10 Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversaries (Weddings & More - Click Here)

Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversaries

Decorating a church for an anniversary does not have to be a difficult task. Once you have decided on the theme, color scheme, and some other details for the celebration it's much easier to get going.

Let's take a look at some ideas that you can use to make your church décor memorable. Read below for our handpicked Church Decoration Ideas for Anniversaries.

1. Arch With Number by Gifted Occakesions n Baskets

1. Arch With Number - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Have you ever stepped inside a church and felt like you traveled through a portal? I know this should be something we experience spiritually every week but on a physical level, visiting a sanctuary for the first time can be breathtaking.

A great way to transform your worship hall and create awe is by using arches. They are great for acting as doorways, partitions, or for adding charisma to an area.

There are many ways to incorporate an arch into the overall look and feel of your space. This is because they add drama and force the eyes upwards. This balloon arch uses two colors and spirals towards the roof.

At the center of the top, number balloons tell the number of years being celebrated. Great Decor for a 10 year Wedding Anniversary :)

2. Balloon and Tulle Scallops by balloonitsd

2. Balloon and Tulle Scallops - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

If you are looking for Church Decoration ideas for a wedding anniversary nothing says elegant, crisp, minimalist, and clean then Ballon and Tulle Scallops. It may be used as a backdrop or to create a focal point for a table or for the area where the master of ceremony will use.

You may hire the services of a party decorator or you may take on this project yourself.

It's quite simple since all you'll need are balloons, tulle fabric, matching table cloth, and maybe a lectern scarf that blends in with the color scheme.

3. Pew Bows by All Wedding Flowers

3. Pew Bows - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Church aisle decorations have a way of tying the décor in a worship center together. That's why I like to use palm leaves and other elements to decorate the aisles at church.

As others step inside the church or walk to their seats they feel and become a part of the worship experience.

With these bows decking the pews the guests may actually feel like they are playing a role in the celebration even if they are not slated on the program.

Children will take a fancy to these simple and fun bows while adults admire their elegance.

4. Celebration Banner by Little Linda Pinda Designs

4. Celebration Banner - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Recently I was working with a group to plan a surprise celebration for some staff members. We had a short time to put things in place and our plans were top secret.

One of the questions asked when we were discussing décor was related to having a banner. We had very little time to pull off a do-it-yourself so our only option was to order one.

The reasons for not taking on a banner project are numerous, and I get that. The great thing is you can order a custom-made banner for your church anniversary.

All you need to do is provide the text, image, and colors you want on your banner and it will be delivered to you in no time. It could also be a great place to make some announcements about the anniversary or maybe some special memories on there :)

5. Pinwheel Backdrop by unknown

5. Pinwheel Backdrop - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

If your intention is to create a crafty feel with the decorations for your church anniversary then you may replicate this idea.

Paper pinwheels are super fun and you may enlist the help of the children and youth ministry departments.

The children will enjoy helping with the crafts and they will feel a sense of pride knowing that they helped to make the celebration extra special.

6. Refreshment Area Set Up by nlcvallejo

6. Refreshment Area Set Up - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Sometimes when I'm attempting something for the first time, I research to find out how others do it. I may run with a single idea or at times I combine elements from a collection of ideas to create something unique.

You may draw inspiration from this simple set up by the Vallejo New Life Church. With the help of a floral backdrop, greenery, wooden boxes, and some other decorative elements this table was warm, inviting, and cozy.

You could easily copy this setup for the area where you'll display refreshments or you could choose the elements you prefer to use. It's all up to you, there is no wrong or right way to go about making the place look fancy for an anniversary.

7. Photos on Number by Crafty in Crosby

7. Photos on Number - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

I really love this decor idea!

There is a popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Glancing at a picture can bring back memories as we take a stroll down memory lane. They are able to inspire us as we draw strength from the past and look to the future in hope.

At a church anniversary celebration, they can remind us of our history and where we are coming from.

This photo setup is an excellent idea. It displays the number of years being celebrated while taking viewers on a trip down memory lane. There is no limit to the pictures that may be used or the memories they hold.

Photos of the first: pastor, members, baptism, communion, and other services may be displayed.

Imagine looking at the number 70 while traveling seventy years into the past. That's simply amazing! Just thinking about it makes me want to shout, thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!

8. Black And Gold Banner by Gatherfun

8. Black and Gold Banner - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Nothing says festivity more than a welcome sign that is positioned in the perfect spot.

There are a number of ways that this elegant banner could be incorporated into overall décor. It could be used in the lobby to create a welcoming ambience.

As ushers greet guests and distribute programs this banner will be one of the first things seen before entering the main hall.

It could be used as the altar backdrop as it gracefully accentuates drapery, table cloths, and lectern covers.

As mentioned below it may extend the festivities into the area where everyone will fellowship and have refreshments.

9. Decorated Bottles by Hubpages

9. Decorated Bottles - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

A few years ago, our camping team visited a nearby church and I was truly impressed with the centerpieces on the tables. We have often seen conch shells lying around and even tried using them like horns by blowing inside. But who knew these beauties could be so mesmerizing on a dining table?

Conch shells, spray paint, and some creativity made lunch an exciting experience for our camping group. You may not live in a coastal town to collect and decorate shells but I bet you can get your hands on a few bottles.

Bottles, glitter foam cutouts for the numbers, bows along with a few other elements and you are on your way to making an anniversary into a special occasion.

If you are going for a black and gold theme then these will look fantastic with the banner above. You may use the banner along with these bottles as centerpieces for your dining area. They may also look great on a table at the front of the church.

10. Photo Collage by Julia Priest

10. Photo Collage - Church Decoration Ideas For Anniversary

Have you ever gone to a church and seen an inscription saying, laid by…? Sometimes you have absolutely no idea who the person is. Other times the name of the person is tied to the congregation's history.

This idea is similar, in that it displays a photo of individuals who are linked to a church's history. You may get creative and color code the frames to represent groups of people or various ministries.

You could have groups taking pictures such as the: children's, women's, and men's choir just for this occasion.

You could color code the frames to represent a different decade. The pastors who have served or the initial members who formed the first congregation are great examples of what may also be displayed on this memory tree.

Final though

This collection can help you with ideas on how to incorporate balloons, backdrops, pew bows, centerpieces, and other elements to make your worship hall, dining area, and lobby look festive for an anniversary celebration.