16 Christian Bulletin Board Ideas (Colorful, Creative & Handmade!)

Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Christian bulletin board ideas

I used to work as a Christian junior high school teacher when I first got married. I started working as a children's director in a church when I was pregnant with our first child.

Bulletin boards are an important part of the classroom decor for both teachers and church staff.

Check out our Christian Bulletin Board Ideas below!


Christmas Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Christmas is a great time to change up the bulletin board. There are so many great options. I try to make sure the message is always centred on Jesus. He is the reason for the season. Don’t ever forget that. Here are some options.

1. You’re An Innkeeper!

1. You’re An Innkeeper! - Christmas - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

This idea appeals to me because it is free. This bulletin board is simple to make and does not necessitate exceptional artistic ability.

The message is straightforward. Each of us is an innkeeper determining whether or not there is enough room for Jesus. Our days are jam-packed. And our lives are incredibly full at Christmas.

There are family reunions, activities, parties, and gifts to be purchased. But what if our lives are too busy for Jesus, the reason we're celebrating Christmas?

Make certain that Jesus remains the most important person in your life.

2. Jesus Is The Gift

2. Jesus Is The Gift - Christmas - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Our children anticipate what they will receive for Christmas over the holiday season. They're pondering what to include on their to-do list.

However, Jesus is the greatest gift we've ever received. He is a gift to the entire planet.

The gift that keeps us alive. According to the Bible, we have been rescued by grace via faith, which is a gift from God. This is a wonderful verse to learn during the Christmas season.

3. Jesus Is Our Influence

3. Jesus Is Our Influence - Christmas - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Today our world is full of influencers. Unfortunately, most of the kids in your classrooms are probably on social media and being influenced by these people.

But they are terrible, and have a word view that is the opposite of everything we want our children to believe in.

“Our world needs a STABLE influence” is a play on words. The baby in the stable is the one we need to be looking to for our world view.

4. The Stars Praise Him

4. The Stars Praise Him - Christmas - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Psalm 148 says “Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.  Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.  Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light.”

In November, I'm always looking for ways to start the Christmas season with a bulletin board that doesn't scream Christmas. This is an excellent suggestion for that.

At Christmas, we always talk about the star. The wise men were brought to the newborn Jesus by a star. That is why the start was developed. Everything that was made was done so that God could be glorified.

God designed the children in your care to honor Him as well. They will never be completely happy in life till they truly realize this.

Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

Easter is the only religious event that is more important to us than Christmas. Easter is a time when we reflect on why Jesus came to earth. He is no longer the baby in the manger. The shepherd was transformed into the lamb, who was then sacrificed.

1. Jesus Gives New Life!

1. Jesus Gives New Life! - Easter - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Spring is a season of rebirth. I have hope when I see the first little buds of flowers poking through the earth; I know winter is coming to an end.

I know in my head that winter won't continue forever, but when you see the flowers poking their heads out of the earth, that knowledge becomes a reality. Then I'M SURE.

Jesus is the one who breathes new life into the world.

When we surrender our lives to Jesus, he begins to transform us gradually. He'll give us a fresh lease on life.

2. He is Risen

2. He is Risen - Easter - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

 If you don't want to make your own bulletin board, this is an example of a product you can buy. I spent four years working with a church that didn't have its own facility.

Every Sunday morning, the Sunday school teachers had to pack up everything we used into boxes because we met in a school.

We were unable to provide a bulletin board for that church, so we purchased hangers and utilized flags instead. This is a fantastic choice if you have a mobile church.

3. Old Rugged Cross

3. Old Rugged Cross - Easter - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

I will cling to the Old Rugged Cross and exchange it some day for a crown.

This is one of my favorite hymns, and I sing it at Easter every year. It's one of the earliest songs I remember learning to sing. We must cling to the cross in times of adversity and suffering. We must remember where our hope comes from.

If we want to follow Jesus, he told us that we must take up our cross and follow him. Following Jesus is not an easy path to take. The world despised Jesus and will despised us as well.

We will see God face to face one day, and the cross will be exchanged for a crown. That is a powerful lesson for our youngsters to understand.

4. Empty Tomb

4. Empty tomb - Easter - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Empty. That term is loaded with meaning. Our lives and our hearts might both feel empty at times. Our hearts will be filled with delight when we remember the empty tomb. And we will be content with our lives.

One of my favorite aspects of this board is how simple it is to create. This is something you can accomplish with very little artistic ability and still make a big impression.

The empty tomb distinguishes Christianity from all other religions. Death was overcome by Jesus. Everything is possible because he is alive.

Summer Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Summer is a pivotal season in your children's ministry. You begin with VBS and camps. Hopefully, you're still attending Sunday school. This is the time of year when you want your board to get plenty of sun and have a good time.

1. Child of God

1. Child of God - Summer - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

This bulletin board brings a grin to my face. It necessitates some basic artistic abilities. If you aren't good at drawing, you could have to buy the people. You can also ask the kids to choose the ones they believe best represent them. That implies you'll need folks with a range of skin tones.

This is an extremely essential message to send to our children. God loves us all, regardless of where we come from on the planet.

