14 Church Lobby Décor Ideas (Warmly Welcome Guests!)

Church Lobby Décor Ideas

I was raised in a pastor's home. My father has served as a pastor at a few different churches.

He was a part of the construction of a church twice. The lobby is crucial when it comes to decorating the church.

When a visitor walks in, it is the first thing they see. During the week, it is also where the pastor will meet with folks.

A welcome centre, a sitting space, a coat rack, and a table with sign-up sheets are frequently seen in the lobby.

Each of these regions need decorations that are appropriate for the room, but they must all function together in harmony.

Here are a few suggestions for Church Lobby Decor Ideas. 


1. Ephesians 2:8 Art Vinyl Wall Decal by WildEyesSigns

1. Ephesians 2 8 Art Vinyl Wall Decal - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

In a foyer, large scriptures on the wall make a terrific focus point. Grace pops out and is such a huge script, which I adore.

This would look excellent on any huge wall that can be viewed from the front door. It's incredible to see the word Grace as the first thing your guests see as they walk into the church.

This verse is one of my favourites, and it's often the first verse a new Christian memorises. As a result, it's a wonderful sight to view as our congregation enters the building.

2. Driftwood House by BlackCrowCurios

2. Driftwood House - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

Clubs and camps are being formed by children. Teenagers are registering for trips. Parents are registering for volunteer opportunities.

The desk with the sign-up sheets is the one that people will go to the most.

The desk where signup sheets are kept can be a dull one! Small touches like this go a long way toward making the desk more appealing.

These small nuances make it appear less formal and more welcoming.

3. BLESSING THIS HOME Metal Wall Sign by LignousLaser

3. BLESSING THIS HOME Metal Wall Sign - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

This massive metal sign serves as an excellent focus point. The huge size appeals to me, and it serves as a nice focus point for the room. This would look great on any large wall. I'd also hang it above the door so that you can be reminded of God's goodness as you leave the church.

4. Framed Letter Art "Faith" Inspirational by BestGiftIdeaEver

4. Framed Letter Art - Faith Inspirational - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

People can leave their tithes and offerings in a designated spot at some churches. Instead of having a plate carried from person to person as part of the service, this method is used.

The concept of having a place where people may donate gifts appeals to me. In the Old Testament, this is how the temple collected tithes and offerings.

If your church has a space like this, it's critical to fill it with art. This one appeals to me.

The word Faith printed using art. This area gives the congregation a place to make a difference.

5. Wooden Church for Crafts and Decorations by AndedSupplies

5. Wooden Church for Crafts and Decorations - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

Some decorations are temporary. You've chosen decorations that correspond to the season or sermon series you're utilising.

You might have some homemade decorations if you have an area where decorations come and go.

You may use this idea and have the kids in your kids clubs make crafts that can be hung on the wall as decorations.

I envision each child creating one that is unique to them and displaying them in a designated place.

It's wonderful to have our children participate in the church's decorating process.

6. Church Wall Décor by Wallartion

6. Church Wall Décor - Church Lobby Decor Ideasg

I'm fascinated by church history. And I adore antique church structures. Even now, most churches have modern structures.

It makes sense because they are larger and more energy efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. During the week, larger buildings are also preferable for classes and clubs.

As a result, I am aware of the rationale for current structures. However, I still adore the appearance of old historical structures. We can use art like this to instil a sense of the past into our new structures.

I like that it's made of metal and can be hanging near the couch.

7. Partylite Church Votive Holder by fivebuckbobs

7. Partylite Church Votive Holder - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

The welcome centre is a place where we require tiny decorative items that can be placed on the welcome centre.

For that, this is a fantastic alternative. I like how little it is and how it gives off a pleasant sensation.

If a guest needs information, they will go to the welcome centre first. We want that space to seem welcoming and unique.

The welcome centre should have a homey feel about it. As a result, using decorations already in a home is a fantastic approach to decorate.

8. Books of the Bible - Wall Decal by WildEyesSigns

8. Books of the Bible - Wall Decal - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

There are multiple lobby areas in modern church buildings. There is frequently a children's lobby and a youth section.

We must not overlook the need to adorn this place. Our adolescent sons and daughters, as much as our children, require a friendly environment. This wall art is fantastic.

A method of teaching the Bible's books. I really like the color-coding system for categorising the books.

This will assist your youngsters in learning the Bible's books. This is a terrific choice, in my opinion.

9. Sea Glass Art by Pollypoustacreations

9. Sea Glass Art - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

The space above the water fountain on the wall is one of the spots in a church structure where a little piece of art is needed.

A water fountain can give your church an industrial or work-like appearance. Adding a little piece of art over the fountain, on the other hand, will make it look more like a house.

We also want the church facility to feel like a home for our church family.

10. For By Grace We Are Saved Metal Print by SomethingPromised

10. For By Grace We Are Saved Metal Print - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

These prints have a great combination of art. Mix art has always been a favourite of mine. This would look great above your lobby's sitting area. During the week, the seating area is frequently used for meetings.

On Sundays, it is also used. This is the place in our church where the teenagers sit and converse while waiting for their parents to get ready to go.

It would be lovely to hang this above the couch.

11. Church Print by TheLaughingCatStudio

11. Church Print - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

This artwork has a beautiful hymn print behind the church. Our hymns have a long and illustrious history. Each song is a narrative in itself.

I'm sorry that so many of our excellent hymns have been forgotten in our churches.

If your church still cherishes excellent music with deep theology, art like this would look beautiful on the walls.

12. World Map With Your Logo by HolyCowCanvas

12. World Map With Your Logo - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

The use of mission maps in the Church lobby is always a popular choice. While the words Holy Cow appear in this image, this map can be customised to include your church's name.

This is a fantastic concept if your church values missions. Pins can be placed wherever mission activity is being funded.

Above the location where you have a sign-up sheet, this might be appropriate.

13. Love Your Work by KUARKI

13. Love Your Work - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

The office staff has their own section in the foyer. This could be a separate lobby or a different hallway than the last one. This one is one of my favourites since it says, "Love your job."

This will act as a reminder to your church employees to love the men, women, and children God has placed in their care. It's crucial to remember that serving in the church as a career is more than just a job.

It's a vocation. That is something our church staff must keep in mind. This is a great idea for the office area.

14. Church in Ramsau Bavaria Outdoor Art Print by OfftheWallOntheFence

14. Church in Ramsau Bavaria Outdoor Art Print - Church Lobby Decor Ideas

Here is another piece of artwork with a memory of a different time.  A time from long ago. I love the idea of having a formal artwork piece in the church lobby.

This should be in the area where many of the older generation in the church spend their time. If there is a sitting area in the lobby that is used for meetings this is a great spot for this kind of artwork.


Make careful to choose bright and neutral colours while designing your church lobby. Wall vinyl is usually a good choice. A place where the decorations can be switched out according to the seasons and sermon series.

The majority of churches do not include a greeting time in their services since most visitors find it awkward and embarrassing. It's currently greeting time in the lobby.

Everything in the foyer, from the welcome centre to the sitting area, should create an environment where visitors and regular congregation members can feel at ease conversing and spending time together.