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John 3:16 - kjv

Buy John 3:16 Canvas Wall Art (KJV or NIV) Here

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son...

There isn't a Christian on earth who doesn't know this verse by heart. It's a powerful verse that reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice our Lord and Savior did for us as sinners.

But if you do...

Have you thought about this?

Giving John 3:16 KJV as a gift to someone YOU love. Maybe they need a reminder, maybe they don't. Regardless, many customers have bought our Christian canvases for their friends, loved ones or for friends from Church. 

Want to customize it?

No problem!

We get requests like this all the time to change the background, font, version of the scripture, and more. 

Please email my team at or call us toll free at  (888) 579-3547 to get started on your custom Christian canvas.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know that sometimes you worry when buying things online. We are a Christian company and we do our best to bring God to your home