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BUT Don't feel Sad!! I can make it for you at no extra cost!

All you have to do is email me at to get started on your custom Christian canvas. Custom canvas orders just take 1-2 extra days, that's all and I promise (but if you have lots of changes then it'll take longer then 1-2 days).

Here are the instructions:

1) email me at and tell me what background and scripture you want.

Please browse around the store and tell me what background you want and I can easily mix and match it for you.

For example:

If you like the background for Psalm 18:2 but want like the font I used for Matthew 19:26, then tell me what scripture you want. All you have to do is ask! I'll change it for you for free. 

If there's a particular background you are looking for that I don't have, no problem! because I can find more for you :)

The only thing I ask is, please be as specific as possible. It's easier for me and my team that way.

For example, if you like a beach background please tell me what canvas has the background you want because I have hundreds of beaches and its alot easier for my team if you pick out a specific backround. I can't make mockup examples of hundreds of beach examples :p

Also please tell me the version of the bible, like the KJV, NIV, etc

So please browse around and check out the tons of beautiful backgrounds and fonts I have. You can start by clicking here. And happy browsing :)


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