13 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs (Handpicked Rustic Ideas!)

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Food is an important basic need that all humans need to survive. For a Christian, food is not just having a balanced diet and eating healthy. It has to do with both the physical and the spiritual.

When we pray, "give us this day our daily bread" we are asking the Lord to provide us with temporal and spiritual sustenance.

Let's take a look at how we can use a simple line from the Lord's prayer to spruce up our décor, minister to others, and keep a prayerful attitude.

Keep reading to see our Give us this Day our Daily Bread signs and wall decor for your home, office, kitchen and more!

1. Bible Verse Metal Sign by Wall-Color

1. Bible Verse Metal Sign - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Have you ever looked inside someone's fridge or kitchen cupboard and started to think about your own? Maybe you start to think about your grocery list and adding more healthy foods to your diet.

The experience may also help you to realize how blessed you are. It's because of the goodness of God why you have food in your kitchen to eat.

Yes, you work and yes you are the one who does the groceries but it's ultimately God who provides.

This Bible verse metal art will keep this thought at the forefront of your mind.

You and your family don't have to worry about how you'll eat and drink because you have more than enough.

2. Our Daily Bread Pine Wood Sign by Western Edge

2. Our Daily Bread Pine Wood Sign - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

As I admire this wooden sign a scripture passage comes to mind. Isaiah 33:15,16 encourages us not to indulge in certain activities in order to gain things and provide for ourselves. Verse sixteen gives the assurance that our bread and water will be supplied.

Maybe you think about how the Lord used a raven to feed His prophet or maybe you get a strong urge to have a slice of whole wheat bread after your first glance at this wooden sign.

One thing is for sure, you will always be reminded about the Lord's prayer.

The walls of a cafeteria, bakery, restaurant, or coffee shop will definitely have new meaning with this sign.

It's made with quality pine wood, has a string already attached, and wants nothing more than for you to add it to your shopping basket.

3. Give Us This Day Metal Wall Art by Lag Metal Worx

3. Give Us This Day Metal Wall Art - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Have you ever prayed for God to bless the food basket of someone? I have prayed this prayer over and over for others.

We want nothing but the best for our friends and family members and that's why we make this humble petition while we pray.

Use this rustic wall sign as a way to constantly petition the throne of grace for others. It's a nice gift item that will express your love and well wishes

. Better yet, it's a great way to say, 'Lord may their food basket never go empty'.

4. Give Us Metal Sign by 81MetalArt

4. Give Us Metal Sign - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Last week while I was at church, the preacher mentioned Paul going hungry and suffering a great deal all for the cause of the Lord. This led me to think about how blessed I am.

Even though I may be hungry temporarily I don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from or when I'll have it.

He who has cattle on a thousand hills and hung the stars in place will always provide for me.

Mount this metal sign on or nearby your pantry door. It will remind you to be grateful for what you have and be hopeful as you depend on God to supply your needs.

5. Prayer Canvas Print by jewelrybeautifully

5. Prayer Canvas Print - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Each day we have a list of things that we really want. Maybe they are just things we hope to accomplish before the end of the day or maybe they are tangible things like a laptop or a pair of shoes.

The things on this list may change from day to day but one thing remains constant-daily bread. While it's okay to go without eating because of fasting it's far from okay to go a day without spiritual bread.

We need to spend time with God daily by reading and reflecting on His word. Devotion, prayer, singing, and meditating are some ways we ensure we get our fill of spiritual food.

This canvas will help you to keep a prayer in your thoughts. It may go well in a prayer room, living room, or any other space in your home.

6. Vintage Metal Prayer by Vatican

6. Vintage Metal Prayer - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

I don't know about you but every time I look at this metal prayer sign I think about kabobs and a family barbeque in the backyard.

It would be a nice addition to your kitchen if you are thinking about adding some rustic touches or creating a vintage feel.

