12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas (Powerful Reminders - Click Here)

Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas

12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas (Powerful Reminders - Click Here)

Throughout His life and ministry on earth, Jesus was constant in prayer. He prayed: to keep a connection with the Father, when He anticipated His suffering of death, and while on the cross.

While here on earth He not only prayed for himself and the will of the Father but He also prayed for us. Today we will explore a range of wall art ideas that will beautify any space while serving as a reminder that Jesus prays for us.

1. Jesus Praying Wall Art by Great Big Canvas

#1 Jesus Praying Wall Art - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

There is always comfort in knowing that others are praying for me. It allows me to feel empowered and hopeful to face challenges and overcome obstacles. This refreshingly colorful canvas wall art will not only keep you focused on the mighty and awesome power of Christ but will encourage and give comfort.

Because of His intercession you can be the best version of yourself, you can rise above challenges, you can have confidence that your family, finances, goals, and spiritual life will be blessed and favored.

2. The Lord's Prayer by Christian Walls

#2 The Lord's Prayer - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

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I have been reciting and repeating Mathew 6:9-13 since I was small. I was taught that it is the pattern that should be used as I pray to the Lord. Sometimes I use these very words to end my prayers.

The Lord’s prayer is not only a pattern that we follow as we petition the throne of Grace. It is a prayer that our Savior said for all of us many years ago when He walked this earth. Each time you repeat these words you are reminded of how the Savior prayed for you, your provision, forgiveness, and guidance. Grace the walls of your home with the Lord’s Prayer, a timeless reminder that the Savior intercedes for all of us.

3. Jesus Praying Hands Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker by Sticker Brand

#3 Jesus Praying Hands Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

“I am praying for them…for those whom you have given me, for they are yours”. (John 17:9 ESV) This text is not just a reminder that we all belong to God but that our Savior sees us as special and prays for us.

This praying hands decal is a simple yet profound reminder that Jesus has your best interest at heart. You may use it to decorate the prayer altar in your home or in any other space where you talk to God.

4. Father Forgive Them Wall Decal by Redbubble

#4 Father forgive them Wall Decal - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

One day I was just in time to see my daughter throwing my Chromebook on the floor. While I turned my back, she hastily climbed the table and grabbed the gadget but she couldn’t figure out how to safely get off the table with the Chromebook.

She threw it on the floor then started climbing down. I didn’t punish her because I understood what she was doing. Her intention was not to damage the Chromebook but to get it off the table and play with it.

I forgave my daughter because she really didn’t know what she was doing. Jesus is way more understanding than I am and that is why He uttered Luke 23:34 while on the cross.

He constantly makes requests for our heavenly Father to forgive us because He is compassionate and forgiving. When you use this decal, you will create an atmosphere of compassion and forgiveness.

5. Jesus Praying Metal Print by Kilpatrick

#5 Jesus praying metal print - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

One cold December day I had to walk from my house to my grandmother’s house. It wasn’t a long walk but it was really chilly outdoors. While on my way I passed a little girl saying that her eyes were the only parts on her body that didn’t feel frozen. You may agree with me that cold weather is not easy to endure.

Jesus understood this and while He mentioned the trials and tribulations that will serve as signs of His second return He was praying. He also asked us to pray for ourselves in Matthew 24:20.

As you glance at this beautifully crafted metal print, ask the Lord will strengthen you as you endure tribulations.

6.Jesus Praying Mural by Magic Murals

#6 Jesus praying mural - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

Some years ago, I came across an underwater wall mural for a children’s computer room and absolutely fell in love with the idea. It was colorful, playful, and added a nice pop of inspiration to the space.

I love wall murals because they have the ability to transform a space while conveying powerful messages.

This mural may be used to anchor a room or create a focus area. It will allow viewers to reflect on the awesome gift we received through Jesus Christ while serving as a reminder that He cares and prays for all of us.

7. Jesus Praying Wood Art by Etsy

#7 Jesus praying wood art - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

I recently searched for a comforting song to send to someone who was in the hospital. I wanted the lyrics and music to bring hope and comfort while capturing what little I could do-pray.

I am no physician; I don’t have the authority to treat nor the power to heal but I know someone who can. Each day I prayed and hoped for the best and each day Jesus was there taking my request to the heavenly Father.

A line in the song was, ‘for you I am praying’. You may know someone who is going through a difficult time. Illness, marital problems, spiritual warfare, death, grief, unemployment, and other challenges may be dampening their spirit but you can provide comfort and hope.

This wooden art piece may serve as a gift that provides hope and solace for a friend who needs to be reminded that Jesus has the power to fix any problem.

8. Our Father Framed Print by Great Big Canvas

#8 Our Father framed print - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

My grandparents’ house had a huge framed art work of Samuel sleeping while he was being called by God. Every time I looked up at the large picture in the living room, I was reminded of the Bible story about Samuel.

If you want to remind your grandchildren, house guests or anyone else that the Savior is interceding for them, then the ‘Our Father’ framed print is an excellent way to do so.

9. Jesus Praying Acrylic Print by Fine Art America

#9 Jesus Praying Acrylic Print - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

Though He was God in human form Jesus prayed continuously. In John 17:11 Jesus’ prayer had many requests. He asked God to keep us in His name and for us to be united. In verses fifteen and seventeen He asked the Lord to protect us from the evil one and sanctify us in truth.

The Jesus Praying acrylic art piece is an excellent reminder of the blessings and protection that Jesus requested for us in John chapter seventeen. The light neutral color scheme will complement any space or blend in with most décor.

10. Vintage Jesus Christ Praying, Garden of Gethsemane Round Clock by Zazzle

#10 Vintage Jesus Christ Praying, Garden of Gethsemane Round Clock - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

My grandmother loves to sing hymns and religious songs but she doesn’t always remember all the verses and lines. When she runs out of words she hums until she gets to the chorus.

One of the songs she usually sings is, “Lest I forget Gethsemane…lead me to Calvary”. The amazing lyrics in this song reminds my grandmother of Jesus’ everlasting love and what He did for her.

If you want a constant reminder of the many prayers that Christ prayed for us then this vintage round clock will come in handy. Whenever you glance at it to tell the time you will be reminded to be thankful for Christ’s sacrifice and the prayers He prayed on your behalf.

11. John 14:16 Framed Poster by We Sell Photos

#11 John 14_16 framed poster - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

I have had moments when I felt like I could use a little extra comfort. I’ve had days when I did my best but my best just wasn’t good enough. Maybe you have had days like these too. Jesus knew that we would have moments when we needed someone in our corner to help us and cheer us up.

Before leaving this earth, He prayed a special prayer for all of us. He asked the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to be with us as a guide and comfort during our Christian journey.

12. God Answers Prayer Canvas by Christian Walls

#12 God answers prayer - 12 Jesus Prays for Us Wall Art Ideas To Keep You Motivated

Because of the cross of Christ we know that we are more than conquerors. We are able to endure suffering and all of life's challenges because of Jesus. We have hope in the future and a right to eternal life because Christ is our intercessor. He stands in our place and covers us with His righteousness.

This canvas featuring the cross brings to mind the work that Jesus is now doing as He sits at the right hand of God. He is interceding for us, so that we may be able to inherit eternal life.


These motivational art pieces will beautify your space and infuse your décor with faith. They are great if you want: the presence of the Savior to be felt in your space, to encourage others to pray or to display a constant reminder that Jesus prays for us.