12 Love Thy Neighbor Signs (Spread message of compassion!)

Love Thy Neighbor Signs

A neighbor is more than the person who lives next door. In loving our neighbors, we have to love those who we come in contact with.

This is not just reserved for face-to-face interactions but also includes virtual interactions with persons around the globe.

We can spread the message of compassion with the help of love thy neighbor sign ideas below can spruce up our yards and decorate our homes.

1. Love Thy Neighbor Street Sign by SmartSign Store

1. Love Thy Neighbor Street Sign - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

The story of the good Samaritan tells us how to be a good neighbor. We are expected to show compassion and mercy to strangers and those who consider themselves to be our enemies.

This laminated rustproof quote is an excellent reminder that we should put our differences aside and always lend a helping hand to others.

2. Love Sign by Tees & Tails Store

2. Love Sign - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

There is a song that says, 'love is something if you give it away it comes right back to you'. The principle in the song is that when we are kind to others, they are also kind to us. If we refuse to share kindness and compassion it's less likely that others will treat us kindly.

This colorful sign will tell others that showing kindness is the best way to receive kindness. Be a loving neighbor if you want to experience the love of your neighbors.

3. Good Samaritan Sign by UniqueSpecialtyGifts

3. Good Samaritan Sign - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

Have you ever been somewhere and felt totally out of place? Before having my daughter, I used to have this awkward feeling when other mothers told regaling tales of childbirth and motherhood.

My years of experience working as an early childhood educator didn't come close to their experiences and I felt really odd.

It's easy to get comfortable with individuals who are like us. Sadly, it's also easy to ignore or overlook others because we don't have much in common with them.

Someone may feel like the odd one out or even worse, unloved because you unintentionally pay them less attention or treat them differently.

This love your neighbor sign is a great tool to motivate introspection and self-evaluation. It will help others to overlook political, ideological and phenotypic differences when relating to others.

4. Keep Calm & Love Thy Neighbor Acrylic Print by Wingsdomain Art and Photography

4. Keep Calm & Love Thy Neighbor Acrylic Print - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

My great-grandfather was usually super excited when it got close to an election. He took a leave of absence from all his friends who were loyalists to the other party. For the entire campaign season, the friendly banter, teasing, and 'pretend enemy act’ was like nothing else.

At the end of the election, win or lose he was friends with everyone again. My great-grandfather wasn't going to let a political party prevent him from being the friendly and kind person he was.

This acrylic print reminds me of my great-grandfather. Despite political differences, we can be respectful of the decisions and choices of others.

5. Dove of Peace Print by LucieRicePrints

5. Dove of Peace Print - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

One afternoon our teacher took us outdoors to conduct her lesson. As we sat in the shade of a huge tree in the school yard she taught us St Matthew 5:9. We said it over and over until we knew it from memory.

Sometimes we need to see and repeat some things in order to internalize them. We may have differences with our neighbors from time to time but that doesn't mean we should stop loving them.

This wall art will remind you that during differences you should be a peacemaker. The dove of peace featured in this print is saying that when things go wrong, extend the olive branch, be the peacemaker, and be compassionate to your neighbor.

This sign is great for displaying near classroom rules, in a VBS room, or just about anywhere.

6. Galatians 5:14 Quote by WAIdecor

6. Galatians 5 14 Quote - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

Sometimes it's not an easy task getting children to get along with each other while living under the same roof. Disagreements arise now and again and diffusing tension may require having a talk or sharing a Bible text.

This Galatians 5:14 quote will look great in a child's bedroom. Additionally, it will spread the message of love and help siblings to work through their disagreements like peacemakers.

7. Love Thy Neighbor Printable Art by CaitlinWuethrich

7. Love Thy Neighbor Printable Art - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

I'm always impressed by the speech our youth director gives when he visits our Easter Camp. He spoke to us as if we were the only campers in the entire universe. Though he had other campsites that he visited we could never sense that he favored another set of campers over us.

The people we interact with are all different but if we are wholehearted in our interactions with each other we can prevent notions of favoritism. If you want a sign that promotes sincerity and compassion this one is perfect. It will help anyone who sees it to be more neighborly.

8. Love Thy Neighbor Tapestry or Banner by ohlittlerabbit

8. Love Thy Neighbor Tapestry or Banner - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

One of my university sororities upheld the mantra, 'unity is strength'. Our nationalities, political ideologies, religious persuasion, and courses of studies reflected diversity but we were all members of the same sisterhood.

We used our differences to our advantage, we learnt about each other, and we were a united front especially when it came on to competing with the other sororities.

Life on a whole is the same as being part of a sorority. We are all members of a global community, we have to accept that we are not all the same, and use these differences to our advantage.

This canvas banner has a powerful message. Apart from the quote, the picture is saying we should join hands in togetherness as we accept and embrace the uniqueness of others.

9. Love Thy Neighbor Framed Canvas by Inner Circle

9. Love Thy Neighbor Framed Canvas - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

Abram and Sarai decided to extend hospitality to strangers. Who knows how their story would have ended if they didn’t? The very same men who they showed kindness to told them they would have a child.

This wall art speaks to the importance of showing kindness to others. The stranger you go out of your way to help might be the same person who comes to your aid when you are in a bind.

10. Matthew 22:39 Vinyl Decal by Winston Porter

10. Matthew 22 39 Vinyl Decal - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

Since I mention helping others let me share a thought. The immigrant, transgender, atheist, and other persons you help and show hospitality might very well be an angel in disguise. If you don't believe it, read Hebrews 13:2.

One more point. Jesus said the treatment we show others is the treatment we extend to Him. This wall decal will not just beautify your décor, it will also point to the future we are all looking to.

A future where all who treats others as neighbors will be called to inherit the kingdom of God.

11. Love Thy Neighbor Wooden Sign by EandNMarket

11. Love Thy Neighbor Wooden Sign - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

This Christian quote is a great token to express your love and appreciation. Show your friends across the street that you care about them with this amazing wooden sign.

It will look great on their mantle or they can display it in their foyer to spread the love with each guest that enters their home.

12. Love Thy Neighbor Yard Sign by Friends Committee on National Legislation

12. Love Thy Neighbor Yard Sign - Love Thy Neighbor Signs

My daughter's classroom teacher has a powerful hashtag-no excuses. The intention is for parents and students to make an attempt even when they don't feel like trying.

With this hashtag the teacher, students, and us as parents will make an effort whatever the situation or circumstance.

This yard sign is an appeal for each of us to love others regardless of who they are.

No exceptions, means just that. We should be caring and kind to others without making excuses.

Final thought

I hope you enjoyed this collection. With these 12 love your neighbor signs you are able to beautify your home, display a meaningful message in your yard, and show your neighbors you care about them.