12 Christian Halloween Door Decorations (Unique & Creative Ideas!) Click Here

Christian Halloween Door Decorations

12 Christian Halloween Door Decorations (Unique & Creative Ideas!) Click Here

Halloween is a great time for individuals of faith to share Christ with others. This is because people will be literally knocking at doors to find out what others have to offer them.

Today we will look at Christian Halloween door decorations that will add a nice touch to any space while keeping the focus of the holiday on God.

1. Dry Bones by Renee Williams

#1 Dry bones - Christian Halloween Door Decorations

Year after year I see stores filled with skeletons, spider webs, and other spooky items to get shoppers in the Halloween mood. If you are looking for a non-spooky way to use skeletons to decorate then you are in luck.

With the help of the text from Ezekiel 37:4 you can add a biblical spin. All you will need is fabric or cartridge paper for your backing, the stenciled words for the scripture passage, and a few skeleton cut outs.

With this easy do it yourself idea in no time you can add a Christian touch to a classroom, church or front door at your house.

2. Fishers Of Men Trunk or Treat Decorations by ChurchLeaders

#2 Fishers of men trunk or treat decorations - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

I love using tissue paper and streamers to decorate. They are easy to work with, save a lot of time, and don't need any expert skills to get an amazing result.

If you are looking for a great theme for your trunk-or-treat or front porch this idea is simple and easy to pull off. All you will need is some blue fabric to represent the ocean, streamers, decorating ribbon, a few fish cut-outs (stuffed or inflated ones will work too), and a poster about "fishers' of men" to pull the theme together.

You may use the verse directly from the Bible or the words from the song if you prefer that.

3. Are You Fall-O-Ween Jesus Door Decorating Kit by Oriental Trading

#3 Are You Fall-O-Ween Jesus door decorating kit - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

Sometimes I allow my daughter to help decorate. It makes her super excited and gets her in the holiday mood. She is also more likely to treat the decorations better and talk about them with others.

If you are looking for a quick and easy door idea that you may install with your child, students, grandchildren, nieces or nephews then this one will get them excited.

This easy sticker kit will allow them to help you and encourage them to talk to others about following Jesus.

4. Shine On This Dark World by Molly Morris

#4 Shine on this dark world - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

I know a number of people who are totally opposed to celebrating Halloween. They say it represents darkness and evil and they will not be found having anything to do with it.

You may have the same feeling about Halloween too and that's fine. If you are a person of faith who prefers to highlight Jesus, His life, and the light that He brought into this world then this door idea may be a 'purist' and easy way for you to spread a positive message.

It doesn't have any of the symbols of Halloween but kids looking for candies and adults who accompany them will surely appreciate the message.

Would you prefer to stay inside and hide away or be a disciple for Christ by sharing the message in John 12:46?

5. Into The Whale's Belly by Maria Eulalia

#5 Into the whale's belly - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

The mystery surrounding dark rooms and frightening tricks is very alluring. Young trick-or-treaters and adults alike love having a good time and that's why they want to enter scary rooms.

This whale door idea is great for pulling off Jonah and the whale story and may be an entryway to an adventure in the whale's belly.

You may go all out to create a scary room with fish skeletons, slime, seaweed, and other gooey stuff to take your guests on a biblical adventure.

6. Three Hebrew Boys in The Fiery Furnace by Sun Stars

#6 Three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

Give a twist to the rich orange and yellow colors of Halloween with this flaming display of the fiery furnace. Halloween is about spooky feelings and scary displays and the story of the three Hebrew boys evokes these same emotions.

This Bible story goes perfectly with the Halloween theme and colors but instead of focusing on death and skeletons the center of attention would be how God saves and delivers in even the scariest situation.

7. Fire in The Burning Bush Entryway Decoration by Ministerio Infantil

#7 Fire in the burning bush entryway decoration - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

While on the matter of fire and flames this idea is a great inspiration to design a fire in the burning bush door decor idea. Adding branches, leaves or even a pair of sandals will add more to the storyline. You may also stencil the words, "take off your shoes" and add them to the display.

This idea may be used for your front porch, at a preschool where the students change their shoes, at a business place where a change of shoes is required or anywhere else you see fit.

8. Tis So Sweet Doorway by Hot Chocolate Ideas

#8 Tis so sweet doorway - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

I don't know about you but when I think about Halloween I think about lots and lots of candies. If you are like me and Halloween is all about the candies for you, then you'll love this idea.

Use this candy theme to say "tis so sweet" instead of "trick or treat". It's a great choice if you are responsible for decorating the children's section at church, want to add a little fun to a hallway at school, or want the kids in your neighborhood to feel welcome when they get to your gate.

You may add the words to the popular hymn "'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" to your display. You may also say, ``tis so sweet" as you greet or bid trick-or-treaters goodbye.

9. Wishing Well by Cheryl Pritchard

#9 Wishing well - Christian Halloween Door Decorations

If you want to go all out with your DIY craft skills and create a masterpiece for a Halloween entrance decoration then this idea will be right up your alley.

You can add stenciled words to reflect any Bible story or passage that talks about a well or Jesus as the water of life. Your costume could follow the same theme dressing like 'woman at the well' or 'Jacob at a well'.

The fun thing about this idea is that you may add candies, Christian quotes, and other keepsakes for children to drop their bucket and scoop up.

10. Handpicked By God DIY Idea by Crafty Mornings

#10 Handpicked By God DIY idea - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

Fall and Halloween would not be the same without pumpkins. The rich color they add, the delicious pastry items we smell and eat, and the carving of pumpkins are some of the things that make fall memorable.

This simple yet powerful door decoration may help you to create a lasting impression. You may add a personal touch by including the names of the students in your church or school class or the names of your family members if the design is used at home.

11. Get Caught Loving Jesus by Lauren Dearing

#11 Get caught loving Jesus - Christian Halloween Door Decorations

This idea combines pumpkins and spiders while sharing a message about Jesus. It features black, orange, and purple and inspires its viewers to get caught up in Jesus.

If you want a simple door decoration that will combine Jesus with traditional Halloween elements this idea is a great one. You may use it at home, church, or even in a dorm room.

12. Carve Out a Life For Christ Pumpkin Sign by Ashley Byers

#12 Carve out a life for Christ pumpkin sign - Christian Halloween Door Decoration

If you want me to use tomatoes to design tulips or roses, I'll be more than happy to help. But I'm no pro at pumpkin carving as I may make a total mess and ruin everything.

Maybe your pumpkin carving skills are way better than mine. Maybe you want a pumpkin theme but wish to have something simple and original.

Whatever your choice, this is a great Christian idea to add to your door this Halloween. It features a pumpkin and has a powerful message for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Final thought

If you absolutely love Halloween, don't celebrate it, or find yourself somewhere in between there is a Christian Halloween door idea that will go well with how you feel about this holiday. You may choose one from the list above, tweak it to adjust your taste or use it as an inspiration to create something that will point someone to Christ.