10 Christian Movies for Your Toddlers & Babies That will Grow Their Faith!

10 Christian Movies for Your Toddlers & Babies That will Grow Their Faith!

I have four children. They are grown now, but I remember the time when they were little.

I didn’t want them to watch TV or movies, but there were a few times when I needed to give them something to watch. Road trips, sick days, or when we had company over.

In today’s modern times, it is hard to find T.V. shows or movies for our whole family that have a Christian worldview. Most faith-based films are geared toward pre-teens and up.

What do you get if you have toddlers or young children? If you don’t want your children to watch a long film, and you just want a short break I would recommend some videos that have episodes 15-20 min in length.

Here are a few of my favorites. All of these can be found on Right Now Media, so if your church has a subscription to Right Now Media you can enjoy these great videos.


Paws and Tales

When I was a Christian school teacher, I would play paws and tales for the kids when we were doing art class, or sometimes when we were eating lunch.

When I left teaching to raise my children, I used Paws and Tales when I needed my toddler to have quiet time while her little sister napped.

Paws and Tales have the storytelling feel of Adventure in Odyssey, with the group of eccentric animals you would find in Franklin.

You will find stories about how to be a good best friend, show God's love to our enemies, show love and grace in our relationships,  and obey authority.

All these lessons come to children through great stories. The best Christian movies are ones the whole family can watch, and Paws and Tales is an example of this.

Little kids love it however older children and even adults will find the stories interesting.



My youngest daughter was not a great sleeper, she was up all night and still didn’t want to take naps. One of the things I would do is put Psalty on in her room.

I would actually not have the screen facing her, just the sound in her room. The show really helped her lay quietly until she fell asleep.

If you have younger kids who have a hard time resting using Psalty when putting kids down for a nap will be very helpful.



My children loved nature. And when they were younger it was easy to find videos about nature that I could feel comfortable letting them watch.

Today it is much harder to find nature videos that are not full of content Christians should not have in their homes.

If you have young children who love to learn about nature you will want to make sure you find ways to teach them about God’s creation from a Biblical worldview.

Owlegories does a great job teaching younger children about nature while pointing them to the creator.


Hermie and Friends

I am a huge fan of Max Lucado and he has written many books, one of his books is a children’s Book about a caterpillar that is about to become a butterfly, the caterpillar is named Hermie, and this book was made into a series of cartoon movies.

Hermie and his friends have good times in the garden, learning to make sure he is taking the correct path. Wormy is his best friend and makes sure Hermie doesn’t go down the wrong path.


What’s in the Bible

I was never a fan of the Veggie Tales Movie series. Even though “Where is My Hairbrush” and “Water Buffalo Song” are among the most successful Christian songs from my youth.

I never really enjoyed the movies. So, when I first heard about What’s in the Bible, a series made by the creators of Veggie Tales.

However, I really enjoy this series. We have Bible Studies that we host in our home, and I help by taking care of the children in another room.

I have used this series many times. I am always looking for great bible movies, but this series teaches apologetics to children. The Christmas series tells the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas while explaining where our traditions started.

I found this series very interesting myself and recommend it to Sunday school teachers to play clips leading up to the Christmas or Easter season.

If you are looking for easter movies for easter Sunday, the Easter episode does an amazing job explaining the true events of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the Biblical story of the gospel.

My daughter worked at a summer camp for three years, and they used these videos are part as of their chapel services, the children all loved the movies even though they were older.

Although these videos are great for your four and five-year-olds, they are also wonderful for your older children as well.


God Rocks

This series came out in 2018, My youngest was eleven at the time so we're long past the stage of looking for toddler movies.

However, my friend had a baby that year, and she was looking for something for her toddlers to watch while she was caring for her newborn.

This was one of the series that her young children would love. Her children loved to sing and dance so this was the perfect movie for them.

In God Rocks your children will learn with Chip, Gem, Splinter, and Carb about God’s love through laughing and songs.


Super Book

Before my daughters got their driver’s licenses, I had to drive them to the Christian school they attended 30 min away. With a drive this far away, I jumped at the chance to carpool.

The family we carpooled with had younger children. I discovered that an older series had been updated and I picked up some of the movies. They were hit for our van rides to school in the morning.

Super Book is a series of animated bible movies that tell the true events of bible stories through the eyes of fictional characters.

That can be a little confusing to children, so it is important to explain to the children when the True bible stories start and where the fiction starts.

In this series, a group of children learn life lessons from Biblical events they witness when a robot helps them time travel.

They witness the life of Jesus Christ as well as the true story of the Old Testament. If you are looking for a video for easter weekend, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is well done in a child-friendly format.

Now that my children have their licenses and I no longer am carpooling I am not watching these videos anymore, but I keep the movies around for when my little nieces or nephews are around.


Theo Presents

When we host Bible Studies in our home, one of the studies we often use teaches theology or apologetics.

It is shocking to me the lack of biblical knowledge among people who spent their whole lives in the church. It is never too early to start theology.

Even your toddlers can start to learn. Theo Presents is a great way to teach theology.

The family-friendly movies have great spiritual content that will help your child understand the basic truths of the gospel.


Auto B Good

My nephew is in love with the Disney Car series. We were looking for a Christian version of the series and Auto B Good is a great option.

It has the feel of the Disney Car movies but is short videos with Biblical lessons. My Sister-in-law didn’t want her son to watch the long Disney movies on a regular basis, but a short version with life lessons is perfect for toddlers.

It is important that in a child’s early life, they don’t spend hours in front of screens. So, finding these shorter videos is a great option.

I know these videos will help my nephew grow into a wise young boy.


Adventures in Odyssey

I saved Adventures in Odyssey for the end. If you have not heard of Adventures in Odyssey, you must have been hiding under a rock.

I grew up listening to the audio versions of this series, and my children also grew up listening to and watching this series.

I think it is a right of passage for children growing up in a Christian home. This animated movie series is full of great stories without violent content, that promote good behavior and depict what a loving family looks like.

Just last weekend I saw one of these videos had been taken out, and even though my children are all young adults they still will sometimes watch them.

And every parent if they are honest will admit that they love to watch and listen to this series as well.

It is very well done, and one of the best options for parents with younger children. These are great stories that will help your children walk with God.