12 Best Christian Retirement Gifts (Personalized, Bespoke & Custom Ideas)

12 Best Christian Retirement Gifts (Personalized, Bespoke & Custom Ideas)

12 Best Christian Retirement Gifts (Personalized, Bespoke & Custom Ideas)

My father retired this year after being a pastor for 45 years. When your family retires it is an exciting event. Perhaps someone at your workplace is retiring.

Leaving the stage of life where you have worked in a carer and moving into a stage of life where you will be spending more time with family is an exciting time. You are celebration not only the new stage but also the time spent in the carer.

1. QUOTE CUBE - By faith works

    #1 quote cube with scripture on it

    To everything there is a season, a time fore every purpose under heaven.

    This is an elegant cube with multiple sayings. Perfect for a retirement gift. Each side has a saying that will remind the person retiring to celebrate this new stage in life. This is a great present for a co-worker. This is a nice display cube for a shelf or an office desk. If the person you care about who is retirement has a home office this is nice idea for their home office.

    2. Vertical Block by faith works

      #2 Psalm 118 24 plaque on a table

      This is the day the Lord has made, Rejoice and be Glad in it. Psalm 118:24

      Here is another example of a wooden plaque to remember this special day celebrating the retirement. This is a great present for a co worker who is ready to move on to the next stage in life. God has so many great plans for the future. Today, let’s celebrate the day the Lord has made. Rejoice! Be glad!

      3. Retirement Blessings Stainless Steel Mug by Dicksons Store

        christian retirement stainless steel mug with bible verse on it

        So, work is done. Now there is time for travelling and making new plans each day. As the retiree heads out for a day of new adventures they can take a cup of coffee and this special blessing prayer.

        They have more hours in the day now, more time for rest and prayer. As they travel around the day and find ways to be inspired, they can remember you are praying for them.

        4. The Lord’s prayer Wall art by Christian Walls

          The Lords Prayer canvas with man praying
          The Lord's Prayer Wall Art Canvas Collection has alot of beautiful religious images. Add your favorite bible verse! 100% satisfaction guaranteed


          Retirement is a huge milestone, and it deserves a grand gift. This large artwork is beautifully made.

          As we move into the new phase of life, we have more time for prayer and worship. When I was a child there was a couple, I knew who were retired. They both woke up every day at 5:00am and prayed for hours. They also had hours scheduled throughout the day for prayer and Bible reading. I was very young when I knew this couple. I loved being in their home. I could feel the peace as I entered their home.

          This was my first example of an elderly couple who had the mission of prayer. I saw God do miracles through the prayer life of this couple. I saw people who were opposed to Christianity come to Christ, and sick people healed from diseases. I will never forget the power of prayer I learned from the couple.

          Give this present, and the message of the power of prayer to your special one who is ready to move into this phase of life where they will have more time for prayer, Bible reading, and worship.

          5. Retirement Flower Box by All about impressions

            never underestimate the difference you made Christian retirement flower box gift on table

            “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched.”

            This is a great gift idea for someone who is retiring from a career where they worked directly with people. Teachers, social workers, or Christian ministry.

            As a person transitions into the next phase of life there will be moments whey they wonder if the years they spent serving others made a difference. It is natural to have these thoughts. Leave them this reminder so they see every day the message that their years of service mattered.

            6. Personalized 3D Engraved Crystal by UnikeLove

              #6 Personalized 3D Engraved Crystal Christian retirement gifts

              This is a stunning crystal that is personalized with a picture of your loved one. This is a present for someone who wears a uniform such as a police officer, or a firefighter. Another example would be a picture of a pastor preaching from behind a pulpit.

              The person who receives this gift will have something to pass onto to their loved ones. This is a gift that will be loved by many for generations.

              7. Hebrews 12:1 Wall art by Christian Walls

                #7 hebrews 12 1 canvas Christian retirement gifts
                Make a custom scripture canvas with your favorite Bible verse and use a picture of your company or any location in the world. Great retirement gift backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


                Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us

                The calming scene of the beach is a perfect scene for the wall of a person ready to spend their days in relaxation. The verse is perfect for the person who wants to finish the race with perseverance.

                Retirement for the Christian is a marriage of these two sentiments. The relaxation time of not having daily workplace requirements, and the urge to finish their Christian race well.

                This is a great present for your loved one. Finish strong.

                8. Retired Picture-Perfect Chime by Carson home accents

                  chimes with bible verse on it as retirement gift

                  Your friend is ready for time of relaxation. More time to spend at the cottage. More time to spend sitting on the deck drinking coffee, reading a favorite book. Imagine this beautiful chime on the deck above the chair where they like to sit and enjoy their quite time.

                  When your friend sits and enjoys the calming setting, they will hear the chime and remember your love for them. Ask them to say a prayer for you when they hear the chimess

                  9. Personalized Retirement photos by Perfect Pair Shop

                    #9 personalized retirement photos Christian retirement gifts

                    This is a great idea for display to be used at a retirement party. You can leave this near the door with a maker and allow people to sign the artwork. The loved one who is retiring will have the messages from everyone hanging on the wall every day.

                    We usually get cards with nice messages; however, those cards usually end up in the garbage. This is a way to make sure the nice messages people leave for your loved one will last forever.

                    10. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Paperback – by National Geographic

                      50 states, 5000 ideas book

                      This is a great gift for the person who plans on travelling around America after retirement. If you are someone who plans on travelling together with the person who has retired this is a great way to show you are excited about the plans.

                      My husband and I often talk about getting an RV when we retire and travel around the country. I hope that dream comes true.

                      11. Engraved Chronograph Watch Faithful Service, by Just4FamGifts

                        engraved watch as retirement gift for christian

                        There is the joke that says I worked 25 years and all I got was this watch. This is a joke because giving a present is a tradition. The reason it is a tradition is because its just beautiful...isn't it? This is a wonderful idea for a church to give to their pastor when he retires.

                        You can subscribe on the back of the watch your special message. Let them know how important their work was and is. Tell them they are still needed. Their work is changing, but they are still essential to the work of the Lord.

                        12. Being A Christian Isn't Easy Notebook but the Retirement Plan is Amazing by cacban1365

                          Being christian isn't easy but retirement plan is amazing book

                          My father and mother keep a prayer journal. I know that one day when they move on to Glory, I will have that journal to read and remember them about. Give your loved one this journal and let them know you want them to share their wisdom with you.

                          In the future you will have pages filled with wisdom. This gift shows that you care about the person retiring and you believe they have much to teach the future generation.

                          In conclusion:

                          This is an exciting time, but a time that will come with mixed feelings. The greatest gift you can give your loved one is yourself. If you are a co worker schedule out a regular time to meet with your friend. Make sure they know their relationship with you goes beyond the workplace.

                          If the person who is retiring is a loved one, make sure you check in on them regularly especially at the start of the journey. Find ways to enjoy their retirement with them. Travel, have coffee, and love life with them.