13 Christian Décor For Dorm Room Ideas (Bring God Inside!)

Christian Décor For Dorm Room

13 Christian Décor For Dorm Room Ideas (Bring God Inside!)

A dorm should not just be seen as accommodations for individuals who are studying. It is a home away from home and should provide the same level of comfort, functionality, and homy feel.

Today we will explore a wide range of fresh Christian decor for dorm rooms that will help anyone to feel relaxed and comfortable.

1. New Every Morning Framed Print by MinMac

#1 New Every Morning Framed Print - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

When I was on campus, I enjoyed waking up early in the mornings. The freshness of the cool mountain breeze, the quietness of the dorms, and stillness of the air made it my favorite time of day. I could study uninterrupted while enjoying the blessings of a new day.

Every morning that we wake up we are reminded by nature of the goodness and mercies of God. This framed print may be placed right beside a night light or alarm clock. That way, this beautiful scripture passage from Lamentations 3:23 will point to God's mercies and evoke gratitude.

2. Your Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet by Christian Walls

#2 Your Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

If you are like many parents who have a child at college or university, then you may constantly ask God to guide and protect your child and keep him or her on the straight and narrow path.

This piece will be an excellent choice to get while you choose, sheets, planners, a laptop and other necessities. It will add a fresh modern look to any dorm room while keeping your prayer in the mind and in the heart of your child.

3. More Than Conquerors Decal by Scripture Wall Art

#3 More Than Conquerors Decal - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

There were moments during my college and university years when I was excited and rearing to take on any challenge. Whether it was doing an all-nighter, competing in sporting activities with my dorm mates or doing endless research, there was always a task that needed to be conquered.

This powerful wall decal will use the words of Romans 8:37 to inspire and affirm any college or university student. Use it to add pizazz to any dorm room while empowering its viewers to claim success and victory in the name of Jesus.

4. My Cup Runneth Over Wood Sign by EandNMarket

#4 My Cup Runneth Over Wood Sign - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

Sometimes I'm humbled by the testimonies that others give. As they share their struggles and victories, I sometimes become aware of how blessed I am.

Being a student doesn't mean you'll have all the resources to cover your expenses, to do projects and coursework assignments or keep up with the latest gadgets. Nonetheless you are blessed to have been accepted into university and have life. This wood sign is the still small voice that will constantly say, "Despite everything, you are blessed. God favors you and that's why your cup runneth over".

5. Strong, Brave, Fearless Clock by Walk-by-faith

#5 Strong, Brave, Fearless Clock - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

Being miles away from family and friends has the tendency to cause loneliness. Add college life to that and you have the temptation of throwing faith out the window and the possibility of failure.

If you have a friend or family member who is at college or will be going away for studies then this clock will come in handy. It will remind them of you every time they see it. It will add a nice splash of color to their dorm room and it will be a great deterrent for those down days filled with sadness, loneliness, doubt, and fear.

6. Blessed And Highly Favored Blanket by Dare Dreams

#6 Blessed And Highly Favored Blanket - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

Dorm life may have a lot of nights with high stacks of books and hours in front of a computer screen. It also has moments of relaxation, rest, and just simple hanging out.

This comfy throw blanket with flowing gold print is perfect for movie night or a cold morning when you want to curl up in bed for a moment with a mug of hot chocolate and your devotional journal. It provides comfort, adds a vibrant touch to the décor, and reassures with the quote, "blessed and highly favored”.

7. Faith In God Throw Pillow by Child Heart

#7 Faith In God Throw Pillow - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

A dorm room should be functional, organized, and comfortable because it's a space where hours are spent, researching and studying. But a dorm room is so much more than that. It's a reflection of who a person is and what he or she believes.

If you have a child, relative, or member of your congregation who is going off to college then this colorful throw pillow would be an awesome going away gift. It will be a fashionable way to: share faith, remember family and friends at home, and be reminded to put faith in God.

8. Pray More Christian Wall Tapestry by Lukase

#8 Pray More Christian Wall Tapestry - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

I remember my mom and grandmother always told me not to worry too much about course work. My mother would say, "just pray and do your best" as she encouraged me over the phone. Her words meant a lot to me and they were very comforting.

If you want to comfort and encourage your child, grandchild or friend during their studies then this wall tapestry will do it for you. This floral print will add a touch of nature and provide a word of encouragement even when you are not saying it over the phone.

9. Psalm 46:1 Floating Acrylic Print by studiocitrine

#9 Psalm 4 61 Floating Acrylic Print - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

I looked forward to the weekly meetings and fellowship sessions that we had in our dorms. I was also grateful to know there is a group of like-minded persons to motivate or pray for me. It was always exciting to hear others talk about their home church or mention the tokens and well wishes they got. It helped us to stay grounded and showed us that our congregations had our best interests at heart.

If you want to show a fellow congregant that you or the church has their best interest at heart then this Psalm 46:1 floating acrylic print would be a lovely token. It's fresh, colorful, and a lovely Christian décor idea for dorm rooms.

10. Jireh-You Are Enough Acrylic Block by Kwynn Alge

#10 Jireh-You Are Enough Acrylic Block - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

While I was at university many of my schoolmates thought that they needed partying, alcohol, and other risky practices in order to have a fulfilling experience. I didn't subscribe to this notion yet I was still able to have a rewarding and fulfilling experience while I studied away from home.

This elegant and crisp decor item is a great addition to any dorm while serving as a reminder that faith in God is enough for a rewarding experience.

11. Psalm 46:10 Metal Sign by Metal Word Art

#11 Psalm 46 10 Metal Sign - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

Dorm life can be chaotic because there is a need to constantly be on the go. Group meetings, classes, going to the library, and a long list of other things may keep you more busy than you would hope for.

This Psalm 46:10 metal sign will serve as a constant nudge for you to find some quiet time each day. In all the chaos there is nothing wrong with pausing because this Psalm tells you to, "be still and know that I am God".

12. All Things Are Possible Wall Decal by Movankro

#12 All Things Are Possible Wall Decal - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

I've had moments when I felt like I have too much going on to meet a deadline. Or I don't have all the resources I need to complete a project the way I originally envisioned it. In these situations, I don't quit, I just keep doing my best and keep hoping that things will work out in the end.

The "all things are possible" wall decal will provide the motivation to keep going even when things are not working out as they were planned. It may be great for displaying right above a study desk or in any other space in a dorm room.

13. Philippians 4:13 Canvas by Christian Walls

#13 Philippians 4 13 Canvas - Christian Décor For Dorm Room

Philippians 4:13 is a go to scripture passage when I need motivation, resilience, and faith in my abilities. It urges me to depend on God while doing all I possibly can. This wall canvas will provide the motivation, confidence, and faith that any college or university student will need to be resilient as they work towards earning a degree.

Final thought

These thirteen fresh Christian décor dorm room ideas will bring comfort, motivate, affirm, and add a unique touch to any space. They include a wide variety of decorative pieces for your or someone you know who is boarding at university or college.