12 Christian Movies About High School

12 Christian Movies About High School

I have raised four children, the last one is entering her senior year of high school. I know firsthand how hard high school can be on our children.

But it is also a wonderful time. My children were able to meet wonderful friends through community service projects, youth groups, and summer camp.

My daughter and her best friend spent many summers together at camp serving as counselors. It is a wonderful time and a scary time.

But if we can provide our children with good Christian movies where the main character thrives in high school that is a great way to help build a strong faith in God’s love.

The Christian life can be hard, even harder for a teenage girl or boy. Here are the top Christian movies for your high school students to remind them to stand firm in their Christian beliefs.


A High School Story

My children loved the high school TV shows on Disney, especially the early 2000 ones.

Today's shows with high school storylines are not appropriate for families who want to promote Christian values. If you are looking for a good movie about high school this is a great option.

The football team at Faith High has everything they have ever wanted as they start a new year.

The cheerleaders are also excited for a year full of popularity and excitement. But what about the rest of the students?

The Christian teenagers at the school who are not football players or cheerleaders? The start of the year is different for them.

Here at the private Christian school, you would think having a true belief in Jesus would mean there is no difference in the status of students.

But it is clear that the school has winners and losers. Then a new student starts school, and a light is shone on the difference between students.

The principal is dealing with a prankster and then the quarterback is injured. Suddenly things are not looking good for the school.


Last Chance School

Every day we are faced with choices. Each one of them could either make the lives of people around them better or worse.

It is so important that our children know each choice they make will affect others. We have to make sure that our children are careful about who they follow.

In this good movie, we see a young boy named Simon. Simon has a choice to make. His friends want to find revenge on a bully.

But as Simon enters the school, he has no idea today will be different than any other day he has ever experienced.

His teachers remind the students that each choice they make will impact not only them but others.



I was born in the 70s. It was during this time that there was a lot of racial tension in the States. I was too young to understand it, and by the time I was in school, all races were in school with no problems.

But in the 70s there was a huge problem with racism in the high schools. Woodland is a movie that tells that story.

This movie was a huge hit at the box office. It is one of the most successful Christian films to date. This is the true story of a high school in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973.

Woodlawn High School has been ordered by the government to be desegregated. The school suddenly has black students sitting in the classrooms with their white classmates.

Racial tensions were high at this time. And that is when football coach Tandy Gerelds lets an outsider talk to his team.

Conflict and racism flare up, but the message of compassion and ultimate hope causes a spiritual awakening that motivates Nathan, his team, and the entire neighborhood to fight against hatred.

The lives of high school students in Birmingham will never be the same. This is one of the best Christian football movies of all time.

The real events from this time period are shown clearly in this great movie.


I Will Soar

I am a huge fan of documentaries. They are a favorite for me, even though no one else in my family is a fan. So, when I pick a documentary, it is usually for when I am spending an evening alone.

For me, the best movie is a documentary! In this great example of what faith-based films have to offer we see the story of real events surrounding a coach who won a football season and set records for the number of students who attended college in one city, one high school, and one city.

He has one winning season after another. The documentary covers Head Coach T.J.

Jackson's unique ability to mentor the many fatherless athletes, providing them with the caring and strength they need to graduate and be successful.


Hope Lives

When our children were younger, we had a family movie night once a week. Now my children are older, they have jobs and boyfriends so that season of life has passed.

If you still have that option, then embrace it. Pizza, chips, and a great movie. In this Christian family movie, we see the lives of six high school students who have all been the targets of bullying.

They are each enrolled in an after-school program run by a man who had a difficult past. Tragedy strikes this teacher after he faces a personal bully.

From his life experience, he has gained empathy that helps him with the children who are struggling.

Everyone involved in this after-school program, even the counselor, has a story that starts to emerge and connect, creating a masterful blend of drama, victory, humor, and inspiration.

The tragic event that sparked the teacher's connection is a way to bring hope to other students.

There is also a reminder in this movie that not all abuse is physical abuse. Many of the students dealing with bullies are facing the consequence of emotional abuse.



It is very normal for us to see the lives of other people and think they have a perfect life.

I have seen in my life that usually once you get to know that person you will find they have their own secret struggles.

This is the best movie to show our children that the lives of other students are not what we think it is.

In this movie, we see a teenage girl who wants to have the life of the most popular student at the school.

But when they magically switch bodies and she spends a day living the life she thought she wanted, she soon learns things are not as they had seemed.


Redeeming the Time

I have a friend who lost her older brother in a freak accident. I have seen firsthand the effects of the family tragedy on her life.

It is very hard for a young person to face death and loss at such a young age. Facing all of that while still in high school is extremely difficult.

After a tragic accident, a young man has to come to terms with his new life. He is the star athlete at his eye school, and it is his senior year.

Paul Vincent started playing football as a child. He loved the game. As a child, he had never dreamed he would have a chance at playing college football.

And now he has the chance of a lifetime. From the outside, his life looks perfect. Everyone sees him as a confident, brave, strong young man.

But inside he is a young boy crying out for help.


Hope Again

There are times in our lives when we can fall so deep into despair that we lose all hope. We can wonder if it is even possible to hope again.

Can life get so hard that we don’t remember what hope feels like? This Pure Flix film tells the story of a young girl who desperately needs a fresh start.

he hopes for a chance to move to a new town, go to a new school, and start a new church, and a new youth group.

But while she dares to hope again, what she really needs is God’s faithfulness and reminder of the power of prayer.


I Am Not Ashamed

I remember the day I first heard about the Columbine massacre at the public high school. I was in college at the time.

It was months later that I learned later that Rachel had been asked to deny Jesus Christ, and was killed for refusing.

Rachel was known in the school as a young lady who would tell everyone the story of Jesus. This is the true story of Rachel Joy Scott. She was the first student killed during the Columbine massacre of April 20th, 1999.

In this movie, we are able to see what she had written in her journal entries leading up to that day.

She was more than a religious teen; she was a young lady who loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart.

The Christian family she was raised in was greatly impacted by both her life and her death.

As law enforcement made their way into the school, they found the aftermath of the devastation left behind.

In our modern times, we hear about school shootings often. But on that day in 1999, it seemed impossible that something like that could ever happen.


Pass The Light

In this Christian film, we see Steve Bellafiore, a very special young man. Steve wants nothing more than to make the high school football team.

He works hard and is extremely dedicated. While he tries to shine the light of Jesus Christ and share the story of Jesus with his classmates, he is bothered by a politician who seems to use the name of Jesus to push hatred.

Steve stands up and does the unimaginable. He decides that he is going to run for Congress! He started a movement that spread across the nation.



This is a story of a young girl who needed a mentor and a man who needed a realization to believe. After Erwin loses his family, he sees no reason to live.

He takes a new job as a mechanic at a small Auto Restore business. Somehow, he finds himself attached to a new dysfunctional family that depends on him just as much as they do.

And that is when he decides to coach Sam Collins. A young lady who wants to become a better wrestler.


A Perfect Chord

This is the story of a little girl named Cadence who has an amazing musical talent. But she has kept it a secret. She is extremely shy.

Cadence has kept her gift a secret, only letting her best friend Lizzy hear her music in the private setting of her school's music room after hours.

Cadence feels pressure to be great because of the musical family she comes from. She fights with the pressure of expectations as she battles her musical talent.

The motivational movie A Perfect Chord explores overcoming phobias and living.