10 Best Inspiring Christian Movies About David

10 Best Inspiring Christian Movies About David

Of all the Biblical stories in the Old Testament, the story of King David is one of my favorites. The story of David and Goliath is one of the first Bible stories we all heard as children.

The Bible says David was a man after God’s own heart. I want to make sure my children know the story of David, so we watch movies about his life.

But as an adult, I also want to know more about the life of David. His life was one of worship. His psalms are still used today in our modern worship.

Are you looking for an animated film, or a Christian video telling the life of David?

Maybe you are looking for a documentary so you can learn more about the life of David. Here is a list of Christian films worth seeing.


The Beginner’s Bible: David and Goliath (1995)

This is the first film our children watched when they were very young. It is hard to find great films in today's entertainment industry that do a great job of teaching Christian values.

Even when our children are as young as toddlers, we can be teaching them the stories from the Bible.

I am not personally a fan of modern animation and I love the retro look of these films. In this movie, you will have multiple episodes.

This is important because when you have younger children you don’t want them to watch long movies or spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

So, these short episodes are a way for you to allow your children a small amount of screen time and at the same time teach them about the Bible.

These episodes have entertaining plots and traditional animation. The movie begins with the prophet Samuel anointing David, a shepherd boy, and then tells the story of David overcoming the Giant Goliath.

The cartoon skips ahead to illustrate how David came to be a king who trusted God and closes shortly after David defeats Goliath.

This is a great way to introduce your young children to the stories from the Holy Bible in a way that is simple and easy for a toddler to understand.


Dave and the Giant Pickle (1996)

When I was in high school the VeggieTales were very popular. I am not sure why, but everyone loved them. It had the humor of Disney but with a biblical twist.

It was one of the first Bible Movies most children today have seen. After the success of other projects, they came out with Dave and the Giant Pickle.

After the successful releases of the other movies more Veggie Tale movies came out. It is funny because when my kids were in pre-school I watched the movie with them and I still found them funny.

This is a comedic interpretation of the David and Goliath Bible story. Your children will love this fun version of the Bible story of David’s life.

Even though this was made in 1996 it still has a fun vibe that your kids will love. This is a great film for a road trip. Your family will love singing along as you drive.


The Bible: Kingdom (2013)

I really enjoy the Bible Miniseries The Bible. We watched it as a family on Netflix. While we normally would look for faith-based films, this episode on the series of The Bible is as good or even better than most faith-based films.

I had my children watch this series when they were in junior high. It was such a great way to have the Bible come to life.

It is important to remember that the Bible is a true story, with real people who will inspire us to live for God. The 4th episode tells the story of David’s life.

I enjoy how they were able to fully develop the character of King Saul. The episode is less than 50 minutes, so they have to skip over some parts.

The episode still manages to show action, character development, and a little humor.

The entertainment value is great. This is a good episode to watch if you have older children, or if you yourself want to know more about the life of Daniel.


David and Goliath

In 2015 David and Goliath came out. It was filmed in North Africa and the scenery is stunning. There is a big difference between movies filmed in the United States and movies made overseas.

The movie had a larger budget than other Christian films the special effects and the acting were great. This movie does not show the full life of David.

The movie is inspired by King David's early life. In this movie, you see David’s humility, courage, and faith.

We see David training as a warrior after God rejected Saul as king and in a battle with Goliath. This is not a movie for younger children.

The movie has action and fighting including bloody scenes, a sword fight, a sheep being killed, and Goliath's head being cut off.



This movie came out in 1997. I was in college when it came out. That was a long time ago. And yet the story of David is timeless.

This movie was made for TV and it is a two-part series. One of the things I look for when I have a trip is to find a movie that will last for most of the length of the trip.

I took a trip by myself for a ministry speaking engagement. I downloaded this movie popped my earphones in and watched/ listened as I waited in the airport and flew across the country.

The epic movie tells the story of the tribes of Israel needing a king to lead them against the Philistines.

Prophet Samuel appoints King Saul, a simple farmer, who becomes a brave and mighty warlord. Saul has doubts about his mission and in his pride, he sins against the Lord.

After God Rejects Saul as king Samuel chooses David, a young boy, as the next king.

David becomes a hero after defeating Goliath, but King Saul jealously tries to kill him. David flees, finding support and loyal companions who believe he is destined to be king.

In exile, David conquers Jerusalem, intending to leave war to others and become a King.

