12 Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art Ideas! (Signs, Lyrics, Acrylic & More)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

Each new day we live is a testimony to the goodness and mercies of God. Spared life, the unending cycle of the seasons, the unchanging character of the Creator, and His compassion are some of the things we are compelled to reflect on each time we sing Great is thy faithfulness or reflect on Lamentations 3:22-23.

Today we will look at a selection of Lamentations 3:22-23 Great is Thy Faithfulness wall art ideas that will beautify any decor while reminding of the faithfulness of God.


1. Great is thy Faithfulness Acrylic Glass by EpicArtAcrylic

1. Bible Verse Acrylic Glass Wall Art - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

Growing up we were always told by our youth leaders at church to keep a song in our hearts. It may sound simple but it had a tremendous impact on my life.

Finding comfort in lyrics, humming while doing chores, or singing instead of fussing have made many of my days a lot better.

You may also keep a song in your heart with the help of this Great Is Thy Faithfulness acrylic wall art. The neutral color palette and quote will lively up your space and your mood as you think and sing about how faithful the Lord has been.

2. Great is Thy Faithfulness Hymn Page Wall Art Painting by Hijie

2. Hymn Canvas Wall Art Painting - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

This is an awesome decor for a music teacher, church choir director, budding musician, or anyone who has an appreciation for music.

Correctly placed in a bedroom, living room, prayer room or any other space it will bring to mind the blessings and mercies that come with each new day.

3. Great is Thy Faithfulness Wood Sign by Ebern Designs

3. Great is Thy Faithfulness Laser Cut Wood Sign - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art-min

The fun thing about this piece is that you may choose to let it keep its original color or you may spruce it up to match with any theme or holiday decoration you want.

A splash of green or red will go well with the Christmas season, rich colors for spring, or a touch of orange and other earthy tones will go well with a fall decor.

This Great Is Thy Faithfulness laser cut wood sign lends itself to endless decor possibilities and may be used in practically any room in your house.

4. Great is thy Faithfulness Wood Framed Sign by Dicksons

4. Christian Hymn Wood Framed Sign - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

Hymns have a way of having the right words to bring inspiration, offer comfort, express our innermost feelings, and give hope.

With the help of this wood framed sign you may inspire, comfort, and give hope to others. Whether it's installed in your home, at church, or somewhere else, others may look at it and feel impressed to hum or sing or they may find hope as they are reminded of the bounties of God.

5. Lamentations 3:22-23 Hanging Canvas by thewoodedlane

5. Bible Quote Hanging Canvas - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art (2)-min

I like to hum and sing while cooking or doing other tasks around the house. It takes my mind off my lengthy to-do list and allows me to reflect on the message in a song.

If you have a special place at home that you spend most of your days in, you may display this Great Is Thy Faithfulness hanging canvas where your eyes will gaze on it ever so often.

Your sewing room, kitchen, or office will transform from a place where you get tasks done to a space of reflection and humming.

6. Lamentations 3:22-23 canvas by ForeverWrittenStudio

6. Faithfulness canvas - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art-min

My grandmother absolutely loves flowers and this makes it super easy to get gifts for her. Whether it's a potted plant, an artificial bouquet, or something with flowers she'll appreciate it no matter the occasion.

This Great Is Thy Faithfulness canvas may be a nice gift for just about any occasion. Say happy birthday, I love you, or happy mothers day with this floral themed art piece.

The accompanying Christian quote will constantly point to faithfulness while adding a modern touch to the decor and life of someone special.

7. Lamentations 3:22-23 3 Panel Wall Poster by modern_digitaldesigns

7. Three Piece Wall Poster - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

A few years ago two boys had a disagreement. In the heat of the moment one yelled, "I will not speak to you ever again!" Within minutes they were playing as if nothing had happened. The love they had for each other was far greater than any disagreement they had.

It's the same thing with God, He loves us unconditionally even after we have wronged Him. This Great Is Thy Faithfulness three piece poster speaks to God's never failing love for all humanity.

The heart in the middle points to the love of the Father and a line in the hymn which says, "thy compassions they fail not".

This piece is a portrait that illustrates the love and faithfulness of God. Hang it in your favorite place or give it to someone and you'll share His unconditional love.

8. Great is Thy Faithfulness Wall Decal by ArtsyWallsAndMore

8. Christian Hymn Wall Decal - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

Sometimes I like to go all out when decorating, other times I make a few minor changes and stick to a more simple, easy going style.

If you are in the easy going decoration mood then this Great Is Thy Faithfulness wall decal will do the trick. It will add a nice touch to any wall or create a focal point for a room without a costly large scale renovation.

All you need to do is select the color that you like, stick it on the wall, and voila!

9. Great is Thy Faithfulness Wooden Art by Christian Quotes Gift Shop

9. Bible Verse Wooden Art - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

Have you ever admired nature and consider how much you are surrounded by God through His creation? I have. The number of object lessons to be learnt from nature seems infinite.

This wooden art does the same. It is a reminder of how nature and God's goodness surrounds us. It has a strong black background with lamentation 3:23 encircled by a vine with roses and rosebuds.

It's a great selection for nature lovers or anyone who wants to feel surrounded by God's mercy and compassion.

10. All I Have Needed Wooden Sign by ReflectingGraceGifts

10. All I Have Needed Wooden Sign - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

This Great Is Thy Faithfulness wooden sign is perfect for anyone going for a: rustic, barn, or farm decor style. It features lines of the 'great is thy faithfulness' hymn in two different fonts, a white background, and a distressed look.

You may get it for yourself or make it a token for someone who wants to bring a fresh farm feel indoors.

11. Great is Thy Faithfulness Wall Mural by Grace Oris

11. Great is Thy Faithfulness Wall Mural - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

If you want to make a dramatic statement, minister to others, or simply add a nice touch to a huge wall this Great Is Thy Faithfulness mural will do just that. It has Lamentations 3:22-23 written in black on a white background.

This is accompanied by a silhouette of a tree with its branches and trunk seamlessly extending into the sky above and the ground beneath it.

12. Lamentations 3:22-23 Framed Canvas by Kimberly Allen

12. Inspirational Quote Framed Canvas - Great Is Thy Faithfulness Wall Art

I love the smell of pink roses. They smell so great sometimes I feel like taking a bite. Having the heavenly fragrance go up into my nostrils as I take a deep breath in is refreshing and inspiring.

This framed canvas will create a refreshing and inspiring feeling to any space. The light wooden background, pink roses, and flowing letters will motivate all those who set eyes on it.

A prayer room, alcove, dorm, office, or even a meeting room at church are great places to use this wall art.

Final though

I hope that this fresh selection of 'great is thy faithfulness' items will help you to inspire others while you add style and functionality to your decor.