14 Ideas for Christian Welcome Signs (Show your hospitality)

Christian Welcome Signs

14 Ideas for Christian Welcome Signs (Show your hospitality)

When entering any home decor always adds some type of atmosphere. So as a Christian, you want to give off the right look and atmosphere. Here are Christian welcome signs that can help you add that little special touch to your walls, front doors or porches you need to set the right tone for your guests.

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1. Me And My House Will Serve The Lord Door Hanger by GraelynnMaeveGoods

#1 Me And My House Will Serve The Lord Door Hanger - Christian welcome signs

The Bible verse welcome sign is not only a part of your home but is also representing you and who you follow.

This circular scripture sign is homey, modern and will never go out of style and it will last for a long while. The product can be hung on any wall or door. The text says “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” which refers to Joshua 24:15.

This decoration will not only add something extra to the room but also showcase what master your household serves. This beautifully crafted text refers to how you and your household choose to serve Jesus Christ as He served others during his time on Earth.

2. Crown & Nails Wall Art by ChristianWalls

#2 Crown & Nails Wall Art - Christian welcome signs

Here we have a beautifully illustrated crown of thorns on a canvas that you can add to your foyer for decoration. This website gives you the option to either have it printed on a various different canvas, different sizes and or even just one full canvas.

The great thing about christianwalls is that they give you the option to make customizable pieces, so if you would like to add your personal touch to the image you can request to have a verse added.

A big canvas is always something that draws the eye to any on looker. Anyone entering would notice it so place it exactly where it will have an impact right at your entrance doorway. The crown of thorns specifically speaks about a King who was ridiculed for His people. One who sacrificed everything so you could be seated alongside Him in the heavenly places.

3. Mini Welcome Sign - Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here by BasementWorskshop1

#3 Mini Sign - Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here by BasementWorskshop1 - Christian Welcome Signs

A mini sign with a big impact. The welcome sign can be placed almost anywhere especially when you want to add another sign to your small wall space. It sign could also be leaned against a surface or object. The text showcased says “Holy Spirit you are welcome here”, a simple text that is worded beautifully for your home.

There was a time where only priests could meet with God in the temple and now, we are able to communicate with Him anywhere by ourselves through Jesus Christ. We have become the temple and the Holy Spirit is within you and around you. Christ is our mediator (Hebrews 9:15). We are no longer under the law (Romans 6:14).

4. Jesus Eats With Everyone, All Are Welcome, by brownpaperpackaging

#4 Jesus Eats With Everyone, All Are Welcome - Christian Welcome Signs

A dark-framed welcome sign with a simple and minimalistic text is what you need for your busy and even minimalistic home. The text is easy to read and adds contrast to any surface.

The gospel is not only for a specific race, culture or class, it welcomes all kinds of people. We should welcome all the same way Christ has done to you (Romans 15:7). We are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28).

5. True Story Rustic Stained Round Door Hanger by TabbyAnnSigns

#5 True Story Rustic Stained Round Door Hanger - Christian Welcome Signs

We know and love the story of the birth of our Saviour, so why not display it in the form of a welcome sign? This décor consists of a text combined with its imagery which gives the sign fluidity. The text “true story” refers to the birth of Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the nations. This is a beautiful piece to display especially during Christmas time.

Displaying this sign will not only be a simple décor piece but display your faith in Jesus Christ as your Saviour. The sign will also give you the opportunity to tell those who visit the story as they could ask: What is the story?

The décor tells the story of the birth of Christ and how Mary gave birth to the creator of the universe. She held in her hands the great I AM that would save people from damnation. (Matthew 1:21).

6. As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord Welcome Sign by WoodlandShanty

#6 As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord Sign - Christian Welcome Signs

A wide welcome sign for a wide surface will add that something extra you did not know you needed. The second part of the text adds a homey feel as it looks handwritten and crafted just for you. The piece adds a rustic touch as well to any room or wall.

The text reminds you to be like Christ and serve instead of just being served (Mark 10:45).

7. Bless This Home And All Who Enter, Entryway Welcome Wood Sign by MooseOliverDesigns

#7 Bless This Home And All Who Enter, Entryway Welcome Wood Sign - Christian Welcome Signs

This welcome sign is nothing if very welcoming as it wishes all well. The wood print adds colour to a plain wall and draws your eye in to read the beautifully written text. It welcomes all into the home as Christ welcomes you into his arms – no matter where we are from. All can join in the family of God regardless of race, gender or cultural background.