The movie covers the story of the affair of Bathsheba and the family fights with Absalom. It is important that we see the good, the bad, and the ugly when we look at the lives of the heroes of our faith.

Knowing that God can use even David is an encouragement for all of us.



Once you watch David, the next movie in the series is Solomon. While this movie is about David’s son Solomon, we see the end of David’s life.

This is the part of David’s story that is often not talked about. Most of the stories we know about David come from his early life.

The shepherd boy, the giant slayer, the young king. But in this movie Solomon, we see David as an old man. He is the king of Israel, has two sons, Adonijah and Solomon and they are fierce rivals for the throne.

There are parts of this story that are not in the Bible story. Such as when Adonijah loses control of his chariot during a hunting expedition, while Solomon takes him back to Jerusalem.

They meet Abishag, who is skilled in healing herbs, and fall in love. The movie shows the relationship Nathan has with David. He is a trusted advisor.

We see Nathan advise David on the role his sons should play in the kingdom after he dies. As David dies, we see the young Solomon take the throne.

The movie shows Bathsheba as a mother, the mother of the king. We normally think of Bathsheba only as the young woman whom David has an affair with.

But this movie reminds us she was more than just that one moment of her life.

The movie shows Solomon going to war, building the temple, meeting Queen Sheba, and falling for the women of other nations.

This is not a movie for younger children. If you have heard the story of David and want to follow up this is a good way to finish.


King David Movie

When I was looking up films about King David, I found this T.V. series on the life of King David. It was nominated for five awards.

I wondered why I had not seen it before. Then I realized it was filmed in Brazil and was dubbed in English only recently.

So even though it was filmed years ago, it is only recently that it was available for an English audience. In the Movie King David, we see the story of David.

The movie shows David as a young man anointed to be the next king of Israel. However just because David is anointed as King doesn’t mean he is seated on the throne.

God uses David to defeat the giant Goliath and then help win many more battles. This movie is interesting because it was filmed in Brazil.

There is a different kind of vibe you get when you watch a foreign film.


City of David

The number one spot I have always wanted to visit is Israel, also called the city of David.

I want to walk where Jesus Christ walked. Imagine standing where the prophet Samuel picked the new king, where King David stood and walked.

I can’t think of a better place in the world. Since I can not visit Israel, any time soon seeing the movie City of David is a good alternative.

This movie is narrated by Dr. John Hagee and Matt Hagee as they explore the magnificence of The City of David in the footsteps of Abraham, David and Bathsheba, Hezekiah, Jesus, and the Apostles.

If you are not able to physically visit Israel, this is an alternative.


Searching for a King: Israel's United Kingdom

It is important to me that my family understands the characters in the biblical story we read each night is not just an inspiring tale, it is the story of real people used by God to do great things.

When my children were younger, I would remind them when I read the Bible that it is a true story.

However, once my children were in middle school and into high school, I wanted to find resources to help them answer these questions. It is essential that we prepare our kids for the questions we know they will face.

This is a movie that will help you defend your faith and give you the courage and knowledge to stand strong. Searching for a king is one of those resources.

Your children are going to be asked questions such as Was King David just a myth? Are the earliest rulers of Israel supported by evidence?

We have to help them find the truth. That truth can be found in history, geography, archaeology, and scripture.

Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell will take you back in time as they walk through history to find proof of Israel's early kings.

They speak with archaeology specialists and make connections between Biblical history geography and the natural world.

In this movie, you will see an expedition into the valley of one of the most well-known wars in the Bible, dig through the Shiloh excavations, and explore the deep cave system where David hid from Saul.

This remarkable graphic examination of Israel's United Kingdom.


Goliath Must Fall

When the government shut down the churches in 2020, we opened our home as a place of worship, and families that wanted to meet together to worship and read the Holy Bible together.

We found this Bible study DVD series by Louie Giglio and decided to use it as a Bible study.

In this Bible study, Louis brings the story of David and Goliath to life and demonstrates how to concentrate on the size of our God rather than the height of our giants.

As your opponents who are robbing you of God's best for your life fall, you get the freedom to walk in the triumph Christ already achieved over them.

With heavenly insight and sympathetic candor, Louie guides us on the path to redemption. Louie shares his own Goliaths with us in addition to helping us overcome our own.

This was a very impactful study for children who were in high school at the time and dealing with a lot of uncertainty as their programs had all been shut down.

I was very grateful for this study and would recommend it to small groups, or for family devotional time, especially if you have older children.