13 Church Aisle Decor Ideas (Easy DIY with Bows, Flowers, etc) Click Here

Church Aisle Decor Ideas

Church aisle decorations should gracefully combine with other elements to create the perfect theme and ambience.

If you are in charge of decorating for a special program at church, looking for easy diy wedding ideas, or are getting ready to tie the knot you are in luck.

Today we will look at some amazing ideas for church aisle decor for weddings and other special occasions. Do enjoy!


1. Aisle Floor Lighting by weddingstothewire

1. Aisle Floor Lighting - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

Candles, lanterns, and other forms of lighting are elegant church aisle decorations for weddings. Correctly used, they are able to add sophistication, texture, tone, and mood to make any occasion ebullient.

With a few strings of Christmas light and some tulle you are able to create this same design. There's no harm in reusing Christmas lights and doing it yourself.

This way you can keep some extra cash in your pocket or spend it on something else.

2. Tulle Fabric Roll by Ableme Deco Store

2. Tulle Fabric Roll - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

If you are planning on doing some simple church aisle wedding decorations like the one above, you'll definitely need some tulle.

You may create patterns on the floor with Christmas lights, make cute bows on the benches, or decorate an arch.

There is no limit to how you may incorporate this easy-to-use fabric to liven up your aisle decor and make that next program or special service extra memorable.

3. Flower Cones by MoonlightWeddings

3. Flower Cones - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

These metal embossed flower cones may be just the thing you need to add that special touch.

They are covered in rose patterns and may come in handy for displaying flowers, ornaments, or tokens that will take your wedding, Christmas, or children's day celebration to the next level.

4. Half Pomanders with Tulle by MyKreations4U

4. Half Pomanders with Tulle - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

This set of ten half pomanders with tulle will come in really handy if you are working with a large space, have limited time to decorate, and need something that is easy to install.

On top of that they are nothing short of gorgeous and will look absolutely fabulous in wedding church aisle decorations pictures.

5. Adjustable Loop Decorations by BridesandBridesmaids

5. Adjustable Loop Decorations - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

This is one of those church aisle decor ideas that is simple yet elegant. It is well suited for just about any occasion and will transform the mood of your worship from regular to special with very little effort.

A baby blessing service, youth program, women's day service, or vow renewal will have that reverent and awe filled feeling thanks to these adjustable loop decorations that can practically hang themselves.

6. Pinecone Bow by Emmalovesweddings

6. Pinecone Bow - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

There is no limit to how you may include pine cones in your wedding decorations. With the help of a ribbon, pine needles, pine cones, and a few decorative touches you are able to transform the pews of a worship hall.

This rustic wedding church aisle decor idea will accentuate bench colors and will bring that winter wonderland ambience to a fall or Christmas ceremony.

7. Baby Breath Pew Decorations by weddingstothewire

7. Baby Breath Pew Decorations - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

There is no hard and fast rule of how to decorate for a church wedding. You may decide to do something that is completely out of the box or you may stick to traditional practices.

This idea uses a transparent jar, rustic elements, and baby breaths to create a profoundly amazing bench side bouquet.

8. Church Pew Clip by GiftWrap Etc.

8. Church Pew Clip - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

You might be the person responsible for decorations at your church or you may offer events planning services. You may be neither of these persons and decide a diy approach is the best option for your marriage ceremony.

One thing is for sure, these pew clips will come in very handy. They are a no hassle way to decorate for special programs, they will make the life of a decorator easier, and they are just what you'll need if you plan on a diy pew decoration project.

9. Adjustable Bridal Arch by FEOOWV

9. Adjustable Bridal Arch - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

There is no rule that says you only need to use the one arch provided by the church as a part of their wedding package. In addition to that there's no rule that says all aisles should have a specific measurement.

The adjustable bridal arch was made with this in mind. Being adjustable allows you to tailor your arch to fit your venue. The choice is yours; you may decide on narrow and intimate or wide and spacious.

You may use two to mark the start and end of the pews or as many arches as you wish to make your wedding day special and memorable.

10. Elegant Aisle Decoration Idea by

10. Elegant Aisle Decoration Idea - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

Since I'm on the topic of arches, why not use this elegant design as an inspiration for your special day.

If you are in search of church aisle wedding decoration ideas, this might be just what you are looking for.

Create a soft romantic canopy with arches, fabric, flowers, and other accessories that will complement your theme and color scheme.

11. Artificial Wisteria Vine by Lvydec

11. Artificial Wisteria Vine - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

If you decide to incorporate an arch in your wedding decorations you may be considering how you will adorn it to fit the overall theme.

You may use wisteria vines to create a captivating church aisle flower decoration.

They will look amazing as they climb up the arch and gently hang from the air.

12. White Rose Garland by Ageomet Store

12. White Rose Garland - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

These white rose garlands are great if you are thinking about diy church aisle decorations. You may create a continuous pattern that leads all eyes towards the altar. After all, that's where the exchange of vows will be taking place.

A dramatic way to tie the aisle in with the altar is to use these rose garlands alongside the runner which also leads to the front of the building.

You may also create a straight unbroken link at the top of all the benches. Or you may opt for a flowing scalloped design by forming semicircles between each bench.

If you were wondering what I'm talking about when I mentioned scallops then the picture below may help.

Do you notice the semicircular pattern of the fabric running alongside the benches? That's it! It's elegant and easy for even a brand new diy-er to pull off.

13. Personalized Aisle Runner by UnitedCarpet

13. Personalized Aisle Runner - Church Aisle Decor Ideas

Aisle decor is not limited to the pews but also includes the floor. With a customizable runner you are able to give the church aisle meaning and a special touch.

There is no better way to walk down the aisle than with this personalized runner. You may include: the name of the bride and groom, date, and family initials. You may also choose the length, width, and color that is most fitted for the venue and theme of the occasion.


Final thought

These church aisle decor ideas will make weddings and other special celebrations and services memorable. There is something for every taste from simple to elegant and most are very easy to install.