series that I got. Even though it was made in 1998, it was still a good film.

From the coat of many colors to Potiphar’s wife, this story from the book of Exodus is a great way to introduce your toddler to the story of Joseph.

You can watch the full movie on YouTube.


The Ballad of Little Joe (2003)

When I was in youth group we loved to watch Veggie Tales. In 2003 I was done college, married, and had my first child on the way. I didn’t see the movie until years later when my daughter was a toddler.

This was the first film she watched. Veggie Tales is famous for telling biblical stories in a fun and imaginative way. This is a great comedy option for your family.

In this movie, we see the Bible story of Joseph story told as a Western. The Veggie Tales is a great, fun way to remember the stories of the Bible.

If you have work to do or a long car drive and you need to make sure your children are occupied for a time period then why not introduce them to the veggie tales?


The Bible Collection: Joseph (1995)

If you are looking for a movie that is not for children, a movie to see the story of Joseph told as it was, not as a cartoon, or a comedy but as a raw truth and horror, this is the Christian film to see.

This is not a move for younger children. The Biblical narrative is told in a way that is realistic and honest. We see sexual sins, rape accusations, and the back story of Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar.

We see Joseph’s brothers' hate grow into a storm and sell him to slavery. We see Potiphar’s house and the false accusations, the time in prison, and the rise to fame.

This Christian film is a powerful story that shows the story of redemption from a Christian perspective. We can see in this movie that Miracles are real.

God is still in Control. This movie was made in 1995. Christian cinema has come a long way since the 90s.

But even though this movie is old, it is still a great option for your family movie night.


Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)

Here is another great option for family movie night. This movie tells the story of Joseph, but also it shows Joseph getting angry with God as his life falls apart.

I think it is important for us to see that even the story of the great men of God includes struggles with faith.

When he faces the false accusation laid on him by Potipher's wife, and when he lands in prison it seems that his life is over.

However God's way is a good way, and through his sovereignty, he makes Joseph the leader of Egypt. But as we see in this movie, God’s plans never fail.

I want my children to know that God loves them unconditionally and they can be upset with him. God wants to restore broken People and rebuild their lives.

This is a great resource for our children. We have to make sure that our children know the stories of the Bible.


Sight and Sound Joseph (2010)

In 2010 I took a trip with a group of friends to see the sights and sound theatre. It was an amazing weekend. Not only the great shopping, the wonderful restaurant, the Hershey chocolate factory, but most importantly the sight and sound theater.

This theater was opened in 1976 and is the best family-friendly biblical theatre. In 2010 Joseph was one of the plays that opened.

I sat in the audience and was in awe of the performance. The music was amazing, the acting was incredible, and the story blew me away.

I have seen many plays in the most famous theaters in Canada and America, and none compared to what I saw that day. I was expecting to see something of lesser quality and was surprised at how incredible this was.

You might not be able to take a trip to Lancaster PA and watch the play in person, but now you can have a chance to watch the film at home.

The producers did a great job of putting the play in movie format.


The Bible Episode 01 In the Beginning

I love this series; I watched it on Netflix with my family. There are some scenes that are not appropriate for children, but if you have older children this series is a great option.

The story of Joseph is played out in the first two Episodes, you can also see the bible stories that lead up to the story of Joseph.

Seeing the background is a great way to fully understand the life of Joseph. The book of Exodus comes to life in this movie. Once you watch it, you might want to watch the second episode, and then the third one, and so on.

The Old Testament will come to life before your eyes. I love this whole series, but the first movie is by far the best one.

Once you have a full understanding of the book of Genesis you will have a much better grasp on the whole Bible.


Great People Of The Bible: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph

My father is a pastor and a speaker. One of the topics he speaks on when he travels and teaches in different churches is the Israelite nation.

These are God's chosen people, and in the book of Genesis, we see the foundation of these great people. They were called the Nation of Israel, Israelites, and today we call them the Jewish people.

The story of Joseph is the story of a man called by God to save the nation of Israel. He is brought to Egypt and put into a position to save them before they even need saving.

This is an example of God's grace, mercy, and sovereignty. We see the attributes of God played out in the book of Genesis and specifically in the story of Joseph.

Perhaps this is why I love the book of Genesis so much, and why I love the story of Joseph. We see who God is. We see that no matter how bad life gets, we can trust that God has everything under control.

In our final Christian film about the life of Joseph, we have this movie that tells the story of a family of generations of men who struggled and then triumphed in their faith.

This movie tells the story of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and finally Joseph. It covers the story of the book of Genesis.

In the story of Joseph, we see a young man move from prince to slave and then to a leader He is the great-grandson of Abraham and the favorite son of Jacob.

He is an honest man, full of integrity. In this film you see the spiritual sensitivity he poses and the power of forgiveness he shows to us.

Remember that God is always in control, and in the book of Genesis, we see the founding of not just a nation, but a planet.

From God creating the world to the flood, to the start of God's chosen people the Israelite nation.