7 Christian Movies about Demons That Shows God Winning the Spiritual War

7 Christian Movies about Demons That Shows God Winning the Spiritual War

I am not a fan of Scary movies. When I first heard there were movies that fell into the horror genre Christian movie I was surprised.

However, once I looked into it, I found that some of my favorite movies fall into this category.

These movies don’t fall into the genre of family-friendly films, however, once you have watched them for yourself you can decide if your children are ready.

It is important to remember when watching movies about demons, and Satan that while it is important to know our enemy, we worship our savior Christ Jesus.

\If you enjoy watching supernatural movies, it can be very hard to find a movie that doesn't cross a line to promote demonic behavior.

Finding a movie that falls into the category of supernatural forces while still promoting a Christian worldview can seem impossible, however, there are a few movies that fall into that genre.

We really are in a spiritual war, and we need to know our enemy. One thing I have to give, these are not movies to watch with young children, you can find recommended movies for younger children here.


Come Out in Jesus’ Name

I first heard about the preacher Greg Locke a few years ago. He is an interesting preacher with a very charismatic approach to the pulpit.

He never shies away from controversial issues, and I am not always sure how I feel about him personally.

This is a documentary that follows the true story of Greg Locke who spent a year in Spiritual warfare casting out demons in the name of Jesus.

This documentary tells the real-life stories of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of people as the love of the Father transforms lives to the glory of God.

I am reminded that the miracles of God show He is still in control. Documentaries that show God is more powerful than demons are a great way to be reminded of the sovereignty of God.

I am not recommending everything produced by Greg Locke. I am not taking sides on the controversy he is always part of.

However, I am still recommending this documentary. In our world full of trouble it is important to remember that God is still working and changing lives.



I have a subscription to “The Blaze” and enjoy many of the podcasts on the app. One of my favorite podcasts is by Steve Deace.

I remember when he first started talking about the film he was working on. I had not heard of a Christian horror movie, so I was intrigued. I have followed the journey of the making of this movie and so I was excited to see it.

While this is not a movie with an alter call at the end, it is a movie that shows a Christian worldview. This is a new film that tells the story of a convicted serial killer, a Condemned man waiting for execution who claims demonic possession.

He is given a psychiatric evaluation to discover if he suffers from mental illness. The Nefarious Plot was written by Steve Deace and is the latest movie created by Sean Patrick Flanery one of the directors of the God’s Not Dead series.

This latest film was playing in movie theaters, but just recently was released to Prime. It shows the demonic influence over our society.

Glenn Beck is a guest star in this movie. If you are a fan of his you will enjoy his role. Is it possible to restore a broken life?

What happens when we have allowed the devil to take control of our lives? Can there ever be a redemption? This movie will remind you that the devil is not dumb.

He is smart and marches like a lion looking for someone to devour. Make sure you are prepared for him when he comes for you.

This movie is a modern-day version of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. And that is the next movie on my list.


The Screwtape Letters

When I was in college, I was given a chance to read the book Screwtape Letters. I didn’t end up reading it because I thought the idea of two demons writing to each other seemed strange.

But then a few years later I had the chance to listen to the audiobook during a long car ride, and it became one of my favorite books. In fact, I often will list it among the top five books every Christian should read.

This book changed my life, and often when I feel myself thinking negative thoughts about someone I am reminded of the scenes from this book. My enemy is not the person I am angry with.

My enemy is Satan. This book by C.S. Lewis has two demons as the main characters. This fictional story tells the story of the Father of Lies’ influence on society.

We need to remember that no matter how much influence demons have on our society, the power that dominates all comes from the blood of Jesus Christ.

One of the parts of this movie that stood out to me is how hard the demons work to destroy the relationships in the young man’s life.

This reminded me of the importance of keeping God at the center of every relationship and remembering that the devil is trying to ruin them.


Suing the Devil

I love watching crime dramas. I have seen every episode of Law and Order, and basically every crime drama that is available. So, when I heard about this movie I was intrigued.

I have seen movies with God on trial, but never one with Satan on trial. This is a very interesting concept for a movie. In this movie, a student takes Satan to court and sues him for eight trillion dollars.

This movie doesn’t really fall into the horror movie genre, but it does a great job of showing the reality of Satan’s influence on our society.

This movie was on the big screen and now is available on streaming services. It is a good idea to watch this with your older teens to remind them to be aware of the works of the devil.

You will enjoy this courtroom drama.


The Visitation

When I was in high school I took a trip to Montreal where we visited a few famous catholic churches. Two of them had artifacts that people thought had supernatural abilities.

One was the heart of a dead catholic priest that was in a box. Beside the box were stacks of crutches from people being healed.

I had the question… who was the power from, Jesus or demons? How does a miracle affect a congregation? I wondered if people visiting the box were praying to, and worshiping the box instead of Jesus.

What if Satan was giving people what they wanted so they would turn their eyes away from Jesus? This movie asks the same questions.

This supernatural horror movie shows paranormal activity when a crucifix begins to cry and then heals a man, giving him the ability to walk again.

People begin to see visions of Jesus in the clouds, and soon the small town is wondering if the miracles are works of Jesus or demons.

This movie falls into the category of religious horror movies and you will be trying to solve the mystery along with the pastor who is trying to determine if the miracles are from heaven or hell.

This movie is also a book. So, if you are looking for a good summer read, this might be one to add to your list.



I discovered the book by Petretti when I was in my first year of high school. I really enjoy his books and the way he can prove the spiritual forces of evil around us.

He always shows that God’s love is far more powerful, and I appreciate that. I will say I learned that is important to not read a Petretti book before going to sleep.

His books are very creepy, and realistic. This religious movie comes from a book by Best-selling authors Petretti and Dekker.

Both of these authors have become well-known horror filmmakers who show the power of Jesus Christ as the solution to the power of evil.

This I the story of the spiritual forces of evil as two couples from the United States are running from a serial killer and they hide in an abandoned house, but then strange things begin to happen and soon they are trying to escape from a serial killer and the spiritual forces of evil.

This is a movie that is on my list to watch with my husband. He loves these types of movies more than I do.

To be honest, I would rather watch a feel-good romantic movie. However my husband likes the thriller genre, so I was happy to find a movie we will both enjoy. This is one of them.


Hangman’s Curse

I grew up reading the Hardy Boy books, and I have always loved a good mystery novel. If you have teenagers who love to read or watch mysteries, this is a great option for them.

This is not your normal faith-based film created for the young adult in your life. It tells the story of teenage twins who work for the President of the United States to solve crimes that involve paranormal activity.

They are assigned the case of the Hangman’s curse to solve the mystery of a haunted school. My teens are now officially on summer break. Actually one just graduated high school, so I only have one high schooler left in the family.

I was looking for a movie they might all enjoy watching together. I think this is a great option, so it is on my list to watch with them.

I am going to have a movie night with my girls. Since they are growing up, there will not be many movie nights left.