18 Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home (Extra Special Touches Click here!)

Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

18 Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home (Extra Special Touches Click here!)

When it comes to any prayer room, you want it to be inviting, you want it to emanate the right type of atmosphere to get you ready for your time with God. Below I have listed a few items to help make it more comfortable.

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1. Prayer Cards Set by justkindness

#1 Prayer Cards Set - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

The prayer cards sort of work like prayer points, these cards can help and guide you through your time to remind you to pray about specific things such as your husband, wife, children, family, workplace, marriage, finances, home and sin.

A great idea would be to categorise each topic with a specific themed colour so that you know which card represents which category.

2. Vinyl Wall Decal | Psalm 55:17 by SoundSayings

#2 Vinyl Wall Decal  Psalm 55 17 - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Here is wall art to just add some decoration to your prayer room to give it a modern look. Some of us love spaces that we well decorated, we feel relaxed, motivated to get into prayer when we are in a clean well-decorated space. Feeling at home is essential to a comfortable session where you have that beautiful connection with God.

3. Christian Journals by LoveallDesignCo

#3 Christian Journals - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Any Christian woman loves to journal. I have found that writing down your prayers gives you a significantly special experience, write them down so you can look back on them. Make them letters to God and one day when years, days or months has passed you can witness all your answered prayers and see how God has moved in your life.

I personally can testify to it. I have seen how my prayers have been answered through my journals.

4. The War Room Wooden Sign by CHARLEYbrooke

#4 The War Room wooden sign - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

This sign gives me chils because it specifically reminds me of the movie “war room” where a strong woman enters this room and wages war in prayer. She says powerful prayers to protect her family, for strangers and for every single detail and every single person she meets. And She prays that God strengthens her to fight against the enemy.

This sign would bring that inspiration to your war room, where when you see it, you get in the right state of mind to get on your knees and pray as a soldier for your God.

5. Answered Prayer Board by HalyconLifestyleArt

#5 Answered Prayer board - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Here is a place where you can write all your answered prayers. You can hang it up in your room and this sign can help you build faith. Because when you look at this sign you will not feel like you are talking to 4 empty walls but you will see the realness of God that has moved and answered all your prayers.

You will finally see the God you are speaking to.

6. Prayer Jars by SuitablyDesigned

#6 Prayer Jars - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Prayer Jars are where you put requests for God and its something special. You write your request down on a small piece of paper and then put it inside of the jar and close it and open it up a year later. 

Make your requests special and uses the jars as decoration with a purpose in room.

7. The Lord's Prayer by StanleyJsLazerCutz

#7 The Lords Prayer - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

When you are lost and you just do not know how to pray, having this verse up on your wall can serve as a guide. It was said to the disciples with the purpose to teach them how to pray and you can even use it as an outline or a guide to formulate what they want to say.

8. Letterpress Prayer Card by Prayerspa

#8 Letterpress Prayer Card Prayer For The Beginning of The Day - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Keeping a stack of these in a holder in your prayer room can come in handy. Each one can be for something different like this one can be said as a substitute for the beginning of a new day and another could be said for protection, another could be for the church, for family and for enemies.

These cards help you say the things you need to say when you are just lost for words. Also they add something special to your prayer room.

9. French Lavender & Wild Herbs - Soy Wax Candle  by TheSimplyScentedShop

#9 French Lavender & Wild Herbs - Soy Wax Candle - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a little flame dance in your prayer room. Lighting a candle brings warmth and fragrance to a place. It just helps set the mood in any given environment and this beautiful candle can add just the right aethetic to your room.

10. Set of 2 Bible Verse Wall Art Jeremiah 29:12 To Me by BibleArtPrintsDesign

#10 Set of 2 Bible Verse Wall Art Jeremiah 2912 Pray to Me - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

This wall art is just simply beautiful but the words on the wall art is the most powerful thing about it because God said these words to Jeremiah. He said he would answer us whenever we would pray and He always does.

Use this sign as decoration but also as a reminder that you worship a God who answers your prayers.

11. Pray Wait Trust Wood Sign by TinySparrowDesignsSD

#11 Pray Wait Trust wood sign - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Sometimes we are in a hurry for an answer but the truth is that we need to be patient and wait on the Lord because His timing is not our timing. This sign can serve as an encouragement when you have not received an answer from God for some time.

Trusting God in the waiting period can be difficult but we need to do it.

12. Praying Hands LED Neon Sign by Zizatu

#12 Praying Hands LED Neon Sign - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

This is a beautiful decor piece. It just adds the right aesthetic for a prayer room. Its a simple sign but it definitely could add to the ambiance of your room and help give it a slight modern or contemporary feel.

13. Don’t Panic Just Pray Sign by NeartoHome

#13 Pray sign  keep calm sign  don’t panic just pray - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything, this saying can be found in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verses 6. Jesus wants us to pray instead of worrying. So whenever we feel like we are facing anxiety, marital issues or any type of chaos we need to go to Him. This board could serve as a reminder in those moments when we have no clue what to do.

14. Homemade Natural Incense by FlowersofIndia

#14 Homemade natural incense - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Aroma sets the tone in any home. In a prayer room, this would serve a beautiful purpose. if you choose the right type of scent, you could possibly smell the very mediterranean sea Jesus walked on, you could smell the very storm He calmed.

15. Candle Holder, Pottery Candle Holder, by HaloHopeDesigns

#15 Candle Holder, Pottery Candle Holder - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Whenever I look at something creative specifically pottery I think of the potter and the clay in scripture. The potter does whatever He wants with the clay. Our God is the creator of everything and looks at the possibility and the beauty He creates, Give your problems in His hands and He will make something beautiful from it.

This beautiful candle holder can also turn any plain wall into a beautiful work of art with a dancing flame in the middle of it all.

16. Alabaster Candle Holder Set of 3 - by MaisonZoe (Matthew 26:6-13)

#16 Alabaster candle holder set of 3 - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

Alabaster is a common type of stone found in Israel, the very chosen nation of God. But alabaster also tells us a story in the book of Matthew about a desperate woman who was a prostitute who was humbled by the presence of her Lord Jesus, She carried most of her expensive perfumes in an alabaster box and cleaned Jesus feet with her tears. She worshipped Him when everyone else was even too proud to wash His feet at the door after a long journey. She even used her own hair to dry off his feet instead of a cloth.

So when I look at this item, I see a woman who worships with all she has and that is the type of attitude we should have, that is the type of lifestyle we should lead, one that worships Jesus no matter what others would think.

17. Wood Cross Religious Cross Spiritual by FLAGSETCByBobby

#17 Wood Cross Religious Cross Spiritual - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

This cross is the symbol of the Christian faith. It is a symbol of freedom and defeat. Of a death that brought victory to mankind. So why would you not want this powerful reminder in your prayer room?

18. Green Leaves Fairy Lights byDaisies

#18 Green Leaves Fairy Lights - Christian Prayer Room Ideas For Home

When I see these fairy lights I think of the dark sky on the evening when Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, when He took the cup of sin that would be laid on Him. I think of the agony He experienced where He was under so much strain that He bled from every pore on His body. He took the worlds sin upon Himself even when He knew no sin and He did it for you and for me.


Just by having a prayer room in your home you are already forming a great hedge of protection over you and those you pray for. This room is a great step to show your commitment to strengthening your relationship with God. We hope that this article helped you find ideas for your prayer room and we hope that your decision to start up one in your home will bless you, your family and everyone who meets you.