This welcome sign serves as a prayer of blessing to be upon everyone and serves as a reminder of the covenant God made with Abraham (Genesis 12).

8. He Leads Me Beside Still Waters Wood Framed Welcome Sign by MulberyMarketDesign

#8 He Leads Me Beside Still Waters Wood Framed Sign, Bible verse sign - Christian Welcome Signs

Looking at a sign that soothes you after a busy day is a must when it comes to your home. It is a simple and homey design. Place this welcome sign where you can instantly see it after entering the room to calm the storm inside you.

This product will remind you that Christ takes your worries and your burdens so we should not be troubled or worried. We should not carry our burdens alone and remember the power Christ has as Lord (Psalm 55:22).

Personally, during our modern times, we face pandemics, wars and even Christian persecution and this scripture welcome sign brings a reminder that God protects our souls and that is hope because we have eternal life in Him.

9. Easter Porch Sign, He Is Risen by RealDreamArt

#9 Easter Porch Sign Svg, He Is Risen Svg _ Christian Welcome Signs

Easter is all about Christ’s resurrection. Having a sign up to remind you what Christ did for you on the cross is not only humbling but will leave you in awe every time when you think about what the creator of the universe did for you.

Christ is alive and your room will also be with this décor piece. This welcome sign expresses hope and joy which is suitable for any surface and at any time of the year but especially perfect for Easter.

This piece refers to Christ that conquered death and rose so that we may have a place alongside Him (Luke 24:6-7).

10. Bless This Home by NicoleandRachy

#10 Bless This Home - Christian Welcome Signs

Home is the family just as how the church is the believers. This welcome sign brings a prayer of blessing to be upon the family. So by placing this decor piece around the house you are not only decorating but declaring that your home is blessed.

11. Praying Hands & Be Still Wall Art Canvas by ChristianWalls

#11 Praying Hands & Be Still Wall Art Canvas - Christian Wall Signs

Our Be Still Wall Art designs are really popular. All have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and made in the USA.

This wall art by christianwalls also brings something special to any room. It is a reminder that God is in control and we only need to be still. Here you are purposefully adding an element that brings calmness to any of this art’s onlookers.

Christianwalls also offers any of its customers the ability to customise any piece, whether it be to add a verse or change the size or number of canvases being used. That is definitely the best choice when it comes to any decor especially if you want something that is not mentioned in this article.

Bring peace and calmness to your home and for all who may enter. Let those who visit you as guests are reminded of the God you serve who has calmed the storm.

12. Neon Welcome Signs Come As You Are For Wall by HandMadingGift

#12 Neon Signs Come As You Are For Wall - Christian Welcome Signs

Come as you are and be transformed by the holy spirit (Revelation 22:17)

You should be a light for those in the darkness, let this sign lead you as it lights your way as well. This décor will light up the night as it reminds you to “Come as you are”. The text looks handwritten and adds a personal touch to your space.

Christ accepts you as you are no matter the condition you are in. Give others the opportunity to come as they are, but remember that placing a welcome sign like this means that people will come, so make sure you are ready for that responsibility.

13. Come Holy Spirit, We Welcome You In, by TheRusticSVG

#13 Come Holy Spirit, We Welcome You In - Christian Welcome Signs

This piece is very welcoming with its soft tones and beautiful words. The sign combines that from the outside and inside to welcome you in. The text is simple and easy to read and will add to any plain surface.

These words on this welcome sign remind us of the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples, and it is a beautiful reminder that the very same Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead is alive in us today (Acta 2:1-2).

14. Christ Is The Head Of This Home, by FaithHomeRange

#14 Christ Is The Head Of This Home - Christian Welcome Signs

A warm and dark-toned welcome sign will bring colour to any wall while still matching another décor with its neutral colours. The text is firm and gentle while giving off a rustic feel to the space.

Christ should come first, and itreminds all of us that we should follow Christ in our homes as well as outside of it. We should live in the light always (Luke 8:17). This décor reminds us that as leaders of our homes, we should lead according to scripture.


What a wonderful way to remind yourself of scripture and share the gospel while decorating a space. These signs serve more than the one purpose of decorating your home, church or even soup kitchen. Add the extra warmth your space needs with these ideas. If you look at a room and cannot figure out what it needs, it is probably these welcome signs. These signs add the right atmosphere to your Christian home.

We hope this list helps you in deciding what welcome sign or decoration you would like to take up space on your door, wall or porch.