14 Top Bless This House Wall Art, Decor & Gifts (Welcoming Vibes!)

Bless This House Wall Art, Decor & Gifts

Our house offers a welcoming environment for visitors. We've been foster parents, had teens stay with us when they needed a home, had college students stay with us, and once a week we conduct a Bible study.

The explanation for this is straightforward. We dedicated our home to God, believing that it is his home and that we are merely caretakers, looking after the individuals he brings our way. 

Read below to check out our Bless this house Wall Art, Decor & Gift Ideas

1. Bless Our Family by

1. Bless Our Family - Bless This House-min

Food family and love. This is the essence of community.

This is how the early church got together, according to the book of Acts. They gathered in their homes and shared a meal. The church was practically born out of this community of people meeting in their homes.

This is a terrific present option for a buddy who utilizes their home for bible study and follows the example of the early church seen in the book of Acts. Show them how much you value their efforts.

2. Bless the Food Farmhouse Sign by WoodlandShanty

2. Farmhouse Sign - Bless This House

This is an excellent piece of art to hang over the coat hook and use as a key holder. You might be reminded of the blessings prayer when you begin your day and leave your home for work.

When you get home, hang up your coat and keys to remind yourself of the many blessings God has bestowed upon you.

When my husband comes home from work I want him to know this is a home where we love him, and we are thankful for his leadership. When he takes off his coat and hangs up his keys I want him to have the reminder that our life is a blessing from God.

I am thankful for my husband who is a man of prayer. I know that he thanks God for our blessings.

3. Bless the Food Wall Art by MulberryMarketDesign

3. Rustic Wall Art - Bless This House

The dining room is where you and your family spend the most time together. Not only do they eat, but they also play games.

My daughter's boyfriend and I spent time in our dining room getting to know each other.

Playing games with him, eating with him. It's a location where we've held family gatherings. It's where my kids and I built gingerbread houses together.

This is the most significant room in our house, and it needs a fantastic piece of art like this.

4. Bless The Food Before Us, The Family Beside Us and The Love Between Us Sign by SignpostCreations

4. Bless The Food Before Us The Family Beside Us Sign - Bless This House-min

For the compact flat with limited space for artwork. You want to find a beautiful piece of artwork for someone you care about who is moving into their first apartment.

My spouse and I were at our first apartment, I recall. It was so little that you could turn around in a circle and see the entire area. But it was fantastic. I recall good experiences from that time.

However, finding art for a small space is difficult.

5. Bless The Food Before Us Sign by TheXLaserFiles

5. Bless The Food Before Us Sign - Bless This House-min

I enjoy word art.

This is the artwork you are looking for if you want a modern piece of art with a timeless message. This is a terrific gift option for a young couple who likes decorating their home in a modern style.

This is a great way for you to show this young couple that you love them. You value them. Tell this couple they are loved, with this great gift.

6. Set of 3 Prints by SunshineStoreFinds

6. et of 3 Prints - Bless This House

The three prints are fantastic. The fact that the words in the cursive meet each other is something I admire. These are three works of art combined into one enormous piece.

My acquaintance is constantly on the move. In just a few years, she has relocated multiple times.

Large artwork is tough to move for someone who moves frequently. This is a simple way to transport and store a huge piece of artwork.

This is an excellent gift idea for a friend or loved one who moves frequently.

7. Farmhouse Dining Room Sign by WoodlandShanty

7. Farmhouse Dining Room Sign - Bless This House

We should not take for granted the privilege of visiting grandparents for family gatherings. When I was small, I recall spending days at my grandparents' house.

If you can still visit your grandparents and they organize family reunions, remind them how much you appreciate them by giving them a piece of art the next time you have a family meeting. This is a cheerful gift for your grandma.

8. Bless the Food Board by hot-design gifts

8. Cutting Board - Bless This House

For the newlyweds! A wonderful wedding gift to express how much you care.

A newlywed couple is beginning their family. They will raise children, entertain guests, and organize family reunions in the coming years.

This cutting board will be used to prepare the meal that will be served to others. With this fantastic gift, you can show them how important family is.

9. Farmhouse Wall Décor by PosterMMe

9. Farmhouse Wall Décor - Bless This House

When you first enter our home, there is a spot where our children used to sit to remove their shoes, and they frequently left their backpacks there as well.

When we have visitors, their children frequently sit in this location to remove or put on their shoes before leaving.

We don't have any artwork in this area right now, but I'm searching for something inspirational. This is a fantastic idea for that particular spot in our house.

When you need a huge piece of artwork for the space in your home where people sit when they first enter.  This is a great idea for a mother’s day gift. I know she will love it!

10. Dining Room Wall Decal by FLADESIGNSco

10. Dining Room Wall Decal - Bless This House

I enjoy decals. They're in practically every room in our house. We purchased an ancient house and have been restoring it to its former beauty. I post a Bible scripture on the wall every time we finish a room. For this, I like to utilize wall decals.

If you have a large wall that needs some additional attention, this is a terrific option. Use this instead of painting color on an accent wall.

11. Bless The Food Before Us, The Family Beside Us and The Love Between Us Wooden Sign by CraftyPenguinBC

11. Bless The Food Before Us, The Family Beside Us Wooden Sign - Bless This House-min

This is an excellent piece for the cottage.

Although we do not own a cottage, I have been invited to utilize the cottages of friends. I am grateful for these vacation days. You're probably looking for a way to say thank you if you've been invited to use a friend's cottage.

Leave this as a thank-you present if you are invited to use a friend's cottage.

12. BKitchen Wall Art by FMDesignStudio

12. BKitchen Wall Art - Bless This House-min

This artwork has a fun fork, knife, and spoon. This is a lighthearted poem with a timeless message. My friend has a knack for decorating in a way that is both entertaining and unique while remaining classy. When it comes to decorating a home, it's a fine line to walk.

This is a fantastic piece of artwork that accomplishes exactly that!

13. Set of 3 Wall Art by sprints

13. Set of 3 Wall Art - Bless This House

Another set of three prints as seen below. This one is similar to the one I previously showed, but it contains gold foil. Right now, gold is the most popular color. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys the BLING aesthetic. My friend works as a professional home decorator in Florida. This glittering style is her specialty. I enjoy following her on Instagram and admire her work.

Even though I didn't have any gold in my home, her art impressed me. Gold serves as an accent color in my office. I love it!

14. Bless The Food Before Us by PrintOnAnything

14. Bless The Food Before Us - Bless This House-min

Do you have a foodie friend or loved one? My daughter enjoys creating edible works of art. It looks like an Instagram post every time she makes a snack for herself. She still has two years of high school left, but I'm urging her to consider culinary school after graduation.

This is a fantastic way to show off the culinary creations of the foodie in your life.

Bless the food in front of us, the family by our sides, and the love we share. Amen.


What an amazing prayer. It's something we should repeat every day. We should not only say it, but we should mean it. We should be grateful to God for the family he has blessed us with.

We often take our families for granted. We don't consider simple activities like having a meal with our loved ones to be meaningful. However, it is these insignificant moments that make up a life.