12 Wooden Christian Gifts (They'll bring a Rustic look to your Room!)

Wooden Christian Gifts

12 Wooden Christian Gifts (They'll bring a Rustic look to your Room!)

I’m obsessed with wooden designs. We live in a world where quality is sacrificed.  There is something special about a product that has been crafted by a skilled artisan. My father-in-law is a wood craftsman. Our home is filled with his stunning work. If you want to purchase something special that will be meaningful and last, I recommend wooden products.


1) Small wooden cross by ReclaimedChristian

#1 small wooden cross - wooden christian gifts


The cross is a symbol of God’s love for us. His sacrifice, mercy and grace shown for us. The cross may seem like a picture of Easter, but the cross is a picture of Christmas also. The cross was the reason for Christmas, it was the purpose of Jesus birth.

Giving this at Christmas is a special way to remind your loved one to know the reason for the season.


2) Rustic Whitewashed Psalm 91:4 by Christian Walls

#2 Rustic Whitewashed Psalm 914 wooden christian gifts

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“He will cover you with His feather’s and under His wings you will find refuge” Psalm 91:2

I love this Whitewashed wooden sign! The beauty of the feather and the message of protection is perfect. Over the upcoming year your loved one is going to face times when they will feel overwhelmed. God in His love will cover them and protect them. The world is not so terrifying when you are tucked safely under the wings of your heavenly father.


3) Christmas sign by Twigz and Daisies 

#3 christmas sign wooden christian gift


“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6


We have a sign welcoming you to our home in our front entrance. I would love to have this sign for the December month. The month of December is both wonderful and also full of anxiety. Sometimes the season can be a reminder of people we have lost. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed with the pressure to create the perfect month for our family.

Jesus is the reason for the season. Jesus is our wonderful counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father our Prince of Peace. Share this peace with the people you love.


4) Jesus is the reason for the season sign by Wood Finds

#4 jesus is the reason for the season sign wooden christian gift

Here is the second option for a seasonal sign. Why do we work so hard to create the perfect holiday season? Sometimes we forget the answer to that question. When we remember the answer, we find the peace we are looking for. And once we find that peace, we need to share it with other. 

The answer is Jesus. Jesus is the reason for the season. Accept that answer, let it penetrate your heart and grow within you. And when you discover the peace that only that God can give you will want to shar it with others.


5) Family sign by Southern Accent

#5 family sign wooden christian gift

Do you have a family or friend that owns a special home? Perhaps a farm or home that has been passed down through the family. Maybe you know someone who has purchased their dream home this year. This sign is hand crafted by Southern Accents and is a stunning way to present a home to visitors.

When we bought our home, we told God that He owned our home, and we would care for whoever he brought our way. When we moved in, we prayed over our home and dedicated it to God. 

If this is the first Christmas your loved one has been in their new home, show them the importance of dedicating their home to Christ. 


6) Holy Family Olive Wood from the Holy Land By Safi Olive

#6 holy family olive wooden christian gift


This is the gift I most excited about. When you are looking for the perfect wooden art one of the things to consider is the wood itself. This beautiful product is created with olive wood from the Holy Land! I have a manger made from Olive Wood found in the Holy Land. It was given to me by a friend who traveled to Jerusalem.

Every December when I unpack the Christmas decorations, I am excited to open the box holding my special Holy Land craft. Knowing this craft was made in the same land where Jesus was born, lived, and died is awe inspiring.


7) Custom Icon Cribbage Pegs by Heather Peel


#7 custom icon cribbage pegs wooden christian gift

One present my husband and I buy every year for the family is a new game. Now that the children are older the games are much more enjoyable. Although part of me misses the candyland days. 

Two games we have always on display were made by my grandfather and given to me as a child. Now they are displayed here in my office.  We still take them down off the wall and play them. 

This hand made game is a wonderful idea if you are looking for something to give to a family. When you give a family a game, you are giving them family time together. Family time is the best thing you can give.


8) Couple’s Personalized Heart Swing by Eddie Swedlund 


#8 personalized couple hearts wooden christian gift

This is so sweet! If you are searching for a great surprise for your wife this is such a wonderful idea. Or perhaps it can be created in memory of someone you lost this year. I can picture it hanging in a garden, surrounded by beauty. 

Love comes from God and is his present to us. Celebrate love with this sweetheart swing.


9) Give Save Spend Bank by Amanda Bauer-Frisch


#9 give save spend bank wooden christian gift

Do you have grandchildren who need a way to learn how to handle their money in a God honouring way? Passing on the knowledge and wisdom of God-fearing financial stability is a present that will last forever. While toys, clothes, and games will get lost, broken and forgotten, wisdom last forever. 

To make the gift extra special send along coins for your grandchild to start. 


10) Custom Song Wood Carving by Jenny Lee and Justin Roberts


#10 custom song wood carving wooden christian gift

Do you have a song that holds a special place in your heart? Perhaps it’s the song you danced to at your wedding, or a song you love to sing, or your child sang in their first solo. Songs have a way of embedding memories into our hearts. Therefore, songs are so special to us.

When I discovered this art, I fell in love immediately. What a unique idea! The waveform from the song is carved into the wood, creating a stunning piece of art. 


11) Amazing Grace sign by Christian Walls

#11 amazon grace sign wooden christian gift

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This distressed wooden sign is trendy and beautiful. The lyrics Amazing Grace may not seem like Christmas lyrics, but Amazing Grace is the story of Christmas. None of us deserve the grace God sent us when Jesus came to earth. Grace is the Christmas story. 

This large stunning artwork is a reminder of why this time of year is so important. Spread the message of God’s amazing grace. 


12) Cutting board by Kitchen Mood


#12 cutting board wooden christian gift

This is the gift I picked this year for two of my relatives. Both love creating Charcuterie boards for family gatherings. This cutting board is beautifully crafted with a wonderful message. Family gatherings are fun, and the food table is one of the best parts of the gathering. I love to see food displayed beautifully. 

The addition of the beautiful verse “Every day they continued to meet in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,” acts 2:46, makes this cutting board even more special. This verse is painted on the walls of our dining room.  It is one of my favorite Bible verses. Eating together in our homes with glad and sincere hearts. Is there any better picture than that?


The world is changing around us. The rustic, authentic charm of artisan craftsman makes products that transport us to a time when people took pride in their craft. When you purchase from these artisans, you not only find the perfect present, but you also support a lifestyle that is fading. I hope the artisan world doesn’t fade away. There is something charming about it.