10 Movies About Gambling Addiction That will Remind You of The Extreme Danger of This Secret Addiction

10 Movies About Gambling Addiction That will Remind You of The Extreme Danger of This Secret Addiction


No one in my family deals with gambling addiction, however, I know that it is an addiction that destroys many families.

I can't imagine dealing with something like a loan shark or worrying when my husband takes trips to Las Vegas casinos. I can imagine this would be a hard life.

But you don’t need to take a road trip, you can make a bet on a football game, or boxing match. There is more than one form of gambling to which you can be addicted.

If you are looking for a Christian movie about the topic of gambling debts here are some great options. You can learn more about them by reading rotten tomatoes reviews if you like.

These movies can be seen on many different streaming services such as Amazon Prime. We all know people who have a true story of dealing with gambling issues and gambling debts, I hope these movies help you.

Some of them you might not have heard of before, and some are the best gambling movies of all time. Here are ten movies about gambling addiction where the main characters will remind you of the extreme danger of this secret addiction.

The world shows us movies with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Sharon Stone making the world of gambling look glamorous. We know that it is very dangerous and should be avoided.


The Deal

This is a Christian movie that is not well known, and it was hard to find. You won't even find it on rotten tomatoes.

I found it on the Christian streaming service called There are many great Christian movies on that site. In this movie, you will watch the lead role, Suzann, and see if she will get the Deal of her life.

Suzann's glamorous life was turned into quicksand when she was introduced to gambling. She develops a gambling addiction and suddenly finds herself living with gambling debts.

To try to get a win at gambling she looks to witchcraft, relying on fortune-tellers for luck. Suzann must escape this destructive world, as seen in The Deal.

In this movie, we see that any form of gambling is led by Satan. It is ruled by the world of demons. This is different than other casino movies because the leading role finds herself trying to escape the control of demons.

This is a cautionary tale you should not miss.


Redemption of the Heart

When I was in high school my friend thought it would be funny to be in an Elvis impersonation contest. He made me come with him to Niagara Falls to an Indian casino there.

I have never seen so many Elvis impersonators in one spot. The whole weekend was horrible and I learned firsthand that sometimes our weekends can get ruined by the bad choices of our friends.

I was able to see inside the casino although I could not make any bets because I was in high school. My friend did know about gambling and tried to explain some of it to me.

I didn't know what he was talking about when he said things like blackjack team or California split. The only thing I really knew about a casino is that they do not like someone who is a card counter.

I know that from watching TV shows. But what I saw in the casino was a lot of sad people throwing their money away.

Some of the best movies are ones where the main characters not only have to survive their own demons but also the bad choices of their friends.

This is one of those movies that has that cautionary tale. There have been times in my life when I have been tempted to walk away from my Christian faith.

When life throws you curve balls you can wonder if God has banded you. In this movie, you see Alex, a lonely and broken man who has abandoned his Christian faith but cannot walk away from his past.

He suffers from a heart disorder and is in debt from medical bills. This is where we see a normal guy named Alex deal with the choices of his friend Daniel who is suffering from a gambling addiction.

Daniel manipulates Alex into illegal schemes. But then one of his schemes involves stealing from churches.

Stealing thousands of dollars. At first, life seems finally to start working out. Alex finds himself living a good life, debt-free and financially secure, but he is empty inside.

Then he meets a Christian woman and begins to fall in love. Soon everything he built on the lie starts to fall down.

The FBI starts to learn the truth, and he can’t keep lying to the love of his wife. Is there any way he can have redemption of this heart?


The Wager

I am a foster mother. I have seen firsthand the effects on a child when they feel abandoned by their family.

I am always looking for the best movies that show redemption in the life of a person who has recovered from abandonment issues.

If you know someone who is dealing with grief and loss then they need to be reminded that God will always be with them. And looking for help in all the wrong places will lead them down a path of darkness.

This is the story of Brucie. As a baby, he was left at the police station. He then went to 17 different foster homes. At first, things seem to be getting better for him.

But when he finds himself gambling, he quickly becomes one more story of a gambling addict. His debts land him homeless and then he ends up at the Las Vegas Casinos.

Then he has one wager. One wager that could end everything or give him everything. This wager sends him to see his past.

This is not a high-stakes poker game, this is a wager with his very soul on the line.


The Ride

My daughter loves to ride horses. And so, I have spent many afternoons and weekends at the farm down the road where she rides.

Because of that, we are always looking for good movies about horses and riding. This is a Christian movie about a rodeo performer. But he doesn’t ride horses, he rides bulls.

