10 Bible Story Wall Murals (Unique & Creative Ideas - Click Here)

Bible Story Wall Murals

10 Bible Story Wall Murals (Unique & Creative Ideas - Click Here)

Murals may be used to tell a story, create a theme, add a rich splash of colors or anchor the decor in a room. Today we will look at Bible story wall murals and how you may use them to inspire, bring hope, and share faith while decorating a space.

1. Seven Days Creation by David Darchicourt on behance

1 Seven days creation - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

I once arranged a nature walk for some of the youth at church. On the walk they were to identify things in nature then tell which day of creation it was created. This nature walk was a part of a lesson for them to memorize what happened on each day of creation.

This decorative piece is a great way to tell the creation story while helping others to commit to memory what took place on each day. There are endless possibilities of places to have it installed in order to share the creation story.

2. Noah's Ark Room In A Tube Peel And Stick Mural Kit by Wacky World DIY

2 Noah's ark room in a tube peel and stick mural kit - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

I remember sitting in class as a child and listening to my teacher as she explained how rainbows are formed. It's really fascinating how light and water react with each other to produce such a beautiful work of art. Sometimes when I look at a rainbow, I think about that science class lesson from many years ago.

God made a promise many years ago that He will not destroy the earth again with a flood. Use this colorful kit to remind others of God's rainbow promise. It will add a splash of nature to any space while pointing others to the promises of God.

3. David And Goliath by Murals Your Way

03 David and Goliath christian wall murals

The story of David and Goliath has many lessons for both the young and old. Children may learn that they are never too small for God to use them. Adults have the assurance that whatever battles we face the Lord is able to give us the victory. Our enemies may be big but God is bigger. Circumstances may seem impossible but with God all things are possible.

This colorful artwork will inspire faith, create hope, and show how God favors and delivers His people in the midst of great adversity.

4. Moses At The Red Sea Wall Mural by Wallmonkeys

4 Moses at the Red Sea wall - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

There are countless instances where I found myself in a situation that I had no way out of. I didn't have the know-how, resources or experience to fix the situation but in the end, God worked it out.

The parting of the Red Sea is one of many scenarios in the Bible where God stepped in and made a way out for His people. This dramatic and powerful depiction of Moses at the Red Sea will allow you to use your walls to tell others that God will intervene when they need Him most.

5. Jonah And The Whale by Pinterest

5 Jonah and the whale - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

I was preparing a project proposal for a computer room a few years ago and I fell in love with this picture the moment I saw it. It was colorful, bursting with nature, playful, and creates a relaxing mood.

This is an excellent choice for a space where children would need to be focused while working at a task. A craft room, reading room, church children's room or classroom are just some of the spaces that this mural will work well with. It will also go well in a bedroom for a kid who is amazed with nature and underwater experiences.

6. Daniel In The Lion's Den by Limitless Walls

6 Daniel in the lion's den - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

The book of Daniel may take a little effort to get an understanding of the prophecies it speaks about but it also has very powerful stories. The three Hebrew boys and Daniel in the lion's den are two of these stories. They reveal tests of faith, perseverance, and deliverance.

A great way to draw attention to God's amazing power, love, and deliverance is through the phenomenal story of Daniel's deliverance while he was in the lion's den. This mural will inspire younger audiences while providing hope and endurance for adults on their journey of faith.

7. Three Wise Men Mural by Limitless Walls

7 Three Wise Men Mural - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

I have heard many stories told of individuals who: came from humble beginnings, were able to overcome their challenges, and in the end achieved great things. These stories inspire me to keep hoping and keep going.

If you want to tell the best story of humility to power, then this art piece will help you to do so. Jesus was born in a manger but now He reigns with power and sits at the right hand of God. This art piece will allow you to share the story of Jesus' humble beginnings and inspire others.

8. Jesus' Baptism Mural by Magic Murals

8 Jesus' baptism Mural - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

I enjoy Bible class because it is interactive and it allows for questions about faith and doctrine to be asked and answered. One doctrine of my church is baptism. While there are many questions surrounding this topic, there is one thing we are all sure about. That is, even though He was the incarnate God, Jesus got baptized as an example for us to follow.

This mural may be used to add life, color, and retell the story of Christ's baptism. It may be positioned in the area directly above a baptismal pool or another space in your church where you need to tell a story of Jesus.

9. Jesus' Triumphant Entry by Bible Story Mural

8 Jesus' baptism Mural - 10 Inspirational Bible Story Wall Murals

The story of Jesus' triumphant entry is often told during Easter. As He rode on that humble animal, the people worshiped Him and exalted His name. This mural is a simple yet profound way to lift up the name of Jesus. It will inspire others to acknowledge the Savior and give Him the highest praise.

10. Zacchaeus by Christian Wall Murals

10 Zacchaeus christian wall murals

I love singing the song about Zacchaeus. It teaches that Jesus wants to have an intimate relationship with all of us. Though others may not like me or fancy the job I do, Jesus loves and cares for me.

If you want an easy way to teach others about the love of God and the relationship that He desires to have with each individual, then this wall art is a great choice. You may use it on your own walls, donate it to a local church or community center or offer it as a gift to a child or school.


Bible story wall murals are great for inspiring children, providing hope, and teaching biblical lessons while allowing you to add rich colors, a dramatic effect, and energy to any space.