11 Christian Movies About Animals That Your Family Will Love to Watch Together

11 Christian Movies About Animals That Your Family Will Love to Watch Together

When our children were little, we had a family movie night every Friday night. After a week of eating healthy food, we had pizza, chips and ice cream… and of course a family film.

We would always look for tv shows about animals or Christian films with animals. Our girls loved any movie with an animal in it.

If you have children, then check out these Christian films with animals.

If your children have a love of animals then these Christian movies with animals as main characters are the perfect way to have a family movie night.


Bear with Me

It was important to me to teach my children that we are always there for others when they need us. This is especially true of our best friends.

Sometimes a movie with animals is a good way to teach this. Bear with Me is a story of Emily who finds herself lost in the Wilderness. It seems hopeless.

Then Masha, a three-year-old bear finds her. Masha was raised by Emily’s family as a cub and remembers her. Masha keeps Emily alive and that is not easy.

There are wolves, cougars, other bears, and even bear hunters everywhere. Throughout their perilous journey, the two ensure each other's safety.


Steps of Faith

I want my children to hear God’s voice and answer his calls, no matter how impossible they may seem.

This full-length movie asks the question, what would you do if you told the world, you heard God's voice, and no one believed you?

This is the story of Faith who decides to leave the conveniences of the large city to work with kids and animals in a small rural village.

This choice shocks her family. Faith wonders why God has called her, and she feels unqualified. But she answered the call. When a child is hurt, she wants to quit. But God is still calling her.



Dogs are man’s best friends. If you have a dog in your life you know what that means. My daughter had a bully when she was in lower elementary, and we had to teach her how to stand up for herself.

One of the ways we did this was to find movies that showed her how to handle bullies. Sheeba is a movie that teaches our children when life gets tough - You can always count on a man's best friend.

When Clay hears he is leaving his friends and leaving New York City, he is angry. While living in a small town with his grandfather he meets Sheeba, a loveable dog who helps him find peace.

When a bully named Wax begins to terrify Clay, he thinks life can’t get any worse. But then Wax steals Sheeba. This movie will show your children how to handle bullies, and how to trust God when things seem impossible.



How do we teach our children how to deal with grief and heartache? This was the hardest thing I had to walk my children through.

First, it was our family pet, and then a few years later my mother who lived with us passed away. Losing their grandmother rocked their world.

If you are looking for a movie to help children learn the process of grief this is a story of a man and his dog, both walking through depression and finding a direction in their life.


Zoo Wars

If you are looking for a comedy, this funny story of a group of animals is a perfect animated movie for you to watch as a family.

This parody tells the story of Nuke Tiptoes, a galactic elephant who is traveling with a wise ape named Bongo Bananas. This group of animals has to work together to stop their Zoo-verse from being completely destroyed.

Nuke teams up with space squirrel Squeeze Whistle, a renegade warrior, They embark on a fur-raising quest to save a princess and thwart an evil mouse's plans to rule the universe.


Incredible Creature Series

One of the Christian values we tried to instill in our children is the respect of God’s creation. As a homeschooling family, we were always looking for movies that tell the story of creation.

The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series delves into the wonderful world of animals to uncover clever and intricate patterns that cast doubt on the theoretical underpinnings of evolution.

Dr. Jobe Martin, who has spent the last 20 years examining evolution vs. creation, is the featured author of this series.

As he gives lectures on these astonishing animal designs that cannot be explained by conventional evolution, his discoveries have captivated students all over the world.



There are times when our children will face loneliness and pain. Throughout our lives, we will have different seasons of pain and loneliness.

One of the lessons we have to teach our children is how to survive these difficult parts of our lives. Kayla is a story of a wild dog who helps heal a young boy's loneliness and pain.

This is one of the Christian films that we love to see. It is a heartwarming tale of friendship, family, and loyalty that will win over the entire family.

A little boy named Sam hates his new town, house, and school. Sam misses his father who is a famous explorer. Sam’s father disappeared eight years ago, and he still hopes he will be found.

When Sam finds a wild dog who looks like Kayla, the old sled dog of his father, he bonds with him. Through this friendship, Sam finds healing.


A Gift Horse

Two of my daughters wrote horses through elementary school and high school. They love horses, and I loved knowing how much they enjoyed their time at the barn.

We were always looking for movies about horses for our family movie nights. A Gift Horse is the story of 10-year-old Amanda who loses her mother and has to find a way to keep her faith.

When Amanda works with a spirited white horse named Misty, she finds a way to keep faith. This is a movie that will help your children learn about forgiveness grace and compassion.


Hamlet & Hutch

My father has Alzheimer's and it is very difficult sometimes to explain his behavior to my family.

Sometimes a movie is a good way to show your children something they have a hard time understanding. Hamlet and Hutch is one of the Christian films we can watch to help our family understand the hard concept of Alzheimer's.

This movie tells the story of an elderly Broadway star named Thrush who has Alzheimer's disease and is compelled to live with his family in the country so they can take care of him.

When he arrives, he meets his great-granddaughter and her dog Hamlet. It turns out all three of them have a passion for the theater, showing that miracles are possible if you BELIEVE!


Horse Camp

I want to make sure I pass on Christian values to my children. One of the things I want to make sure my children understand is that all human beings are valuable.

This can sometimes be hard to understand for teenage girls. Sometimes they can be mean to each other.

The movie "Horse Camp," tells the story of a group of teenage girls who attend a horse camp for a summer that will change their lives. The main characters in the movie are pre-teen girls who are trying to find their way in life.

When Kathy gets to camp, she is shocked to find Stacy, the resident mean girl. Kathy and Stacy go to war, but they learn in the end the true worth of genuine friendship.



I want to make sure my children know all the Bible stories. The most famous of the Bible stories that deal with animals is the story of Noah.

We always tried to find Christian cartoon movies that our family would love. If you are looking for a story for younger kids, the story of Noah is the best story of animals.

This is the true story of God’s dealing with human nature. An old man builds an ark after hearing God's voice. Around the year 2,400 BC, the world is a mess.

Evil is ruling the world. God is going to wipe out the world with a massive flood and start new. But he calls Noah to build an ark to save the animals from downing.

Your children will love this animated film.