The lead role is Smokey Banks. After reaching the pinnacle and hitting rock bottom as a result of a legal run-in. Smokey has two options: go to jail or volunteer to teach Danny, a Christian boy, how to ride a bull.

Smokey learns that in order to have the life God wants him to have, he has to stop drinking and gambling.

He is not a normal guy, and God has given him abilities he can use to make the world a better place.

Most movies that have the story of a gambling addict are not appropriate for children, but this is a Christian movie for the whole family.

This is a movie we saw on Amazon Prime.


Family First

We are a foster and adoptive family. So, I am always looking for a Christian movie about adoption, or foster care that I can recommend to other families.

In the movie Family First, the main characters are three adoptive brothers who lose everything. A wife is murdered, and a daughter goes missing.

An inherent drama begins. Their motto is family first, but when the youngest brother begins to bet on boxing matches and a football game, he quickly ends up with a gambling addiction.

In the end, we see that family is the only thing that holds us together when everything falls apart. This is a message you find in the best movies.


The Real McCoys Episode 12

My daughter is a law student and she always studying. Sometimes she needs a little break and we got her a Pure Flix account so she could watch a movie or TV show when she needs to give her brain a break.

There are so many great things on there. You can find documentary shows, movies, or even TV shows. If you have a Pure Flix account, then this is a great option for you.

While it is not a Christian movie, it is a clean show to watch. I am also looking for good TV shows to watch, and this is an episode from a great show that deals with the topic of the gambling world.

The main characters are pushing to join the church's anti-gambling committee, and Grampa's ploy to get the barn painted for free backfires when a casino advertisement is posted on the roof.

This is a fun story of a family that opposes gambling but is suddenly stuck in the middle of it all.


Legacy Ep 11

Legacy is another example of a TV show you can find on your Pure Flix account. In episode 11 you see that the prized horse owned by the Logan family, Gauntlet is at risk.

Jeremy is a gambler, and he has debt to pay but he doesn’t have much money. He has 24 hours to pay his debt, or he dies.

He thought he could be a professional gambler, or a professional poker player but all he ended up with was debt.

If you are looking for a show to binge watch here is a great one, and if you just want an episode on the gambling world jump to episode 11.


Nothing is Impossible

This movie is not as much about gambling, but we see gambling in the movie. This is a movie about second changes.

This is a movie about a normal guy whom everyone had given up on, and no one would ever place a bet on. But with God, nothing is ever impossible! This is a Christian movie you don't want to miss.

The NBA was always given to Scott Beck. Or so everybody believed. After being overlooked for the draft, he now works as a janitor at the former high school he attended.

His intentions were altered by life, but he's still revered by the current crew. He's currently balancing a demanding landlady, limited resources, a regularly broken truck, and an ailing father.

Up until an old flame and a fresh opportunity entered his life, every day was the same and he felt hopeless. His former fiancée Ryan Aikins now owns their hometown team, the Knoxville Silver Knights.

The squad is in severe need of replacement players after firing two players for criminal and immoral activities, but financial concerns make hiring difficult.

Ryan decides to organize open tryouts which reunites Scott and Ryan. Will Scott's past—which he had previously given up on—return for another opportunity at the sport and the lady he still loves?

Nothing is impossible for God. God’s love can reach us at any time because God is good, all the time… and all the time God is good.


Wayward – The Prodigal son

One of my favorite stories is the parable of the prodigal son. A parable is not a true story, but a story you can learn a lesson from.

This is a Christian movie that tells a modern-day version of the story. While the main characters are the son and father, I enjoyed the character of the brother who stays to help the dying father.

The Prodigal Son is really an inherent drama for the whole family. In this movie, we see a dying father, a son gambling away his family inheritance, and the love of a family.

We see what the gambling world does to a young man, and the destruction of his life when gives himself over to the addiction.

He turns into a spoiled frat boy trapped in a thief's den and facing the possibility of losing everything, The lead role is Tyler McMillan who makes a surprising discovery- determination, resilience, and love.

He loses his money when he learns he is not the best poker player and ends up with a major gambling debt. Though unable to save his dad from dying, fatherly love and mercy work together to save Tyler.

With a PG rating, this inspirational story is perfect for movie nights with your loved ones. This is a cautionary tale to show your family!

This is a story of a dying father's final dream is to reconcile his family by welcoming his disobedient son back home and into his loving and forgiving arms.

This is a story that will remind you that fatherhood takes courage.