11 The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art & Decor Ideas! Solomon 3:4

The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

I have found the one whom my soul loves

Solomon 3:4

The Song of Solomon is a book in the Bible that is a beautiful conversation between two people in love. Solomon 3:4, "I've discovered the one my soul loves" is used frequently during Christian weddings and can refer to any all-encompassing passionate love between two individuals.

It is a striking depiction of what love might look like and speaks to the deep connection that engagement and marriage can build.

I first saw this sign over the bed of a house I was visiting. I loved it and decided right away I wanted this sign over my bed as well.

When I looked up the options, I found there were many different options for this artwork.

Here are a few Solomon 3:4 The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art ideas below. 

1. Word Cut Out by SpringMeadowCo

1. Word Cut Out - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

I love that the words are all individually hung so you can make it fit any size bed. This is also artwork that can be hung in many ways and can also be moved easily.

We have moved a few times since we were married. The thing about art is that when you find great art it is for the house you are living in, when you move it might not work with the new home.

If you are a newlywed you are going to move, my tip is to get art that can be changed and moved easily.

2. Anniversary Wedding Gift by LoveBuiltShop

2. Anniversary Wedding Gift - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

In this piece of art, “The One” is emphasized

We often talk about finding the "right" partner, but what does that mean? What is the difference between a good partner and a great partner?

A good partner is someone who makes you feel loved and appreciated, who supports your goals and dreams, who has your back when things get tough—someone who loves you unconditionally and wants the best for you.

A great partner is someone who does all of those things…and then some!

If you have found “The One” Give this gift to tell your loved one you have found “The One”.

3. Farmhouse Wall Art, Canvas Print by TexasArtStudioCo

3. Farmhouse Wall Art, Canvas Print - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

“Whom my soul loves”

I have been married for over twenty years. My love for my husband has only grown. We have been through so much in the last few years. Each trial has only brought us closer to each other. He is the one whom my soul loves.

This last year has been the hardest year I have ever lived through. When our love is tested that is when we know its true strength of it.

4. Wood Framed Sign by MulberryMarketDesign

4. Wood Framed Sign - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

The rustic bedroom will look great with the plain wood frame.

Our bedroom is now undergoing renovation. We bought a property a few years ago that required every room updated. We're finally getting started on our bedroom.

We're trying for a rustic aesthetic because our house is over a century old. This piece of art goes with the theme.

5. Farmhouse Decor Song of Solomon Sign by RomanValleyFarm

5. Farmhouse Decor Song of Solomon Sign - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

This is an amazingly simple piece of artwork. This might be my favorite! I love simple artwork, and the white is beautiful. On my list, this is currently on the very top.

If you want to tell someone they are loved, this is a great idea for that.

6. The One Whom My Soul Loves Wooden Sign by SFNDesignsStore

6. Wooden Sign - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

A smaller wooden sign is shown here. Ideal for hanging above a dresser. This is an excellent alternative if you live in a tiny flat and need smaller artwork.

I have a collage of framed art on my wall. Among the artwork is a sign with love sentiments. This would be a fantastic addition to a wall collage.

If you are looking for a lovely Christmas gift for your wife, this is it.

7. The One Whom My Soul Loves Canvas Wall Hanging by ElleryPlace

7. Bible Verse Wall Hanging - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

This hanging piece can be easily moved. This is great for a wedding shower or even wedding decoration and then can be taken and hung in a first home!

If you are decorating for a wedding shower, this is such a great idea. It is simple and beautiful, and they will love having it in their home.

8. The One Whom My Soul Loves Rustic Wedding Sign On Wood by OldSouthDesignCo

8. Rustic Wedding Sign On Wood - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

This is a great sign to have next to the sign-in for a wedding. As your wedding guests arrive and sign the guest book, they will see this sign and be reminded of the love they are here to celebrate.

The sign can then be taken home and used as a decoration for the new family.

9. The One Whom My Soul Loves Farmhouse Sign by SusanNewberryDesigns

9. Farmhouse Sign - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

I love the wooden plank look of this sign. It is very beautiful. When you know it's the one, you know!

You know that this person is your soulmate and that they're going to be with you forever.

This is a wonderful option for a sign to celebrate your love.

10. The One Whom My Soul Loves PRINTABLE Wall Art by DanitaBrooksStudio

10. Bedroom Decor PRINTABLE Wall Art - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

I like how there are two prints in this. This would be lovely in a more formal setting.

We know when we've found "the one" right immediately. We know this person will remain with us for the rest of our lives, through thick and thin and everything in between.

11. The One Whom My Soul Loves Framed Décor by 4Seasonshomedecor

11. Handmade Framed Sign Décor - The One Whom My Soul Loves Wall Art

This is a great frame that looks like you have made the art yourself. A perfect gift for the person you love.

When someone loves you, they are always willing to go above and beyond for you, even at their own expense.

They make sure that no matter how many times they've failed before, or how scared they might be about failing now, they will always try again because they know that no matter what happens next time around—whether it works out or not—they will never regret having given it their all because they know that's what matters most in life: doing everything possible to make sure those closest to us feel loved more than anything else in this world.


You could be finding artwork for your own home. Or you could be finding a gift for a friend or loved one who is getting married. I celebrate love. True love. As Christians, we know that God created families to be a representation of His love for us. We are His bride.

As you celebrate love and family remember God loves us and calls us his bride.