14 Believe Wall Art & Decor Ideas (Reminded of God)

Believe Wall Art

Belief is very important because it shapes what we think and ultimately how we act. In order to be optimistic in our outlook on life we have to first think positive thoughts.

Today we will take a look at motivational wall art that will not only encourage belief in God and inspire positive thinking but will take decor to a whole new level.


1. Believe Metal Wall Art by Functional Sculpture Metal Wall Art

1. Believe metal wall - Believe Wall Art

During my high school years, I fell in love with the popular quote, "whatever the mind conceives you can achieve". I dreamt big, I had high ideals, and I looked to the future with great expectancy.

This golden believe metal wall art can help you to have high ideals as you look to the future with hope. The flowing cursive letters strategically placed in a room, classroom, or office will force anyone to think big and dream big.

2. Faith is Believing Wall Art Canvas Print by Christian Walls

2. Faith is Believing Wall Art Canvas Print - Believe Wall Art

The powerful words on this picturesque canvas not only call us to have faith in God but to remember and claim his promises. "I will never leave you or forsake you, I know the plans I have for you, they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, every good gift is from the father above…"

I could keep going on and on quoting the promises we find in God's word but I think you get the point.

Sometimes when we are in a situation we just need to be reminded of God's promises and trust in Him. Hang this amazing Believe wall art where you'll see it every day or give it to someone special. It will help to maintain faith in the Lord.

3. Deb Strain's Acrylic Glass Believe Wall Art by Epic Art Store

3. Deb Strain's Acrylic Glass Wall Art - Believe Wall Art

A few years ago, I read a story about two farmers. Both had a donkey but the method each farmer used to get his donkey to work on the farm was very different. The lesson in the story was to show that we may need to use a variety of methods to get others to join the faith.

If you are looking for an interesting method to share your faith and encourage others, this piece will be great. It is an eye catching, powerful one word sermon. Just a look at this beautiful piece is enough to create a deep conviction in the mind and heart of anyone.

4. Dream Believe Achieve Acrylic Glass Wall Art by Epic Art Store

4. Dream Believe Achieve Acrylic Glass Wall Art - Believe Wall Art

If you are looking for a fun and inspiring piece of art to decorate your bedroom then you are in luck.

This 'Dream Believe Achieve' acrylic glass wall art will not only help you to unwind at nights but keep you going through the days.

It will remind you to always set goals and dream, to believe in those goals, and to work hard to achieve them.

5. Believe there is Good in the World Framed Print by

5. Be The Good Framed Print - Believe Wall Art

I recently listened to a podcast about the eye of a hurricane. The outer banks of the storm have destructive winds, dark clouds, and heavy rains while there is peace and calm in the eye of the hurricane.

This fresh and colorful framed print is not just asking us to believe there is good in the world. It wants us to, 'be the good'.

Like a hurricane the world is filled with war, turmoil, and all that seems bad but we can be like the eye by being positive, kind, and good.

When you purchase this art piece and display it, this is precisely the message you will be sharing with everyone who sees it.

6. Inspirational Hanging Canvas by Antique FarmHouse

6. Inspirational Hanging Canvas - Believe Wall Art

There is a popular saying that, "without confidence you are twice defeated in the race of life". If you want to get ahead you must think that you can and you will.

This inspirational Believe hanging canvas will soften any space while prompting its viewers to believe in themselves. Its traditional feel and clean palette will go nicely in most spaces.

7. Motivational Wall Canvas by Motiverend

7. Motivational Wall Canvas - Believe Wall Art

I like to work in an environment that is positive and encourages a good work ethic. If you want to add an optimistic vibe in the office, encourage your employees, and add a decorative touch to your space this three-piece wall art will do just that.

The black background and white lettering will add depth and richness while serving as a functional motivational tool.

8. Matthew 21:22 Believe Poster by AllPosters

8. Matthew 21 22 Poster - Believe Wall Art

The Bible is full of scriptures that encourages us to exercise our faith in God and in ourselves. This colorful Believe poster of Matthew 21:22 will not only add to your decor but will remind others to pray and trust in God.

Mount it on your wall of choice and remind others, "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive".

9. Believe Poster Print by JCalvert-Design

9. Believe Poster Print - Believe Wall Art

Sometimes when I'm struggling to come up with an idea or angle for a project I'm doing, I draw inspiration from the things I see around me.

If you want to have a constant source of inspiration then this fresh blue and yellow poster may be very helpful. Hang it in your art studio, study area, home office, or dorm room.

So long as you believe, that new idea or angle you are looking for will definitely come to you.

10. Believe Wall Decal by walldecalquote

10. Believe Wall Art Decal - Believe Wall Art

If you are looking for something simple, elegant, and fresh to add drama to a wall then this amazing Believe decal will do just that. It's easy to install, classy, and budget friendly.

It may be used in a bedroom, living room, entryway, above a mantle or just about anywhere.

11. Believe in Yourself Decal by VWAQ

11. Believe in Yourself Decal - Believe Wall Art

I've had days when doubt creeps up on me. I question my abilities, compare myself to others, and wonder if I will be able to accomplish certain things.

Sometimes a line from a song or a word of encouragement from someone lifts my mood and helps me regain my confidence.

If you want to help someone regain their confidence by sharing an encouraging thought this wall decal will help you to do so. You may give it to someone or display it somewhere where it will have a lasting impression on others.

12. Believe Wooden Framed Wall Art by Day Spring

12. Believe Wooden Framed Wall Art - Believe Wall Art

A simple yet powerful message to minister to all who sees this sign. It prompts each viewer to do something very profound-believe.

Whether it has to do with confidence in yourself and your abilities, trusting others, or having faith in God, this Believe sign is not just a reminder but a sermon that is timeless, personal, and all important.

13. Believe in Yourself Wall Mural by Shakila

13. Believe in Yourself Wall Mural - Believe Wall Art

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wish you could change what you see? I know I have. Sometimes it's just a pimple on the morning of a very important meeting. Other times I gaze at my reflection and wish I could be better in more ways than one.

This mural is excellent for displaying in a space where it will serve as a powerful source of motivation. It not only calls for reflection and introspection but also provides inspiration. It allows a wall to say, "look past the man/woman in the mirror".

This piece will urge everyone who sees it to trust that deep down we are all beautiful and eventually that beauty will come shining through.

14. Christian Canvas Print by 90SCanvas

14. Christian Canvas Print - Believe Wall Art

If you are looking for a nature filled decorative item that has vibrant colors and a powerful message then this canvas will perfectly meet all those needs.

It may serve as a powerful quote to keep you faithful to God, a beautiful mantra for your children, or an excellent witnessing tool for all your guests.


Final thought

Having confidence is very important for us and those around us. I hope that this collection of 'believe' wall art will not only beautify your space but will inspire and motivate you and everyone else who looks at them.