15 Christian Wall Tapestry Ideas (Beautiful Christian Images! Click Here)

Christian Wall Tapestry

15 Christian Wall Tapestry Ideas (Beautiful Christian Images! Click Here)

I believe that homes and churches should not be a place of celebration and worship, not of mourning. They should be places where downcast souls are lifted up, a hopeless heart revived, and dying faith rejuvenated. One of the many ways to achieve this is by decorating these spaces with a hope-giving tapestry.

1. Jesus With Sheep Wall Tapestry by Renaiss

#1 Jesus With Sheep Wall Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

When I learned that He is the Good Shepherd, I stopped being afraid, and now I sleep in peace every night knowing that He will never leave or forsake me. I encourage you to hang this tapestry in your home, and it will teach your family and is a good reminder that Jesus will take care of his flock.

2. Be Still And Know That I am God by Christian Walls

#2 Be Still And Know That I Am God - Christian Wall Tapestry

If one day, in a church service, God opened our spiritual eyes to see and understand what some people are going through in life, we would thank Him for His grace. Some people go through emotional pain, spiritual hunger, and heartbreaks from trusted people.

Those are but a few miseries people are going through in church. You can give them hope by hanging this banner in your church, and they will hold on to their faith in God’s word.

3. Cross Tapestry by SpaceEmbelishment

#3 Cross Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

Every morning after waking up, imagine looking at this Cross Tapestry; it would always remind you that the mercies of God are new every day. When I look at this wall art, I see that God has extended His grace for me to live and share the gospel with the unbelievers. I pray that it will bring the same message of God's love that He manifested on the cross.

4. Faith Poster Tapestry by GHJYU

#4 Faith Poster Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

When I got saved, the message of Grace was something hard to understand. I couldn’t imagine how God would save me without doing anything to please Him. I thought maybe I had to at least do something good or pleasing to Him until I learned from the word that if I put my faith in my good works, Christ would profit nothing. For me, this tapestry is a reminder that God will take care of me.

5. I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Tapestry by Generic

#5 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

My husband and I always call our first-born child ‘miracle babe.’ After getting married, two years went by without conceiving and I was very worried.

Although I knew several people who have taken longer without having a baby, I didn’t want to take any chances. I prayed to God and thought about His promises to us and one day He blessed us with a little baby girl. For me, this tapestry is a reminder that Christ will give you strength during those dark hours. 

6. A Psalm of David Tapestry by Generic

#6 A Psalm of David Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

Psalms 23 is a verse I memorized when I was a little girl and having a Psalm 23 Tapestry is a reminder that He is there for us. 

7. The Names of God Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging by StitchersME

#7 The Names of God Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging - Christian Wall Tapestry

This Tapestry has the names of God in English and in Hebrew. It could be a nice talking piece whenever you have guests that come over too. 

8. Isaiah 7:9 Wall Tapestry by Shrahala

#8 Isaiah 7 9 Wall Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

My greatest challenge when I was young in the faith was fear. There was a time my daughter was very sick, and I was very afraid that she would get worse. This scripture really helped me during this time and I think having a Isaiah 7:9 Tapestry could really help you in your times of need. 

9. The Greatest Of This Is Love Woven Tapestry by BobbinandLathe

#9 The Greatest Of This Is Love Woven Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

The bond between my husband and me is beautiful. We love each other so much. I am faithful and loyal because I love him. The same case applies to God. HE is faithful to you because He loves you. God cannot deny Himself.

Even if you become unfaithful to Him, the love that He has for you in Christ cannot fail. He is such a loving father. This unique tapestry will serve as a constant reminder to you about the virtue of love.

10. Psalms 139:18 Tapestry by Yeele

#10 Pslams 139 18 Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

What do you do the first morning you wake up? Do you start complaining that you woke up late or didn’t have enough sleep? If that’s what you do, you are not alone. I was worse. I used to wake up angry at everyone for no apparent reason (including my cat!).

Things changed when I read Psalm 139 and saw how great God's love is towards me. I understood His thoughts toward me, and ever since, every morning I wake up, I usually say “thank you, Jesus."

11. We Walk by Faith Tapestry by The Lunerable Store

#11 We Walk By Faith Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

One of the seeds that I sow in the hearts of my family is the seed of faith. I do so by sharing with them the word of God and telling them how I applied it in my life and the kind of results that it brought.

I know that faith without works is dead, and also, faith that’s not based on the word of God is not faith at all. Sharing your faith is essential, and it is easy to do with great conversation starters like this tapestry.

12. Jesus Christ On The Cross Tapestry by Hvest store

#12 Jesus On The Cross Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

Decorate your church, places of work, and home with this tapestry that speaks a thousand words about the way of salvation. This is a powerful symbol that will remind you of Christ's ultimate sacrifice. 

13. Lion Tapestry by Ihome888

#13 Lion Tapestry - Christian Wall Tapestry

Have you ever compared the characters of Jesus with that of a lion? A lion is not afraid of any other beast in the jungle. He is called the king of the jungle, and he walks in dominion over all the other animals.

Jesus is the Lord of heaven and earth; everything is subject to Him, including the devil. I love witnessing to people about the majesty of Jesus more than telling them the evils of Satan. 

I believe this tapestry is a unique way of decorating your home. 

14. Church in The Country by Manual Woodworker

#14 Church In The Country - Christian Wall Tapestry

Many believers have mixed feelings about attending church regularly. To me, it represents fellowship, togetherness, and steadfast hope. Every time we meet, I am thankful to God for extending His gracious arm to my fellow believers and am also excited to see them grow in grace.

This tapestry is a nice reminder of that fellowship :)

15. Prayer is Powerful Canvas by Christian Walls

#15 Prayer is Very Powerful Canvas - Christian Wall Tapestry

I have never underestimated the power of prayers because it has changed many of my tears of sadness to tears of joy. We have such a loving father who tells us to pray anytime, and He will answer us. When we pray, God hears, and He answers. I think this wall art is a powerful reminder of that :)


Wall tapestry in our homes, offices, and churches it is a very effective way of sharing the word of God with believers and and those who are yet to accept Him. The hope of those who were about to give up will be revived, and the dwindling faith of many of them will be rekindled.