10 Adorable Church Nursery Ideas (Cute & Colorful Wall Art!)

Church Nursery Ideas

A church nursery is not just a space where the little ones spend time. It's way more than that. This is a space where lifelong lessons about belief in God and self are nurtured and developed.

With the help of colorful and fun decor items toddlers may learn about God and be motivated to be confident in who they are-gifts from above.

Today we will explore some exciting pieces that you may use if you are thinking about or looking for church nursery ideas.


1. A Child of God Poster by PaperclutchShop

1. A Child of God Poster - Church Nursery Ideas

Affirmation is a beautiful tool that helps children develop confidence and self love. With this fun and fresh poster you'll be able to do just that.

You may mount it near a mirror, stick the children's name under or around it, or find some other way to make them feel special and remember that they are all God's children.

2. Ten Commandments for Kids Canvas by Christian Walls

2. Ten Commandments for Kids Canvas - Church Nursery Ideas

Click here to take a closer look! 

I have many memories of my grandmother's church. One of the memories that stays with me to this day is the huge wall art found at the front of the church with the Ten Commandments.

This colorful canvas has a kids friendly version of the Ten Commandments that will light up any room.

The fun background color, the nature themed pictures on it, and the simple words will not only attract eyes but will leave a lasting impression.

3. Metal Letters for Wall by TheShabbyStore

3. Metal Letters for Wall - Church Nursery Ideas

This metal collection has the entire alphabet along with the symbol for 'and'. There is no limit to what message you can spell out with these metallic letters.

Arrange your cubby with initials, spell J-E-S-U-S, create a rustic welcome sign, or simply have fun as you decorate with the little ones in mind.

4. Lord's Prayer Canvas Wall Art by Bayside Studio

4. Lord's Prayer Canvas Wall Art - Church Nursery Ideas

I love to teach songs, poems, rhymes, and Bible verses to children. This is because the things they learn while they are young will stay with them for years to come.

Apart from that, I enjoy listening to them sing or recite gems from memory. It helps them to develop language skills, confidence, and leadership abilities.

This colorful canvas with the Lord's Prayer will get children excited about praying or committing Matthew 6:9-13 to memory.

If you are a volunteer for your church nursery, the person in charge of children's ministry, or just a member of the church who wants to show some appreciation you may get this wall art for the little ones to enjoy.

5. Psalm 23:1 Print by NovaGraceDesigns

5. Psalm 23 1 Print - Church Nursery Ideas

When she was much younger my daughter was given a church project. She was supposed to create an art piece of a lamb, learn a children's song about sheep or lambs, and memorize Psalm 23:1.

She was really excited about this take home project. She listened to 'Jesus is my Shepherd' as though there were no other songs on her tablet and in no time she memorized the Bible verse.

This vibrant printable wall art will remind each child that, "I'm a little lamb" while helping him or her to learn the first verse of the shepherd's Psalm. On top of that the nature filled print will add some sparkle to your children's ministry room.

6. Kids Bible Verse Church Nursery Wall Art by SulitPrintables

6. Kids Bible Verse Church Nursery Wall Art - Church Nursery Ideas

To this day I love singing 'I am a promise'. The song is full of so many mini sermons that speak to adults and kiddos alike. Potential, determination, abilities, and the fact that the 'blessed Savior is watching over me' are a few things that the song mentions.

The kids Bible verse wall art collection will add a nice touch of color and fun to any church nursery. On top of that, this six piece set will help boys and girls to believe in themselves and learn gems from the scripture.

If you are looking for a way to freshen up the look in your children's ministry room or add some spark for the little ones then this collection is a great choice.

7. Kingdom Kids Church Nursery Wall Vinyl by WildEyesSigns

7. Kingdom Kids Church Nursery Wall Vinyl - Church Nursery Ideas

A few years ago I was at a special church service. As the choir sang the last note and the congregation gave a rousing amen the voice of a baby shouted Hallelujah.

Everyone was excited to know that even the baby was participating in the worship service.

If you are looking for an easy way to add some words to a baby's vocabulary you are in luck. This decal will use the right set of words to brighten the walls in your nursery.

It is very colorful with a great collection of words and phrases that will help babies to get their praise on.

8. Psalm 127:3 Nursery Wall Decal by OffTheWallExpression

8. Psalm 127 3 Nursery Wall Decal - Church Nursery Ideas

If you were to wrap a few stones and give them to my daughter as a gift, she'd be the most excited person. As a matter of fact, she wouldn't even bother to play with her regular toys for a week or maybe even longer. The thing is that she loves gifts and no gift is too elaborate or simple for her to appreciate.

Children are special gifts from above and this vinyl sticker says just that. The child that is extremely quiet and the one who cries a lot are both special.

The boy who is always climbing and making risky attempts the second you turn your back deserves the same love and admiration as the super cautious little girl who wants help to do everything.

Regardless of the personalities or shortcomings that the little ones may have, we have to love them equally because they are all gifts from God.

9. God's Sunshine on Cross by Christian Walls

9. God's Sunshine on Cross - Church Nursery Ideas

Click here to take a closer look at The Cross Canvas Wall Art

This colorful nature scene featuring the cross has all the right elements that make it great for a nursery. The vibrant colors will create a cheerful mood.

The cross in this piece will be a great way to introduce children to one of the most important symbols of the Christian faith.

You may display it where the little ones say grace or listen to Bible stories. You may also position it so that it's the first thing that catches the eye when someone enters the nursery.

10. Jesus Loves the Kids Church Nursery Wall Mural by CreateAMural

10. Jesus Loves the Kids Church Nursery Wall Mural - Church Nursery Ideas

I was blessed to have some of the most fantastic teachers as a child. I enjoyed listening to stories as they came alive in my mind and singing along to some of the most inspiring songs. One such song was, "When Mothers of Salem".

This mural will help many songs and Bible stories to come alive. What better way to display the love that Jesus has for little boys and girls than to constantly remind them that Jesus welcomes them with open arms.

He is their friend, they can talk to Him, and He will listen to them.

Transform your nursery into the space where boys and girls go to spend time with the Lord by simply mounting this mural of Jesus spending time with children. 

Final Thought

These church nursery ideas are: colorful, fresh, fun, and great ways to help boys and girls learn about Jesus and how much He loves them.