It may also be a nice piece to add to an outdoor porch. It will set the tone as you have afternoon snacks while watching the sunset or enjoy summer days eating barbeque with the family.

7. Matthew 6:11 Hanging Canvas by CherieKaySigns

7. Matthew 6 11 Hanging Canvas - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

When others step into your house your walls speak to them. Your décor has a lot to say to your guests and it's your job to make sure you control the narrative.

As a person of faith your walls should minister to others while giving glory to God. With this Matthew 6:11 hanging canvas you are able to share the word of God with others.

It will create a welcoming feel in your foyer, add a light mood to your living room, or look awesome near your dining table.

8. Metal Wall Plaque by txhomedecor

8. Metal Wall Plaque - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

Gold and white are colors that evoke feelings of elegance. The kind of elegance you experience while at a wedding ceremony.

The masterful design of the bride's gown and the sheer beauty of the decorations instantly generates a feeling of euphoria.

With this circular gold and white wall plaque you are able to present a beautiful wedding gift to a friend or family member.

Metal and gold will symbolize strength and resilience in the marriage and the white lettering will provide a meaningful prayer for the bride and groom.

9. Bible Quote Wall Vinyl by Writtenonyourwall

9. Bible Quote Wall Vinyl - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

If your dining room has a large or long uninterrupted wall you can break it up to create a cozier feeling. Make each family meal an intimate occasion with the help of this Bible quote wall decal.

As you say grace to start your meals or give thanks for having a full stomach you'll reflect on your heavenly Provider and Sustainer.

10. Matthew 6:11 Wood Wall Decor by Hobby Lobby

10. Matthew 6 11 Wood Wall Decor - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

I've had several experiences where I said to myself, "thank God for that devotion this morning". Hadn't it been for a line from a hymn, the message in a Bible verse, or the charge from a devotional many of my days would have been completely different.

The daily bread that we consume spiritually has the ability to change our days and transform our lives. This wall décor item is a constant reminder of how important our spiritual bread is.

Get it for a friend or family member or hang where you'll see it every day. It will be a source of inspiration and transformation for years to come.

11. Kitchen Wall Décor by CustomWoodSignStudio

11. Kitchen Wall Décor - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

My mom loves being in the kitchen. She spends hours prepping, cooking, and cleaning. For her, cooking is an experience that brings joy to those she loves.

Maybe your mom is like mine or you are at this point thinking about that person you know who uses cooking to create fond experiences and lasting memories.

Whichever it is, is just fine. What you can do to show your appreciation is get this fine-looking kitchen wall décor item as a token for him or her.

12. The Lord's Prayer Wooden Art by TnJShawDesigns

12. The Lord's Prayer Wooden Art - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

While pregnant I had a strong urge to eat certain foods. More than often, these foods were not readily available in the kitchen. Other times, it was late at night and there was no way I could get them.

The walk of faith sometimes causes us to crave the word. Sometimes we can't help digging deeper into the scriptures to learn more about a particular topic or doctrine, other times we are asked questions and we need to provide a thorough response.

This weathered gray wooden art will look great in almost any room. On top of that it can remind you that when next you pray you should ask the Lord to give you a healthy craving for His word.

13. Burlap Print Sign by Lace & Burlap Shop

13. Burlap Print Sign - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Signs

David said that he kept the word of God in his heart that he might not sin against Him. This makes total sense since the scriptures were given for doctrine, reproof, and instruction in righteousness.

If you want to follow David's example this burlap print sign will help you to do just that. It will allow you to pull off a shabby chic or country look with a scripture quote.

Feel free to accentuate a floating shelf or mantle, or place it on your bedside table and keep His word in your house and on your mind.

Final Thought

Food, whether physical or spiritual, is very important because it provides sustenance for our bodies and souls.

These signs about 'give us this day our daily bread' will enhance your decor, serve as great gift ideas, and help you to depend on the Lord as He supplies your daily needs.

Enjoy and be blessed!