11 Numbers 6:24-26 Wall Art Ideas (Best & Handpicked Decor!)

Numbers 6:24-26 Wall Art

The Bible is filled with many beautiful and uplifting scriptures. The words found in Numbers 6:24-26 are no exception. This passage is a prayer filled with hope, blessings, and well wishes.

Today we will take a look at how Numbers 6:24-26 wall art may transform our homes, offices, churches, and other spaces. Read below!


1. Numbers 6:24-26 Metal Print by Something Promised

1. Bless You Metal Print - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

I love listening to the song, "bless me". It's a musical version to the prayer of Jabez that reminds me I should not hesitate to seek the Lord's blessings for myself and for others.

This amazing wall art is a metal print of Numbers 6:24-26. Everytime you or someone else reads it or thinks about it a prayer asking for God to bless, be gracious, and show favor will be said.

You may display it in your home, office, or get it for someone special.

2. Blessed by HobbyLobby

2. Blessed - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

My daughter always insists that I say, "bless you" whenever she sneezes. If for some reason I didn't hear or respond promptly enough she would continuously remind me, "mom I sneezed" until I said "bless you".

If you are a parent, grandparent, or Godparent you may say bless you all the time. This decorative piece has the word blessed inscribed on metal at the center.

It's a great way to remind a child or grandchild that you want nothing less than the Lord's blessings and favor for him or her.

3. Numbers 6:24-26 Acrylic Block by Harpley Design Studio

3. Scripture Art Acrylic Block - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

If you want your mantle, floating shelves, bookshelf, or any other wall of your choice to have a nice splash of color while sharing some inspiration then this a great decorative item to use.

This eye-catching acrylic block will add a touch of nature and a positive scripture quote at the same time.

4. May His Face Shine Upon You Print by LindseysLettersTN

4. May His Face Shine Upon You Print - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

Bring a ray of sunshine to the heart and walls of someone you love dearly with this piece. The radiant orange tones will not only bring comfort but will encourage others to shine and be gracious.

5. Numbers 6:24-26 Framed Art by WeSellPhotos

5. Bless You Framed Art - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

I still have vivid images of murals, wall art, and other decorative items that were at my childhood church. I must say that they not only made the space welcoming but made a remarkable impression on me.

This framed wall art is also available as a poster. The white background, flowing script, touch of nature, and splash of color will not only make a space welcoming but will leave an indelible mark on the mind of someone.

6. Numbers 6:24-26 Hanging Canvas by Dolimifa

6. Motivational Hanging Canvas Poster - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

Sometimes I receive the most jaw dropping good morning quotes from a friend of mine. It's like she knows the exact scripture that will match what's going on in my spiritual life without me telling her about it.

When I read these quotes and scriptures they inspire me to face my day.

Maybe you want to inspire someone to face each day with great conviction and confidence. If so, this motivational hanging canvas may be a token for someone to hang in their kitchen, prayer room, foyer, alcove, or study.

7. Numbers 6:24-26 Canvas Painting by Nvhai

7. Bible Verse Canvas Painting - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

My sister and I were on the phone when I heard, "I've got peace like a river" playing in the background. We laughed as we spoke about the graphics in the video and how entertaining it was. The word peace was sailing down a river and it looked quite fun.

I think the graphic designer did an awesome job. When we have peace in our lives it's as if we are on a calm river. Better yet peace should flow like a river in our lives.

This canvas painting is not only fresh and modern but it's a fun way to be reminded of the One who gives peace.

As you hang it on your wall, may "the Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace".

8. Numbers 6:24-26 Wall Decal by Slap-Art

8. Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Decal - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

If you want your walls to speak then this wall decal can do that. Use this easy to install inspirational vinyl quote to uplift someone.

It will remind others that the Lord is ready and willing to bless them and help them feel His presence and provision radiating from your dècor.

9. Be Gracious To You Wooden Sign by MIGUMUTU

9. Be Gracious To You Wooden Sign - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

Jacob wrestled with an angel because he greatly desired to be blessed by God. He couldn't afford the angel to leave him empty handed.

Maybe a family member or friend from church is leaving to live somewhere else. This Bible verse wooden sign may be the perfect parting gift.

It will remind them that your prayer is for God to keep them, be gracious to them and give them peace even though they are far away from you.

10. Bless Shine Peace Wall Art by KAMDesignHaus

10. Bless Shine Peace Wall Art - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

This 3 piece printable wall art is a perfect housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift. Express your best wishes for blessings, peace, and God's favor to shine on a couple, friend, or family member.

11. Numbers 6:24-26 Wall Clock by Society6

11. The Lord Bless Thee Wall Clock - Numbers 6 24-26 Wall Art

The word of God is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword. That's why it's important to know the word and keep it with us all the time.

This wall clock will not only help you to keep track of the time. It will sharpen and quicken you spiritually with the powerful words found in Numbers 6:24-26.

Mount it on a wall and each time you look at it claim the blessings and peace that the Lord has to offer you.

Final thought

Numbers 6:24-26 is not just a Bible verse. It's a beautiful prayer, inspirational quote, and 'well wishes' that you may use to: beautify your home, add a decorative touch to a wall, or encourage others on the walk of faith.