If you're teaching missions, this is a fantastic board to utilize. I used the summers when I taught children's church to teach church history, which included learning about missionaries from all over the world.

This would be an excellent board to use for that.

2. Showers of Blessings

2. Showers of Blessings - Summer - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Ezekiel 34:26 “And I will send showers, showers of blessings, which will come just when they are needed”

Spring and summer are full of rain. Sometimes kids see rain as a bad thing. It ruins plans and keeps kids inside. But we can remind them rain is a gift from God. He sends rain when we need them.

But God has other blessings for us, and he is going to send those blessing just at the moment when we need them. God is so good. There are so many times when God has sent me a blessing just at the moment when I was about to give up hope.

This happened to us just this week. My husband and I have been saving for a product we need to buy for a business my husband wants to start.

Just when we have enough money an expense comes, we were not expecting and we don’t have enough anymore. After a dental bill we had a step back once again.

Then unexpectedly on a Sunday afternoon we received a gift from someone for the exact amount we needed to finish the savings and buy the product we needed to start this business.

God is so good. And he gives us just what we need when we need it.

3. You Are a Piece of God’s Plan

3. You Are a Piece of God’s Plan - Summer - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Children must understand their importance. Their existence has a purpose. They were made for a specific purpose by God. He intends to use them to do great things.

As we teach our children about God's men and women in the Bible and throughout Church history, we must remind them that the same God who had a plan for those men and women also has a plan for each of the children in the class.

We can assist our children in understanding that they are a part of God's plan.

To make music, a piano was built. To sit on, a chair is made. A ball is made to be thrown. Everything is made for a reason. Our purpose in life is to worship God.

Once your youngsters have grasped this concept, you will have given them the best gift.

4. We Belong to Jesus

 4. We Belong to Jesus - Summer - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

Summer is incomplete without the presence of bees. This is a great concept because you can personalize the bees with the names of your pupils.

You can also write the memory verse for the week on the beehive. This is likewise a board that requires little artistic ability to complete.

Of course, the most significant aspect is the message. We are all members of Jesus' family. Jesus loves the tiny children, all the children of the world was one of the first songs I learned as a child.

God adores each and every one of us. That is the most important message we can send to our children.

Welcome Back (Fall) Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

For many people, the fall is the most crucial season of the year. It's time to return to school, sports, and clubs. It's time to reconnect with old pals.

Over the summer, your church most likely spent a lot of time with the kids through kids clubs, camps, and Vacation Bible School.

Let's make sure our kids remember what they learnt during the summer.

1. Don’t Forget to Take God to School

 1. Don’t Forget to Take God to School - Welcome Back(Fall) - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

When our fall clubs start back in the fall, so does school. Our kids need the message to remember that Jesus is not just for Sunday. He is for every day of the week. Our kids need Jesus with them as they go into school.

Every year, our educational systems become more hostile to Christianity. We need to make sure they understand that God is always with them.

There have been numerous media reports about the public school system and the assault on Christian worldviews. Being a Christian in school has always been difficult, but it is now becoming a battleground.

When she got overwhelmed, one of my students told me she would go to the restroom and pray. She'd also bring up Psalm 23.

She returned to class after she was feeling better. This is a good example of bringing Jesus to school with you.

2. Overflow With Hope

 2. Overflow With Hope - Welcome Back(Fall) - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

This is a fantastic board for October. I adore leaves, and you can find them in most dollar stores. You can also include some leaves with your pupils' names, and the bag can be used to store your weekly bible verse.

We read in Psalm 23 that God will fill our cups till they overflow. That is a fantastic photograph.

God provides us with so much hope that it overflows, which means we have more to give to others. We have the ability to give hope to others around us.

We are always filled with hope when we are with God. What a wonderful message.

3. Gathering Up God’s Promises

3. Gathering up God’s Promises - Welcome Back(Fall) - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

There are many promises that God has given us. What ever promise you are teaching your children about you can put on the acorns. There are so many important promises that God has given us.

We can make sure our children know these promises and are reminded of them every time they enter the classroom.

Did you know the Bible has 7,487 promises? That is 85% of the Bible.  

You can make a game to find the promise in each Bible story each week. You can add a new acorn each week with the promise from the Bible story you are teaching.

4. I will Never Leave You or Forsake You Deuteronomy 31:6

4. I will Never Leave You or Forsake You Deuteronomy 31 6 - Welcome Back(Fall) - Christian Bulletin Board Ideas

The leaf cross is one of my favorites. The leaves could be made by your children. If they want to leave something on the cross, you may have them write something on the back of the leaf. This would be appropriate for older kids and young teenagers.

As a camp speaker, I've done this numerous times. I have pupils write down items they want to leave at the cross and then place them on it. You must exercise extreme caution to ensure that no one may be identified.


Putting up bulletin boards has always been one of my favorite things to do. They're my favorite part of the whole decorating process. I attempt to incorporate it into the lessons as much as possible.

I also try to find a way to write the names of the children on the board. You would think this is primarily for small children, but in my experience, teens enjoy seeing their names on the board as much as they enjoy seeing their names on the board.

I hope these suggestions have aided you in getting started.