13 Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas (Bespoke, Rustic & Powerful)

Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Outdoor walls are awesome for adding a special decorative touch while also sharing your faith with others. Let's take a look at some decor items that will add vibrancy to your outdoors while inspiring others with Christian quotes and Bible verses.

1. I Can Do All Things Metal Sign by Christ Goods

#1 I Can Do All Things Metal Sign - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I was at an award ceremony a few years ago where two amazing life coaches charged the awardees. I enjoyed the props and object lesson and I too received a little inspiration from a song the awardees were expected to sing. Sometimes when I'm at home you can hear me humming or singing, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

If you want to impress a powerful motivational thought on the minds of others then this metallic inscription of Philippians 4:13 will help you to do so. You may mount it on your driveway, on a wall outside your office or at your home.

2. Love God Christian Wall Decor by Poem Studio

#2 Love God Christian Wall Decor - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I believe that love and God are two important elements for each home to have. God is love and He should be at the center of our homes and lives.

This Christian wall decor item is an excellent gift idea for newlyweds or a house warming gift. Share it to remind a couple why they got married in the first place or to give a homey feel as a friend or family member moves into a new house.

This would something beautiful to hang outdoors. 

3. Jesus Olive-wood Wall Hanging Cross by Zuluf

#3 Jesus Olive Wood Wall Hanging Cross - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

My mom loves decorating and filling every space she can find with items to lift her mood and personalize her space. My sister on the other hand is more reserved and prefers a few modest elements that make bold statements.

Whether you like simple decor items or you prefer to go all out like my mom you will love this item. This olive wood cross will make a simple yet profound statement on your patio or porch.

4. Philippians 4:6 Christian Vinyl Wall Art Stickers by eBay

#4 Philippians 4_6 Christian Vinyl Wall Art Stickers - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Years ago, I visited a church to complete an assignment for a course I was doing. Along with the decorations and interesting practices, I remember them singing, "why worry when you can pray". The song asked an interesting question that may come in handy in moments of anxiety.

This vinyl wall art is great for installing in that quiet outdoor nook where you go to reflect or relax. If you use your porch or patio for prayer journaling then Philippians 4:6 would be fantastic for creating a prayerful mood.

5. Amazing Grace Wood Cross by The Wreath Shop

#5 Amazing Grace Wood Cross - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I have this friend who loves singing. When asked to sing at church, a concert or anywhere else, one of his go-to songs is, "amazing grace shall always be my song of praise".

If you want to reflect on God's grace or keep an atmosphere of praise while outdoors then this wall cross is highly recommended. You may hang it outdoors on your patio, front porch or in another space you see fit.

6. John 3:16 Christian Metal Art by Steel Wonders

#6 John 3_16 Christian Metal Art - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

As children we were taught that Christians are followers of Christ. A man who: gave up heaven to live on earth, loves unconditionally, and died yet lives.

If you want your outdoor walls to reflect that you are a follower of Jesus, then this John 3:16 metal work will say it for you.

It features the cross of Calvary and one of the most popular Bible verses of all times.

7. Iron Sharpens Iron Metal Wall Decor by Fresh Coast Metal Works

#7 Iron Sharpens Iron Metal Wall Decor - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

"Iron sharpens iron". I remember hearing these words at a family get-together some years ago. An older gentleman used these powerful words to remind family members to be cooperative and work together.

If you want to share the message of family unity and cooperation in your home then this decor item will gently exude these sentiments while adding character and style to your walls outside. 

8. Dove Metal Wall Art Sculpture by Steel Wonders

#8 Dove metal wall art sculpture - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I enjoy the outdoors and nature. Listening to the birds chirping, watching them as they simply peck around or gazing in the sky as they perform beautifully choreographed dances are phenomenal object lessons that remind me of the creator.

You may gift this item to a friend or family member who loves nature or you may display it on a wall for children to see as they step outside to play and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Lion & Jesus Christian Home Decoration by Dream House Products

#9 Lion & Jesus Christian Home Decoration - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

A lion is an animal that reflects power and authority. On the other hand, gentleness and humility are traits used to describe a lamb. The love that Christ has for us is powerful yet gentle and that is why He is the Lion of Judah and Lamb of God all at the same time.

Using this piece on your entrance wall will say to all those who enter, that your house and family is under the protection of the conquering Lion of Judah. And that your house is covered by the blood of the spotless Lamb and you are surrounded by His love.

10. Joshua 24:15 Sign by Elegant Signs

#10 Joshua 24_15 sign - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I don't know about you but usually when I start my day with an affirmation, I enjoy it more. I spend my time focusing on important matters rather than being anxious about every little challenge that arises.

If you want a powerful statement of faith that will affirm and comfort in challenging times then this sign will come in handy. During challenging times, you will be motivated to depend on God rather than give up.

11. Matthew 17:20 Vinyl Wall Decal by Kasamanis

#11 Matthew 17_20 vinyl wall decal - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Have you ever had a simple task that felt like a mountain in your way? Well, I have had many instances where something very simple was really hard because I didn't have the know-how, skills or tools to get the task done.

An insurmountable task or challenge requires determination and faith in order for you to keep going. Faith doesn't make the challenge any less difficult but it helps you to believe things will work out for the better.

This wall decal will add an elegant touch to your decor while helping you to keep optimistic and exercise faith in challenging situations.

12. It Is Well With My Soul Sign by Farmhouse Chic Signs

#12 It is well with my soul sign - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

I have had a few catastrophic situations where I was still able to find at least one positive thing to be grateful for.

This rustic sign would blend perfectly outside on a farmhouse and bears the inscription, "it is well with my soul" and may remind its readers to be hopeful.

You may get it for yourself or share it with someone who may be going through his or her crucibles.

13. Ecclesiastes 3:11 Wall Decal by cvdvinyl

#13 Ecclesiastes 3_11 wall decal - Christian Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

One summer my daughter got an assignment from my sister. She was tasked with learning the words for the hymn, "All things bright and beautiful". For the first few tries the words were in a mumble but the tune was very distinct and on point.

Maybe you want to challenge your nieces and nephews to learn a new Bible verse, or maybe you want to be reminded of nature and the creative power of God.

This wall decal featuring Ecclesiastes 3:11 will inspire you, your nieces and nephews, and add a nice touch to your walls outside and inside too. 


There is no need to keep your outdoor walls bare. Decorate them with amazing wall art that will add a nice touch to your decor, remind you of nature and share powerful faith filled messages.