10 Christian Movies for Children That will Inspire Them to Walk With God

10 Christian Movies for Children That will Inspire Them to Walk With God

My family sometimes hosts Christian films in our home. There are times when families bring their children.

When that happens, we have a separate area with faith-based movies for children in a different room. Because of that, we have a shelf of Christian movies for children.

This box of movies has come in handy when we have had friends over with small children, however, I often find even my teenage children sitting down to watch some of these faith-based movies.

Today it is almost impossible to find a movie for children that doesn't have inappropriate things.

If you have small children, here are ten religious-themed movies that I recommend.


The Prince of Egypt

When I talk about Christian movies for children, I have to start with The Prince of Egypt. The story of Moses is one of the first Bible stories I learned as a child.

Because I was adopted my mom would tell me the story of Moses and how his mother loved him so much, she gave him to the princess to raise and keep him safe.

As long as I can remember I pictured my birth mom looking like the animated version of Moses' mother that I saw as a child.

When I was 25 years old, I met my birth mom, and I am thankful for her sacrifice and for the love of my adopted mother as well.

This was always a special story to me because of this connection, and I love that my mom painted my birth mom in the same way God painted the story of Moses’ birth mom when he told the story.

I recommend this movie, and the story of Moses when I speak at adoption conferences.


Joseph: King of Dreams

The story of Joseph is one of the first stories we learn as children. From the older brothers who are bullies, crazy dreams, the bright colorful jacket, and being blamed for something you didn’t do, this is a story every child can relate to.

This movie was made by the same people who made Prince of Egypt. The animation is well done, and this is a movie you should add to your collection.

The first time I watched this movie was when our local AWANA hosted a family movie night. At the time I was the Bible teacher for the club, and so I attended the movie night.

I am always very picky about movies that tell Bible stories. I found this movie to be very accurate.


Lion Of Judah

This Saturday I am going to a birthday party for my niece and nephew. The are two and four. Their birthdays are a week apart, so they are destined to have combined birthday parties.

Every child loves cartoon movies, and they make great gifts. But the best family-friendly movies are the ones that tell the story of the life of Jesus Christ.

This is a great film for the younger kids in your life. A lamb and his barn friends, a group of eccentric animals are trying to avoid being part of the sacrifice for Passover, and they witness the Easter story.

This is a great way to introduce the story of Easter and the death and resurrection of the Son Of God to the toddlers in your life.

You should add this to your list of Easter movies for children. So, if you have a birthday party to attend for a niece or nephew, this is a great gift option.


The star

While the Lion of Judah tells the biblical story of Easter, The Star tells the story of Christmas. Once again, this animated movie tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the perspective of the barnyard animals.

Your children will learn the true meaning of Christmas, as they watch this film. The Star has a star-studded voice cast, including Patricia Heaton, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry.

This is an awesome idea to add to your collection of Christian holiday movies. You can make this movie part of your holiday season this year. Make sure your children know the story of Jesus.

Christmas is a time when we have family traditions. Right from your children's first Christmas start off with the family tradition of a movie night.

My children are grown, and my oldest has moved out and lives on her own. Still, she comes home Christmas Eve for our family sleepover.

That is a tradition we started when the children were young. New pajamas and sleeping in the playroom. Of course, sleepovers require movies.

My children still watch the same movies they watched as little kids. We didn't have this option when they were little, but I wish that we had.

The interesting thing is that two of our children were adopted as teenagers, and they also love being part of this tradition.


Heaven is For Real

This is a great family movie. We watched this as a family and even though my children were teenagers, they still loved it.

However, my younger nieces and nephews also love this movie. The story is a near-death experience of a young boy who survives a tragic accident but returns to his family with a message about what he saw in heaven.

This is a true story, and I highly recommend it. The story takes place in modern times and is a good movie.

One of the things I enjoyed about this movie is how it showed that even in a Christian home we still need reminders of how much God loves us.

Sometimes churches think only about reaching the homes of non-believers, however as this story shows even a Christian home needs a touch from God.


Letters To God

A few years ago my brothers and sisters decided to do something different for Christmas. Instead of handing out gifts to each child, we had family gifts.

We drew names and each family bought a family gift for one other family. My sister gave us a DVD, snacks, and blankets.

A family movie night. She gave us some faith-based films, and this is one of the movies she gave us. I enjoyed this movie. It is well done.

I love movies that are based on true stories, and this is an amazing true story of a wise young boy, faced with death.

The life lessons he gives to people are inspiring. This family shows how to display true love while going through a hard time.

Your children will at some point in their life have to walk through a valley, and it is good to prepare them for this.


The Pilgrims Progress 2019

Next to the Bible, the book The Pilgrim’s Progress has been translated into more languages than any other book.

At the forming of the United States of America, almost every family had two books. The Bible, and the Pilgrim’s Progress.

I used this book when I was homeschooling, and my children read it, we talked about the symbolism found in the book. Every Christian should know the story of The pilgrim’s progress.

This book was written by John Bunyan while he was in prison for preaching for Bible. His blind daughter would visit him, and he wrote the story to read to her.

He never intended for it to be published, and yet it is the second most published book in history.

There are many movie versions of this book, and unfortunately, most are not well done. You can show your family a live-action movie or cartoon version of the story.

This animated classic however is very well done, and I highly recommend it.


A box of Faith

When we chose to foster, and later to adopt most people thought we would be getting a baby. When we told them we were planning on fostering older children, they were shocked.

One of the things we needed to do was prepare our children. This is a great movie to show your children what life is like as a foster child and will open up their hearts to children who need extra love.

It might open up your heart as well. Every devout Christian should show love by caring for orphans in their distress.

James 1:27 says that pure and undefiled religion is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.


The Torch Lighter Series

This is not one movie, but a whole series of movies. I grew up reading and hearing stories of the faith.

It was not until I was an adult that realized my experience was not a common one. Most people do not know church history and have not heard the great stories of the men and women who came before us.

It has become a passion of mine to help the church learn the historical events of Church history. Jesus is going to return, and when he does I want him to find me serving Him.

These incredible stories will inspire your family to never back down and always stand firm in their faith. This series is one of the things I recommend for families.

The stories are amazing, and your children will love them, but as an adult, you will also learn about the heroes of our faith who have gone before us.

These movies will be favorites for the entire family. Even if you don't have children, you should watch these films.

You will thank me for telling you about them.