14 Charming Baptism Decorations for Boys (Memorable Party Ideas)

Baptism Decorations for Boys

We live in a time when we see the need for God's men to rise and be willing to serve Him. These young boys are being raised by their parents. We must stand by them and pray for them.

If you're raising one of these little boys and vowing to God that you'll raise him to be a godly man, the baby baptism, also known as baby dedication, is a celebration of your promise to God.

Baptism is such a significant event in a boy's life that it warrants consideration. Here are a few 'Baptism Decorations ideas for Boys' to help you plan your celebration.


1. DIY Baptism Decorations for Boys Table by

1. Cake Table - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Baptism is one of the most significant events in a boy's life. It is a moment when as parents we publicly declare we will raise our child to have faith in God.

To celebrate this event, parents often choose to decorate a cake table. Cake tables are a great way to decorate for a baptism celebration party for a little boy, but it is important to choose the right theme.

I love this table. It is so beautiful.

2. Baptism Welcome Sign by Etsy

2. Welcome - Baptism Decorations for Boys

I had an idea for a baptism party. I found some wooden cookies at a craft store and painted them with a message that said “Welcome”.

This is an important thing to have if you are hosting your party in an area where there are multiple parties. My husband and I were invited to a party and accidentally ended up at the wrong party because they didn’t have a proper sign outside the door.

There were two parties’ side by side at the venue and we were at the wrong party for about fifteen minutes before we realized it. That was very embarrassing haha!

3. Blue Flowers by

3. Flowers - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Just because it is a little boys' Baptism party doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers. Flowers add to the party and give an atmosphere of new life.

Blue flowers are a great choice for boys’ parties. Not only do they match the theme, but they’re also a great way to bring life to the party. You can use them to decorate the table settings, on the cake, and even as streamers to decorate the walls.

Blue flowers are a great choice because they’re bold and masculine blue flowers like hydrangeas or even blueberries are great ideas. This will give your party a different feel, but it will also make it feel more like a new beginning than a celebration.

You can also serve blue food like burgers or hot dogs with blue buns to add to the atmosphere.

4. DIY Cookies as Baptism Decorations for Boys by

4. Cookies - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Cookies are a great idea for a baptism party. They are traditional and classic. You can use cookies to serve as a thank you for attending the party.

I love cookies. The great thing about cookies is you can give them as gifts as people leave if you are not having a formal party but want to thank people for coming to the baptism.

If you have older children have them help you make cookies for the party. This is a great way to have the older siblings get involved in the party planning.

5. Ball Decorations for Boys by

5. Ball Decorations - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Choose blue paper balls for your party theme to create a sophisticated, yet boyish atmosphere. This is a great way to dress up a Baptism party without being too feminine.

You can also use blue flowers (like I suggested above) to decorate your tables and food, or even as centrepieces.

These are fantastic Baptism decorations for boys that you can put in your son's bedroom later. I love the idea of repurposing party decorations in another room of the house.

This is a method for you to save money.

6. Custom Invitations by

6. Invitations - Baptism Decorations for Boys

The invitations to your son’s baptism are an important part of the celebration. They tell people what the celebration is all about, and usually include some information about the celebration items.

If you have chosen a theme for your son’s baptism, it is time to find the perfect invitation to send to your guests. There are several different types of invitations that can be used for baptism, and it is important to find the right one.

They can also be used to provide more detailed information about the party, such as the theme of the table decorations or the games that the little children will be playing.

7. Little Boy Angel Topper (Baptism Decor) by

7. Cake - Baptism Decorations for Boys

This party necessitates the selection of the appropriate cake. This cake's topper is fantastic for a little boy's Baptism celebration. I also like how simple yet sophisticated it is.

At our children's baby dedication, we didn't have a ceremonial cake. My friends, on the other hand, planned a formal party for their son's dedication and had a cake that looked similar.

If you're throwing a formal party, this cake is a terrific choice as Baptism decor for your son. 

8. Cake Pop Not on a Stick by

8. Cake Pop Not on a Stick - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Cake pops are so tasty. Personally, I love them so much more than cake. These cake pops are different because they don’t have a stick.

I love how cute these are, and I am hungry just looking at them. This is a great idea for parties where people are not sitting having a formal party.

Add a Cross on theme to add just alittle more of a Christian theme for your son's Baptism celebration. 

9. Paper Plates and Cups by

9. Paper Plates and Cups - Baptism Decorations for Boys-min

This may not seem like Baptism decoration for boys but paper plates and disposable cups are great for when you’re in a rush. They mean you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning up after meals, which means you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. Your family will thank you later. 

Every time a party ended with my kids, I would look around exhausted and realize I still have a few hours of work because now it is time for clean up.

Disposable dishes will mean no dishes to wash and will cut out a huge part of the clean up.

10. Cake Pops on a Stick by

10. Cake Pops on a Stick - Baptism Decorations for Boys

If you are hosting a party where your guests are going to be walking around, and not sitting down, then the cake pop on a stick is a great idea. This is also a perfect option for our young guests.

Most baptism parties are attended by other families with little kids, so your guests will include little kids. So, cake pops are a perfect idea. They look great as Baptism decoration for your son's Baptism celebration!

11. Little Balloon Invitation by

11. Invitation - Baptism Decorations for Boys

One of the most exciting parts of planning a baptism is deciding who will be invited. You will need to find the right balance between being inclusive and being respectful of your guests’ time.

The invitation should reflect the theme of the celebration and should be designed to be read quickly. The text should be short and to the point.

I love this option for an invitation. It is adorable.

12. Cross Cupcakes by

12. Cupcakes - Baptism Decorations for Boys

If you're not holding a formal party, cupcakes are a great alternative to cake. To be honest, I'd rather have a cupcake than a cake. In the same manner, my youngest son is.

He has said he doesn't want a cake since he was old enough to tell me what kind of cake he wants. Cupcakes are what he prefers. As a result, we've baked cupcakes.

The thing I like best about this concept is that you can make a variety of different cakes :)

Just the look alone for me is great as a Baptism decoration for your boys :)

13. Dessert Table by

13. Dessert Table - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Baptism is one of the most significant events in boy's (adult too!) life, and a celebration should reflect this. Your dessert table should have lots of different options. 

I love how this table has so many great options for your guests. I love the cake pops in the shape of blocks.

That is a very unique Baptism Decorations for Boys idea and gives you great decoration ideas for the table.

14. Send the Invitations by

14. Send the Invitations - Baptism Decorations for Boys

Baptism invitations are a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. You can purchase premade baptism invitations or make your own. You can find a baptism invitation template on Pinterest or use a card design you find on the internet.

But don’t forget about the envelope you are using. If you have a friend or family member that is good at calligraphy you could ask them to help you.


As a parent you have the most important job anyone could ever have. You are raising the next generation. We are in desperate need of godly men who lead our nation back to God.

This vow you are making with God to raise your son is a very important vow. While the party is going to be fun, don’t forget the reason you are having the party.